DAY THIRTY-SIX #346daysofgratitude


So this was supposedly a long post but it got DELETED somehow, it just went missing after I painfully blogged about it using slightly more than an hour of my free time in school. SO well, I don't want to leave it hanging and skip to day 37 immediately, because I want to make sure that I blog about everyday just so I'd remember them in the future, heeh. But it indeed is tiring and time-consuming sometimes, and I wonder how I'm going to cope during my exams period so I might stop during that time and resume when it's all over. But of course I hope not, since I've such poor memory and blogging about something that has happened four days ago is already too much to handle ahah.

I'm going to keep this post short I believe, since I don't really recall what happened on this day oops. Anyhoo, I started the day with peanut butter banana oatmeal and woke up only at 8:00 to an empty hostel because everyone had already left for school. So I had all the time in the world to myself, slowly doing the things I've set out to do and pacing myself slowly before my class at 4 in the afternoon. I spent most of my morning doing my timetable after my breakfast, and then it happened to fit in nicely on my board so that was a productive morning heeh. Then I spent the remaining afternoon just leeching off the wifi because I get all the wifi connection to myself when everyone's gone lol, and I caught up on some Youtube videos and Madame Antoine heh. I did the laundry afterwards and hung my clothes up to dry, then basically lazed around in my room the entire afternoon haah.
John had lessons before noon and we made a pact to go for psych together after he comes back to the hostel, but when I asked him if he was still coming back he said 'Don't think so' but after learning that I was all alone in the hostel he came all the way back, and man I was really taken aback when he knocked on my door because you know, he's like one of the laziest guys I've ever met and known, and the fact that he actually came back to the hostel despite it being so late already was just... really SURPRISING ahah. But I'm grateful nonetheless, for what he did and being my company for the remaining half of the afternoon and making the trip to school much more enjoyable because I just couldn't stop laughing during our conversations. So I told him about my plans for next year but he just refused to believe me lol, and kept saying I was a liar because of that. But he was the first person in the hostel I've ever told my past to, and I'm sure (I hope) that he didn't judge me for that.
So well, it was psych class and then we took the metro home, and guess what I had for dinner. VEGAN TACOS. Before that I had some thick vegetable bean stew and then I had the most amazing tacos ever, WHOOP. The fillings were made up of baked beans, zucchini and corn in tomato sauce, and it was just HEAVENLY. I would have asked for seconds if I was hungry, but unfortunately I wasn't so I just settled with what I had.

After dinner I went to kmart with Jy-ann, John, Ivan and Bryan, and I got meself a tupperware, maple syrup and a tank top for 2 dollars heheh. And when I got back Christie asked if I wanted to have the leftover soup, and in fact she gave me all the leftovers for dinner because I asked if there was any hahah. I asked without expectations because it was my first time, and because it was so darn good I had to try my luck and see if I'll get more lol. And turns out that she had leftovers for both the baked beans dish and the soup too, so I took both HEH. I'd hate to waste any food, and vegan food is always amazing so WHY NOT RIGHT. I also shamelessly asked if there was rice to go along with it, so Christie told Jon "give this carbs girl rice" and he really did, WEW.
I got back to my room afterwards and then I facetimed my aunt, six grandaunt and granduncle, and man I've missed them so much. I can't wait to see all my family members again when I get back heheh. I'm also really blessed to have my grandpa and aunt texting me almost daily to ask if I'm doing okay here, and all of that just makes my heart whole. I spent the night reading about hundred pages of the Magic before I went to bed. And of course, like every other day I'm grateful for many things: A relatively free day, John keeping me company, Vegan tacos, catching up on social media and facetiming my loves. Heee.

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