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this is just gonna be a quick update of my life now since it has been a long time i've updated anything. but before i start, i just want to thank everyone for their heartwarming texts and reassurance they have given me after reading my previous post (to the man i loved, (and still love) the most). i can't thank all of you enough.

these are just excerpts from the texts that i managed to take a screenshot of, and unfortunately i don't have all of them here:

from valerie :-) the first person who texted me!

from cheryl chong :)
btw she's my classmate in my cg hehe and one of my fave friends in class!! she's cheerful, really nice and true. here's to almost two years of jc together :')

from sarah!! a very sweet girl. :)

and a looooong text from charmaine (i used to call her ahchuamaine) which i received in the morning and read on the way to school. haven't seen her since orientation (she happened to be there on the last day) and i really hope i can see her soon :-( JC has to stop taking away my social life ugh
but she's really sweet :'( 

and a text from my uncle! 

and from my fave girl.

well, that's all i have but i'm damn thankful for everyone who have also written me encouraging texts or just gave me their support. thank you so much guys, i'm really fine and i'm staying strong.
and also managed to hit the highest individual post in my blog so far. i don't know how you guys did it but HAHA thank you!!

thank you to the rest - akina, qianlin, darren, javan, jon, jiaying, and the rest! (sorry if i missed out anyone, but you know who you are)
thanks to askfm anons, and also xiangyun's friend for telling me to stay strong and wishing me to fulfil my dream! thank you, you're too kind :-)

(not asking for attention/pity/sympathy or anything, but i just want to give back my heartfelt thanks to all of you.)


alright for now, back to my update!

last saturday i finally visited FFL Fresh Fruits Lab with jiaying after so long.

our table!
upon reaching there at like 1pm++ there was a short queue (of like 3 pairs in front of us) and the waiting time was quite long - about 20 minutes or more? 
but take note that the queue's outside, which means no air-con! and we happened to go on a day when the sun was scorching hot so we were perspiring like crazy outside :(

the interior! pretty packed cafe as well.

and tadah our drinks!! i rarely drink sodas because i personally don't like gassy drinks, but it was such a humid day and i couldn't just drink juices or smoothies! and the sodas really looked damn good, so i ordered the Fresh Fruit Mint Soda ($6) while jiaying ordered the Passion Fruit Soda ($6). 
it was good! initially i thought that the "jellies" inside were flower petals HAHA but it was slightly chewy so i concluded that they are jellies. even though i still don't know what they actually are HAHA

Pumpkin Veloute Soup ($9)
velvety pumpkin puree with mushroom duxelle, garlic croutons, and a dash of sweet paprika 

HANDS DOWN the BEST pumpkin soup i've ever had!!!!!!! 
okay perhaps i haven't tried many pumpkin soups before yet but i must say it's really really good. especially with the croutons!! but i think it was pretty overpriced for such a small bowl of soup :( we shared so it was like $4.50 each! (technically)

but i really miss this soup :( like sometimes during lectures and tutorials i'd just be daydreaming and thinking about their pumpkin soup HAHA

my beautiful saturdate :*

Blackstone ($14)
 poached farm eggs with smoked bacon, beefy tomatoes, sauteed shiitake, toasted english muffin 







this was jiaying's!

 Otah Slider ($12)
mini-burger bun with mackerel fish paste and cocktail mayo 

pretty overpriced as well for just two mini burgers! this was a chef's recommendation but it was good i must say :) the bread was toasted evenly and the otah was crispy!

 Messy Breakfast ($17)











potatoes, bacon-wrapped pineapple, bockwurst sausages, roasted tomatoes and fruity salad 

this was mine!! basically i ordered the most expensive classic meal they have because everything on the plate sounded too good to be true. i LOVEEEE sausages and eggs everything on the plate!! okay maybe not as much for bacon because i'm not a fan of bacon! i opted for no hollandaise sauce since i don't like that, so sadly the poached eggs tasted of vinegar because there wasn't any sauce to cover up :( the sausages were good but DAMN OILY. i wonder how they cooked the sausages........
sweet potatoes were pretty bland and i wished they replaced it with roasted pumpkin instead (hint pumpkin fan hint) 
only tried one of the bacon-wrapped pineapples! oh and the eggs were nicely cooked too. and the english muffins were perfectly toasted!!

(this is making me hungry)

and there you go - two main dishes, one side dish, a soup and two drinks!


(7/10 recommended for good food and cafe setting, but waiting time was quite bad because we waited for about an hour in total, inclusive of queueing time and waiting time for food)

Location: 351 Changi Road, Lor Marzuki, Singapore 419818
Opening Hours:
Tue-Thurs 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Fri 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sat 10:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sun 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Kitchen last order: 9.30pm daily

closed on Mondays

Tel: +65 6677 6741

it was a great saturday hehe finally managed to catch up with my fave pigu and talked over a good meal. (the meal costed us $70 btw!)

sorry due to the lack of updates recently but i'll try to update as much as i can! JC is seriously taking over my life and it's so frustrating whenever i'm sleep deprived because a sleep-deprived cheryl = grumpy cheryl = antisocial cheryl HAHA i just want more sleep and more time to spend with my friends :-( survived one term of jc, i really hope i can survive the rest :( 
on the side note, i'm really so grateful for the people i've met in tpj :( they are all so heartwarming and nice!! feeling extremely lucky to be able to spend the two years here with them :")

till then guys!! take good care of yourself everyone :)


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