another day another life, passes by just like mine


it's currently 5:24pm now and i'm still procrastinating because i'm sleepy :( so i think i'll just update this space for a bit and write a to-do list to remind myself (hopefully i can accomplish them).

so it has been 11 weeks since jc started (according to darren) and less than 6 weeks to SAs. i can't entirely say that entering JC was a good choice i've made for myself, because honestly i'm struggling a lot in school and i ask myself the same question everyday, "have i really made the right choice?"

well maybe if i could backtrack and go back to the day when i had to submit my JAE form again, i might not have taken this route. i might have decided on a course in polytechnic and i might have made the right choice then. but then again, who knows what exactly is the right choice?

life is full of decisions, and i hate it when i have to decide between one or another. sometimes i would wish that i was left with no other alternatives because that way, i wouldn't have to make a decision. but of course, it's not a good thing to be left with no other choices.

JC is indeed tough. have i ever regretted making this choice? subtly, yes. the workload is just crazy and so stressful. i thought i'd never have to go through this insane period of studying (like i did during O's) at least until A'levels and boy, i was so wrong. everyday just feels like another studying day. every morning i would wake up and tell myself that i have to be productive and complete 1. __ 2. ___ 3. ___ and i don't think there has ever been a day i've went to bed without worrying about my studies.
then there's also different events in school that we've to participate in and sometimes a few of us would be in-charge & there would be more work to do and more stress to deal with.

i gave a subtle yes because this decision was never an absolute regret. i'd never trade anything for the bunch of people i've met in school. i have never expected anything much from the friends i would meet here because getting into a new school would mean having to adapt to an entirely new environment again. & honestly i was worried i wouldn't be able to click with new friends haha because i don't get comfortable with people easily.

my OG. technically, the first bunch of people i've met in this school. 

when everyone got allocated to their CGs after orientation, i heard many friends complaining about their CG and how they wished they could relive orientation days. but if you were to ask me whether i'd want to repeat orientation again, the answer is definitely no HAHA (not saying that my OG sucked or anything, but i just don't feel that it's that worth reliving again). but if i really had to go through that with them again, i would still stick with the same bunch of friends.

✨ As for A's ✨
definitely my favourite bunch of girls i've met in my OG :') i've never once regretted meeting y'all. thanks so much for everything.

and the best two guys i've met in my OG. 
honestly i would never have thought that i would've gotten this close to them now (i swear). i thought we were just gonna end up as "friends" who would just say hi to each other when we see each other in school "when we see each other" HAHA so i really never imagined to be so close with them now. so damn thankful to the both of them too. :')

(even though this photo only shows the girls but i'm referring to everyone)
not forgetting my CG and the bunch of people i've to see everyday in school. coming into this class wasn't a choice but i've never regretted meeting all of you. (no one from my class would probably ever see this but) S11, thanks for being such a warm and lovely class. 
i love y'all.

and here's the most irritating worm you'll ever get to meet in your life. (you said you wanted a dedication too so here you go bitch HAHA) 
even though you're always annoying me 24/7 i'll just have to either learn how to be more tolerant or walk away from your bullshit next time. 
kidding, thanks for everything you've done for me :-) 
(but you still annoying)

and for this lovely cheryl, thanks for everything we've gone through together. 
really really thankful to be able to meet you and spend almost 2 years together in the same class :-) really love our study dates together too hehe it's never awkward between us.

darren again :) never told him this but he's possibly the nicest guy i've ever met in my life. :') so so so thankful to have met him in tpj. 
and then there's faris too. even though you're the most FOS (full-of-shit) person i've met in life you're still nice and funny half of the time. thanks for always making me laugh at your lameness.

if anyone were to ask me to describe the best people i've met in school, i wouldn't know where to begin. if one day i've decided to hop on to the poly route or just drop everything here and leave for another country to embark on for my education, these people are the ones i'll truly miss. even though it has barely been more than 2 months with all of you and it's not long enough to say all of this yet, i'd never forget how i feel at this exact moment.

HAHA i feel so emotional writing this post, it feels as if i'm writing a farewell post.

i love y'all okay :')


emotional part over, now it's back to my to-do list and i shall put an end to my procrastination.

1. finish ALL homework as soon as possible. 
2. do PPT slides and prepare a short speech for econs fest.
3. revise and catch up on my work*.
4. get enough rest everyday. 

that's it, i shall be a dead soul by the end of the weekend.

bye guys x

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