DAY TWENTY-FOUR #346daysofgratitude


So we woke up as early as 5:30 in the morning, just about time to leave for the airport. I only had about four hours of sleep, and man I was tired af and I just looked so shagged so I just put on a cap and dragged myself to the airport hahah. I was seated in between two caucasians on the plane and seriously it was just so hard to fall asleep when you're mashed in between. I kept dozing off and waking up, and that just made me more tired lol. 

I was so GLAD when the plane finally touched down in Hobart, and man that 55 minutes of flying felt like eternity because of that painful sleep lol. I never knew that the customs were so strict with food, they even brought a police dog in to check everyone's hand-carry bags. And because I brought a punnet of blueberries along I had to finish them before I got checked, so I threw the box away immediately before that. The officers kept telling the woman with the dog that we just ate blueberries, so she kept demanding for our bags to be checked. I was so flippin' scared of the black police dog because of its sharp teeth and its inability to calm the fuck down, and I was so irritated when the woman didn't let want to let me off lol. The dog even sat at where my bag was, so I think that was his way of saying that there was something inside, and another officer had to check my bag again herself. I obviously had nothing, no food, no fruits, no drinks in my bag so I honestly don't get what was with the dog and the police. And man I swear I'm getting fearful of the police here now because they seem to be finding faults with me even though it has barely been a week in Aussie hahah. 

As soon as we left the airport we took a taxi to our motel up the hills. Almost all of the hotels in hobart are fully booked this season, so the motel we are staying at is about few kms or a bridge away from the heart of Hobart. I had mixed feelings about this place because it was my first time staying at a motel, but surprisingly it turned out better than expected. It has a dining table, comfy beds, a small balcony by the trees, a sofa and a REALLY CLEAN toilet. I'm the biggest clean freak when it comes to toilets, because I'm super sensitive when it comes to hygiene.The irony because I'm the dirtiest freak when it boils down to my showering habits hahah. To my amazement, the toilet was dry and clean as heck, and the place in general was so clean.

We took a taxi down to Hobart and dropped off at the CBD area, and the first thing we did was to have lunch. We settled our lunch at Liveats, and I had the sourdough sandwich with pumpkin, corn, mushrooms with spicy thai dressing, alongside with a dairy-free berry sorbet smoothie. We spent the remaining few hours exploring around the city and the malls, and I have to agree that the shopping here sucks hahah. The buildings were old and the malls were mostly boring, but it was actually a little better than what I have expected since I was expecting a really dead city. At least they do have Factorie, Cotton on, Lovisa, Colette etc and the usual super/hypermarkets, so ALL'S GOOD. I wasn't expecting much from shopping here because I mean, who comes to Tasmania to shop ANYWAY hahah. Thankfully it's boring, because that means I wouldn't really shop much even if I want to. 

So we got back to our place not long after, and so I spontaneously decided to tan at the balcony. I was already not feeling not quite myself by the time I got back, so I fell asleep under the sun and eventually woke up shortly after and ran back inside to sleep. I woke up at 4 and we went to Eastlands mall for dinner nearby. The shops were closing by the time we got there so my mum and brother got their food from the food court while I ate dinner by myself at Liveats again lol, because they had another one in that mall and it was one of the only few stalls with vegan options. So I settled down with a baguette roll with pumpkin, sweet corn, black beans all in spicy thai sauce again, all for $7.50. As much as I love breads, I must admit that I'm getting a little sick of breads now especially after my bread-filled-day today lol. After dinner we headed to Coles, Woolies and Kmart for our usual shopping fix heeeh. 

Hobart's going to be my home for the next nine months, and man it feels so surreal and I'm totally not feeling it yet. It's totally different from Melbourne, with Melbourne being more populated and city-like. On the other hand, Tasmania is more of a laid-back, quiet and peaceful place with not a lot of people. But I've noticed a few 'weird' people in the city today and I've heard from the drivers that there are many drinkers and druggers here, and I'm not too sure how true that is but I'd have to be more careful from now. Hobart's a really clean, peaceful and chilly city, and man the vastness of this place really incites my curiosity hahah. I'm just so excited about exploring this place.

And now I'm back at the motel, under the sheets, just had six digestives for supper and more than ready to pass out.

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