DAY TWENTY-FIVE #346daysofgratitude


Today's probably one of the deadest days ever, since I fell SICK. I got up from bed at 11:30 just to have breakfast, and just when my mum and brother were getting ready to head out I decided to just give today a miss and head back to sleep. So I had panadols, forced myself to drink lots of water and headed back to bed. And before I went back to sleep again at 1 in the afternoon I actually got up and planned to just lie in bed the entire day to blog and edit my overdue videos because I had so much left to edit but I just couldn't carry on further. So I dropped back to my pillows and only woke up at the banging sound of the balcony's door at 4:00 when they came back. I had more panadols since my mum got me some new ones, and then not long after we headed back to the same Eastlands mall for dinner at an Asian restaurant. I had some Singaporean noodles and spring rolls, and they were so sweet and oily I just couldn't finish the huge plate all alone, so I left about few mouthfuls. And after dinner we did our last grocery shopping fix at the supermarkets and I got meself some NUTRIGRAIN (finally), some chocolate pops cereal, more blueberries and bananas, all ready for tomorrow's BREAKFAST heee. I really do miss my homemade breakfasts back home, and man I can't wait to wake up to have them already lol. It's 11:23 now and I just had one peanut butter CLIF bar for supper, don't ask me why I'm having an energy bar for supper when I'm supposed to sleep soon hahah. Only because CRAVINGS. And also, I have been craving for vanilla ice cream for the longest time ever, and you know what I'm just secretly wishing and hoping that I would have a personal fridge in my room over at my hostel so that I can fill it with ten pints of vegan ice-cream. And you know, that wish is impossible hahah. I'll be moving into my hostel tomorrow, WHAT THE FLYIN'......FLLLLU. I'm half-excited but half-dreadful because I don't want my family to leave so soon. But wells, I'm going to Salamanca market first thing in the morning tomorrow and that's enough to excite me. GOODNIGHT sweetpies.

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