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if only you were here 
just a short update on what i have been doing for the past few weeks after my last update//
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! *inserts an infinite amount of hearts*
i know my mum won't see this so i won't write a dedication here hahahaha. celebrated mother's day with her last Saturday when she accompanied me to the hospital for my jab then we took a bus to orchard ion and we shopped there. treated her to dim sum for brunch but i haven't got her a gift yet ): but anyway, LOVE YOU MUMMY!

about half an hour more to tuition. had tuition like 4 days in a week???? idk but i still feel equally stupid after all the tuitions. so far, our exams has been really bad, idk there isn't any paper i would say "its easy". literature and English were the killer i swear, Chinese was okay among all the papers we took. ms sharina said that core geog paper would be damn hard, oh damn. and then ms chua told us to aim for a PASS in bio, now that's directly saying that the paper's hard, no?

i really hope to do well for mid years, although i didn't really put in any effort. afterall im in the upper sec already, so fast to o's fml. but i cant wait to graduate from kc, that's the only thing that's keeping me going for the past 3 years studying here.
cross my fingers and hoping that i would survive this week cos i have a feeling every exam is gonna be like damn hard ohwells i should have dropped out of school.
aiming for a B in English, A for both maths and Chinese, and chemistry. also aiming for a B in core geog and bio, lit and ss im just aiming for a pass. i rllyyyyy  rlyyy hope i would at least like, pass everything. so guilty for always sleeping away at home every weekend hais. i would tell myself that i should like study till 3 am to compensate my guilty-ness for sleeping in the afternoon, then i would end up sleeping at 10PM then waking up at 10AM the next day hais. life of Cheryl, HA-HA-HA shame on me.

will do some photo updates now, well anyway this was supposed to be a short update but im spending so much time on it :x
ok this was trending for a while on twitter and instagram few days ago,
so i thought "why not" and posted this hehe. the last photo a bit "off"
but i couldn't find any more photos on my phone. this isn't actually
"puberty" la but my baby photos are cute right???? HAHAHA

and then these are my new socks i have ordered last week, came in two days ago.
the batman and ironman socks are damn cool, and its only $2/pair so why not.
selling them off a $7/pair on my blogshop @skullsnb0ne for preorder so if you can afford
topshop socks you should also afford these super cute socks hehe. rainbow marshmallow socks
was from a blogshop from instagram, got it at $6 mailed. :-)
alright done blogging, good luck for your upcoming papers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
because i see nothing but truth in your eyes

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