less than an hour to 1st of May, exactly a month more to my birthday, and exactly a month more to the start of school holidays. CAN'T WAIT FOR SCHOOL HOLIDAYS :""""(

mid-year exams are officially starting the day after, hais time flies. still remembered the first day of school omfg and its mid-years already shit its passing so damn fast!!! blogged today because i was wondering that i won't even have any time to blog during the exam period, and i would definitely get lazy after exams. since its labour day tomorrow, i shall sacrifice my sleeping time hehe.

cce period today, mrs tan told us to do our reflections and sum up for the month of April. mixed feelings as i pen down all my thoughts. April has been a rollercoaster ride for me (and yes april was a rly short month to me). There was an upturn of events and shit like that, but then i realised that each time mrs tan gives us time to reflect on our week i would DEFINITELY write something bad - like i would be like talking about how life sucks and this is shit, school is boring and i can't wait to get out of kc. but that was rly my TRUE feelings and then i also realised that i was never happy. my god, i need a life. (well i hope that chua and tan don't send me to counselling pls.)

so my April hasn't been that bad because thank god i had friends who really made an effort to spend time with me, especially pigu, kailin and rachel. thank god for the 3 meaningful saturdays i spent with pigu consecutively, the go-home-together-thing with kailin and sometimes after-school-lunch with rachel. I really wouldn't know how to spend my time without them man wtf.

wanna watch iron man 3, warm bodies, last exorcism part II and then Monster Inc which is coming out in june ehhehehe can't wait.

in the mean time, really hope that exams would be over soon.

Happy May!

enjoy your life pls bye

RANTING - don't read if you don't want your day to be ruined by my shit comments.

i'm feeling so lost without anywhere to go in life, honestly. everyday im just asking myself "when can life get any better" when i know it won't. really need to rant out everything all at one go one day, i've been feeling so shitty ever since the end of last year. i miss my dad so much it kills me inside literally. hoping things can get better again???? and no more nightmares pls i wake up with tears and im just like wtf??????? i really need to pull myself together and learn how to be stronger. ):

and fuck, i hate school so much. like really. I CAN'T EXPRESS MY HATRED FOR THIS SHIT. i can't do this anymore la omg. wtf????????????? I REALLY CAN'T CAN'T CAN'T CAN'T KEEP EVERYTHING TOGETHER ANYMORE. gonna explode one fine day. too many emotions that i can no longer control. breakdown.

i hate life??? that's all i really want to say. why whyw hwywywhwwywhhwywhywhwywhwyw. things aren't getting better for me. i hope all this shit will stop. but when???????????????????????????? fuck i hate myself ok why am i writing this i make no sense ok whatever shut up cheryl
am i dying of depression soon..............................
ok hope i die of heart attack like tonight bye

ok honestly i don't make any sense DON'T EVEN READ MY RANTS??????????

?????????????????????????????" what

//////////// bye

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