DAY EIGHTEEN #346daysofgratitude


It's 00:41 in the morning now and supposedly day nineteen already, but I just got home not long ago and barely had the time to do anything. Now I'm finally settled down at home, washed up, changed, finally on my bed and now it's time to start things proper.

I had a pretty bad sleep last night because my stomach was hurting throughout so I was woken up in between for a few times, and because I zonked out last night I actually jolted up from bed thinking that I overslept, when in fact it was only 8am hahah. And because I still felt like I didn't sleep at all I slept in and eventually rose from bed one hour later. So I made myself some quick breakfast fix, aka CEREAL. I was so tired and I decided to have tons of SUGAR first thing in the morning. I used to not like having cereals for breakfast because they were full of carbs, sugar and basically nothing nutritious, and mostly because whenever I eat them I feel like they tend to sit in my stomach for some time and it would feel so uncomfortable. But naw, today's breakfast definitely woke me up and it was definitely a great way to kickstart the day. After today I'm going to have lots of CARBS and sugar especially first thing in the morning, hee. I just love this lifestyle so much, it allows me to eat in abundance. 
So after breakfast I uploaded my daily breakfast shot on Instagram, did some filming and editing here and there, and spontaneously uploaded a video on my Youtube channel. It took me about more than hour to finally upload that video, and after I uploaded it everything became a frenzy. Time was of the essence and I had to put on make up, get changed, wear my contacts, pack my bag, have lunch and be READY to leave the house all in an hour. It was cray, and I literally ran around the house to multi-task hahah. I was supposed to meet Jon some time between 1:30 till 2:00 but in the end I only left the house at 2. The long wait for cabs seemed to be (yet) another futile one so I walked back home, changed my shoes because I decided that slippers are still the comfiest and decided to call for a taxi. I eventually met him at 3 hahah, and we talked for about one and a half hours at Boost. We caught up on our lives like we always do, and I laughed so much during our conversation hee. He's just one of the few lamest guys I've ever met in my life, but talking to him NEVER gets boring. 

Thank you for always cracking me up with your jokes, entertaining me with your stories and for being such an easy-going person hee. I hope you would remember the pinky promise we made earlier on and study hard for A's.

And well, I was supposed to meet this girl at 4pm but we ended up meeting at only 5 (I'm sorry again hahah). I actually dragged Jon along to meet Kerie with me just so we could help each other take photos, hee. So after we were done taking photos and Jon left, we walked around town and eventually ended up at a supermarket, so we just strolled around for about two hours and just chatted along the way. I'm really going to miss this girl here, SO MUCH honestly. When I met her for the first time I'd never have thought that we would end up being good friends. But because life always works in unimaginable ways we eventually became really close and got to where we are now. She's probably one of the few genuine people I've met in TPJ and guess what, we actually clicked well at the start because of our favourite common topic: FOOD. Hahah, I can never forget those nights we spent sending each other photos of food and imagining ourselves eating those for supper. And of course our favourite topic now is about people and we usually talk about our friends and guys. Of course, that's when we have good food during the conversation HEE. 
She's probably one of the first friends I actually clicked so well with even just at the start, because our personalities are just SO damn similar. We both love food, are lazy people in nature, have RBF (resting bitch face) and we both think the same way about relationships, guys and friends. Sometimes even though it may be scary to meet someone else just like you, the feeling is INCREDIBLE. I'm honestly just so damn thankful for Kerie, and I haven't told her this but she's honestly the ONLY reason why I didn't regret joining MDC in school last year. Because if not for mdc I wouldn't even have the chance to meet her, much less talk and becoming good friends. She's just a really beautiful person inside out, so damn genuine at heart and I can't be more thankful for meeting her. Thank you Kerie, for every single thing you've done and thank YOU for your existence. Loves.

And after sending me off at the station she left and I went to meet my girls for dinner. I had the exact same dinner I had yesterday, and it's just so darn good hee. I'd always order the mega-san with brown rice, edamame, roasted mushrooms, roasted eggplant, sweet corn, mixed peppers, almond flakes, all with sweet thai chilli sauce and trust me the combination's AMAZING. I honestly don't mind having this for all my three meals but I'd love to have at least two rolls each time hahah. The sushi barely filled me up and I felt like I ate nothing afterwards, so we decided to have dessert heheh. I haven't met them (Qian, Rachel and Afiqah) for quite some time now so I'm so thankful for them, for squeezing out extra time just to meet me and hang out for the last time together before I leave. I gave my vegan orange cake slices out and they loved it, heheh. So after we were done with dinner we went to the editor's market and spent more than an hour there because the queue for the fitting rooms and cashier were insane. We wanted to have Pong's gelato for dessert but unfortunately by the time we left TEM, the place was already closing. So we decided to just head home since it was already 10pm, and four of us took one taxi home and dropped off at four different places hahah. Everyone was so tired and we almost zonked out on the way home, me included. My contact lens were making my eyes so dry and sleepy, so in all honesty I just really wanted to sleep. I was the last to get off and by the time I got home it was already past 11pm, and my mum was still up and baking so I talked to her a little before I headed back to my room. Before I slept I read the letters I received today, and the letters were all so beautiful it just touched me so much. It was really the best way to end the day, and so I went to sleep with a full and thankful heart. 

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