DAY THIRTY-FOUR #346daysofgratitude


Today was a slow-paced and a relaxing stay-home day, and I woke up just in time for breakfast so I had a bowl of mighty grain with weetabix, bananas, strawberries and blueberries heeeh. Then I had another bowl of weetabix with soy milk, and then after breakfast I went back to my room and fell asleep again lol. I was finding something to do and ended up sleeping after reading a few pages of Magic, man that book just bored me out totally. The beginning was just all about how we all have the power to be happy or not, and whatever you do it all boils down to only one thing: that the power is in your hands. All of those sounded like a "DUH" thing to me so I was so bored after reading it, but I'd try to continue reading that book to see if there's anything that's POSSIBLY interesting hahah.
I fell asleep for about an hour plus, and woke up at 12:30 to some messages and slept in a little bit more after knowing some of them have went out already. So some of them went to the beach in the afternoon, and I actually really wanted to go since the weather today was totally PERFECT for tanning. But I decided not to since Fathin the lazy ass didn't want to go and I just felt so tired, so I slept in lol. And because they were already having lunch outside and were almost ready to go, I decided not to join them since I haven't showered or eaten lunch. So I got up awhile later, showered, made lunch and decided to check out the timetable.

I had hummus toasts and a banana for a light lunch since I wasn't hungry after waking up, then I skyped Xin Yi and we just caught up a little on our lives before the Internet connection died on us. I honestly wished that she was here with me, my other close friends too, because they are such genuine and lovely souls and I just want them by my side for life hahah. It's so hard to find a genuine and mature friend here I believe, but all I ever ask for is to have someone I can really connect with at a deep level and someone I can have genuine heartfelt conversations with. It's so hard to find someone who's able to do that because most of the time people are too caught up in their own world, about their other half or relationships, or just don't give a single fuck about the world hahah. I think this is what I've missed most after coming here, but then again I think it's too soon to predict or determine anything so I'll just go with the flow and see how things go heeh.

So after lunch I caught up on some Youtube videos and checked out my lesson units online. Man, the timetable is worse than I thought, I have lessons starting at 9am and end earliest at 5pm everyday. ): Which means that I'd have to take the metro back alone everyday instead of taking the shuttle bus back, and that sucks because it would only mean...MORE MONEY. Unnecessary money to be spent I mean, and the transport sucks because it's so expensive. *Desperate calls for a bike, SIGHS.* Wait, that also mean that I'd spend at least 10 dollars on transport EVERY WEEK, what the. Anyone with second hand cheap bikes please let me know asap, PLEASE. ): I also have lessons from 4-6pm every Tuesday, man what an odd timing hahah. But I do hope that I get the same classes as the people I'm close with in this hostel, and hopefully wouldn't have to take the metro back alone because I'm so bad at the metro thing here. 
I went to Coles with Fathin afterwards, and I got a huge sweet potato for $1.50 and I'm going to microwave it for lunch one day this week heeh. And then I also got So good's soy milk for less than 2 bucks because it was on offer, and then microwaveable RICE. I miss cooking so much, if only I could cook and use the kitchen here...ah weelllls. Anyhoo, I came back and caught up on more Youtube videos while snacking, and I had like 20 seaweed crackers and digestives about half an hour before dinner. I totally regretted snacking because I was a little too full for dinner and in the end I was served SO MUCH noodles on my plate, and my stomach almost burst hahah. I finished everything because I didn't want to waste food, and after getting back to my room I had a banana and more digestives because I felt a little hungry lol, talk about having a voracious appetite. I went to the game room after I was done with dinner, then I played two rounds of Mario Kart and Just Dance with John. Mario Kart reminds me of the good ol' days I used to spend with my brother, competing with each other on our DS(s) heeh. Just Dance was just hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing while dancing with him because he was just so funny and our arms kept clashing lol. They left for Kmart afterwards but I didn't join because I wanted to just chill in my room, so I just chilled and then popped in at the dining hall because I wanted to discard something. Ivan, John, Qiasara, Tommy, Bryan were there so I just sat down and talked to them for a bit, before returning to my room to get some lozenges for Bryan then to the dining hall again hahah. Then it was time for room check, and now it's 10:42 and I'm about to wash up, brush my teeth and finally wash my face because I haven't washed my face in two weeks. And yeah it was before the day I left for Aussie hahaha. Goodnight peeps.

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