Day 114: Easy life? #346daysofgratitude


So today someone told me this, "You have an easy life, everything's so easy for you" and I don't think I've heard of anything quite like this before. It hit me so hard.

The conversation went like this: the person I was talking to said that his life is 'fucked up' and that he's just 'broken' as a whole, which then resulted in him saying that I've an 'easy life', maybe just because he thinks he had it worse. And honestly, I was so compelled to refute what he said to me but I just kept it in and remained quiet. What really struck me wasn't because I saw it as an offence but because it made me realised something: how humans are so quick to judge and assume things. More often than not we judge people based on what we see and how they act, but how often are we really close to those people? And when I mean really close, I mean knowing someone's past, the kind of environment they grew up in, the people they loved and hated in the past, the people they hold most dear to, how they are like with their family, their deepest secrets and fears, their dream and the reason behind it, their thoughts on life and whatnot.
I say this because I don't consider all of my friends as really close friends unless they know something about me that I wouldn't usually just tell anyone about. Because when you truly trust someone, you wouldn't mind telling them your deepest fears and everything about you even if you're putting yourself on a vulnerable end. My close friends know almost everything about me and for those who know my past and story wouldn't say that I have an easy life. Most of them told me that their lives are 'dull' or 'almost nothing' when compared to mine, and honestly speaking no one has ever told me that my life has been easy.

I wouldn't say that I have the worst life because I don't think those words hold any truth to them. Nor would I say I have a bad life because even though I might have had it hard, I'm still, beyond blessed. Even though I hated most of my past, it is still irrefutable that those were the things that made me who I am today. They were the ones who made me stronger each time I stood up from a fall, and for that, I'm eternally grateful for my experiences.
Whenever something bad happens to us, we curse and we question Gods and ourselves: "why is life so unfair to me?" "Why am I not given a better life? ""I don't deserve this". Many a time we reproach someone else for it when things go awry or think that we should just 'suck it up' because 'it's life'. How many of us actually do appreciate the bad things that happen and remain grateful for the lessons we have been taught? (Saw a quote yesterday and it says: One man's overlooked blessings is another man's happily ever after.)

Okay oops I digressed, but my main point was that humans are sometimes too quick to judge - and that what you often see and infer from may not always be what you think. It is ridiculous to assume that one has an easy life just because you have it bad in life. Because honestly, how do we measure and compare pain? Everyone is broken in a way or two, and that's perfectly okay because we are only humans and we aren't meant to be perfect. So to those who are often too quick to judge, I hope you give a chance to the person before you judge and respect what they have been through in life, no matter what.

------------ That was quite a lengthy post BUT well, back to my life update! Initially I didn't plan on blogging today because nothing much happened throughout. I had a relatively sucky morning but I'm still thankful for the friends around me who were there for me when I needed them! It's better now but still, I'm trying my best to remain positive. (Trusting someone is like taking a risk and giving them a knife believing that they wouldn't stab you from the back.)
Managed to do 80% of my Chemistry assignment due the following Monday during my 4-hours break in Uni and I had a really hard time refraining myself from yawning too much in class ahaha. I've been feeling a little sick lately and I feel feverish throughout the day and get stomachaches every now and then :( So I've been drinking way more fluids than usual and giving myself more rest whenever I can, lest I fall sick right before my major exams in less than a month's time. (Update: just checked my temperature and it's on the high side - 37.0 degrees!) School life is more or less the same except that we have assignments piling up weekly and that it is starting to become dreadful, maybe because we hardly/never have any breaks in between. But at least I've been seeing results and fruits of labour after working hard so I guess, that's what makes everything worthwhile! I've been so crazy tired lately and I've no idea why ahaha, it's just so much harder to get out of bed every morning and I just never seem to have enough rest. On top of that I haven't been eating very well either (unhealthy I mean) and my complexion has been so BAD! Definitely haven't been taking care of my body well ahaha, and I think it's time to do something about it.

On a side note it's my brother's graduation day today but sadly I couldn't be there to attend it :( So I've cropped myself into the picture heheh and I've to say that I'm sooo proud of him :) Hope that he would get into a University course he genuinely has passion for and never stop being such an amazing person. Sending love all the way from Tassie! 

It's almost 9 now and I think I should just start on one of my assignments and then wash up, stretch and go to sleep. Have a good night everyone x

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