DAY THIRTY-EIGHT #346daysofgratitude


I think I've to start making a point to draft my post after each afternoon because I'm so bad at remembering what happened more than two days ago ahah. I honestly can't remember what I did on this day, but I have the worst timetable for thursdays so I had to survive a loooooooong day in school with four hours of break in between. Well and the worst part was that, I forgot to bring my laptop with me to school because I was rushing to prepare my lunch in the morning. Ahhh so I had to endure four hours of doing absolutely nothing, and the lessons in the day were such a bore. I had three and a half hours of Chemistry lesson today and it was so draining ahah. School's really tiring me out though, I've been so drained ever since lessons started. And it's only the first week of school, AHHH. Well I guess I've to plan out my time better and make full use of it from next week onwards heh.

YES, I finally managed to wake up for a run! While I was still in bed all I wanted to do was to grab the blanket and sleep in for another forty-five minutes, but I was just like HECK THIS I should just get up and do it, because if I don't I know I never will ahah. So I quickly got changed and met Amelia outside the entrance just before she decided to not wait for me and leave, so we jogged from the hostel, to the bicycle lane and fro, then we went to the steep hill near the bridge to do some incline cardio. I was actually just planning to run up and down the hill five times at most, but Amelia suggested the bicycle lane so I thought why not check it out heeh. My stamina has taken a plunge after almost six months of no running, and man I was out of breath after barely a km because of the chilly weather. It was my first time running in a cold climate and it was obviously not ideal for me because I have relatively weak lungs and it's difficult for me to breathe in cold climates and anywhere cold. It has been something I've endured since young, and sometimes even in air-conditioned malls or rooms I experience the same condition too, and it always gets better and well after being in a warmer place. My lungs were definitely working harder than usual, and man it was so hard to keep up at the second half because I couldn't breathe well but I only stopped after I was about to reach the end. I stopped to catch my breath, then slowly walked towards the hill and did incline, well it was a little intense but I personally prefer incline more than flat roads ahaha. We ran up for only three times because I suggested to do only one lol, and when we were on our way to the hill we bumped into the hostel's cleaner and we greeted each other heh. And because Amelia left the door ajar since she didn't bring out the keys, he remembered after he locked it after he left and then walked back again to unlock the door. He's literally one of the warmest people I've ever seen, and he just looks so darn kind aww. I always see him in the hall and in the kitchen cleaning and every time he sees me he would give me a smile and greet me good morning. I seriously love kind-looking people like him, and I'm not close enough to say that he indeed is (but well I'm sure he is anyway ahaha) and it's always so nice and comforting to see his lovely, warm smile.

As soon as we got back I took a cold shower and then had breakfast afterwards, and since I wasn't hungry I just took a bowl of cereal, packed some sandwiches and left. I brought two sandwiches to school and a box of rice from yesterday's leftovers, and then had a looooong day at school ahah. I had pumpkin soup and pesto pasta for dinner today, and man it was the hardest dinner ever because my ulcers were literally screaming in pain, and after that dinner I immediately went to the toilet to brush my teeth and tried to break the wire, but to no avail. If you've read my earlier posts you would have learnt that I've a protruding wire at the back of my mouth and it has been hurting me since almost a month ago, and I've been ignoring it and enduring the pain for so long. And it has caused six mouth ulcers, and on top of that it wouldn't stop poking the ulcers and hurting them more because it was still at the same spot. So I literally spent almost two hours trying to break the wire myself, but came to a realisation that my dentist had given me one of the thickest wires so it was almost impossible to break it. Basically I tried all sorts of ways to get it out of my braces but it just wouldn't barge, but at least I've tried my utmost best to change its spot so that it wouldn't be able to hurt my existing ulcers anymore. So now it's 90 degrees down, and it's hurting my lower gums and it still hurts but I would definitely want to fix it asap during the weekends. I asked Christie where the nearest dental clinic was and she told me, but while all of that happened I actually got scolded for blocking the way lol, which made me pissed like hell and I cried afterwards because it was just so painful and frustrating at the same time. Some people are just so unkind sometimes, but that definitely makes me appreciate the good ones even more. So it was basically a shitty night with lots of frustration, so I went to bed early at 9:30. It wasn't a great day, but nevertheless I'm still thankful for the run I did in the morning, getting a smile from the lovely uncle, the food I had and the early night's rest. Peace out.

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