I'm still alive


It has been quite awhile since I posted anything here. Or even anywhere, in fact. Ever since uni started I've been so busy with assignments and doing chores that I don't even have time to blog or dayre anymore. But the thing about blogging is that, I will always miss writing and pouring my heart out especially when I haven't done so in a long time. So I'd always think about topics to write about and accumulate them in my head until I have the chance to do so. That said I've a few topics in mind that I want to cover here, hopefully in the span of the next few weeks and if not, months.
You can expect to see these few topics popping out in the next few posts:
  • The kind of person you want to become
  • The quality of friends
  • What I feel & think about relationships and marriages
  • What studying overseas is like (to me)
  • How I am coping in Uni/architecture in general
  • Why you should give your best in everything
  • The life we want to have VS the life we have
I'll try to make it a monthly issue kinda thing so at least I don't have excuses to procrastinate (unless I'm really busy with school work which I think might happen). See you guys in the next post!

Hope everyone's doing well :)

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