happy birthday ♡



chose this picture only because this is our only RECENT photo (we took this last saturday, which is less than a week ago). and yup im so sweet hehe camo wallpaper for background cos i know she loves camo :-)
so its her birthday tomorrow TADAH. happy birthday pigu choo, jiaying pigu choo, whore (halldabuyu), slut, pigu 02 ♡♡♡
we shall start with an opening speech.
"on this fine day, we shall commemorate the birthday of Choo Jia Ying, a 15 year old girl, the second youngest in the clique. I wish this fair lady a blessed birthday. Amen."
hahahaha ok idk what im talking and i am laughing to myself ok stop...........so now, we begin the REAL speech.

hello pigu choo :-)
hehehe happy birthday for the thousandth time again :-) pigu sacrificed so much for you lol now's my sleeping time but see, me is here to blog for you ♡ i am damn sweet and romantic, i know. hehe.
on this day, i can bravely (with pigu power) declare that our friendship have lasted for 2 years and 4 months hehe. glad to know such a friend like you and i love you many many. "BUT NEVERMIND I *WONT* FIND SOMEONE LIKE YOU~" because "WHEN I SEE YOUR FACE, THERES NOT A THING THAT I WOULD CHANGE. COS GIRL YOU ARE AMAZING, JUST THE WAY YOU ARE." :-)
thanks so much for being there for me most of the time when i really feel like shit. no words can express how grateful i feel towards you when you hear my bullshit and you return my words with more bullshit (HAHAHAHA IGNORE ME IDK WHAT I AM TALKING). thanks for hearing my shit last week (i think) when i was having a mental breakdown from all the shit that was happening to me. you told me things that no one will ever tell me, and you taught me how to be a stronger person. 
i know that you are a strong person, you hide all your sorrows with a smile but inside you seem so fragile. i know this because i have got pigu instincts :-) i know that you keep many secrets down your heart and you won't be easily defeated by what brings you down. you keep everything to yourself without letting anyone else knowing, and that's what really worries me for the past years in our friendship. you should open up sometimes, because you will definitely feel better :) and confide with pigu 01 if you feel down pigu 02!!!!!! hehe pigu will promise not to tell anyone if you tell me not to, because i have always trusted you (":
i really miss our friday night dinners that we used to have during sec one ): all those shit we had to say. sigh. but thank god for our piguz bond we still go out together sometimes hehe. really enjoyed last saturday with you hehe it was a blast. although we spent a lot of $$$ and our money flew away but it was a good time overall, yes??????
i still remember every moment with you, and that night in i12 was the most memorable one with you hehe super romantic (: if you STILL remember, we went pastamania for dinner after our CCAs and then we headed to i12 because you wanted to go to the rooftop hehe. thank god we went eventually hehe we had the best times ever (": running around the water playground (how childishly cute can we get) and spraying water at each other with our wet pinafores and PE tshirts/blouse omg i really loved that night. eventually left at 9pm after that but it was kinda sad hais ): hehe remember you got kinda high on the rooftop and then we started doing splits and started dancing?? :") god i loved that day.
oh ya and pigu remember the last time we were at the airport we decided to do a whole list of resolutions we promise to do together? hurry up do the resolutions together okay omg can't wait to see the final product (":
HAHAHAH and you, forever blaming on the class banding shit whenever we text and miss each other because we are in different classes ): and yes that really sucks because i don't have your cheeks to poke anymore when you stone): hais. and the class register omg it used to be jemmie, me, you and elaine but now its jemmie, cheryl soh, cheryl tan, me and elaine :( sigh. but hehe i think its because our pigu power so strong we still managed to sit together during assembly omg no one can ever go against the caprice of fate (":
i still have a lot to tell you but it seems like i have been typing forever!! hehe ok i will try to type for as long as i can before i lose my final energy and crash on the bed.
so yes, again, thanks for being such a good friend. hehe yes i know you have always said that i am a 'horrible friend' and yes i think i am HQHAHAHA. but you have been really good and loyal enough hehe. love you many many (": pigu bond for life, hope our friendship lasts till we grow old to the age of 70 and we become ahmas :") i've not forgotten how we first met hahahaha it was really awkward but yes!!!! i will continue telling you my secrets because you are my secret chamber hohohohahahahaa. one of my best friends for life, thank you (:
hehehehehhe ok la long enough already okay???? im damn tired and yes you should be crying by now i've made so much efforts to make you cry or you get a pigu punch tomorrow hahahahaha.


11/4, may you have a good life ahead :)

happy birthday from your beloved pigu.


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