#ootd to brunch @ town w family 
hey all.
have been busy catching up all my dramas lately, heh i've just finished watching sniper standoff few days go. its a tvb hong kong drama, definitely a must-watch for those who like to watch hk police/sdu/action/gun/thrilling dramas (like me) hehe. oh and if yall want to know where i watch my dramas, you may try tvbdo for hk dramas and for korean dramas :-) i would rate sniper standoff 8/10, it was rly nice except for the fact that i don't like (bc hate is a strong word lol) the female lead :/ in the meantime, i'm also watching A change of heart (hk) , The heirs (korea) , and also gonna start on Who are you (korea) today •recommended by akina so i shall watch• i think i will start on Secrets (korea) soon after i'm done watching all of the dramas i've mentioned earlier on ツ
anyway, i'm gonna summarise what i did today first before going on to summarise what i did last week. ~^O^~
//141013, monday//
omg was so close to pon school today bc i was damn tired after waking up from 5 hours of sleep ︶︿︶ and no school for me on tuesday and wednesday, so i thought hey why not man hahaha but sigh i remembered ms yap just started on amath trigo so i shouldn't miss her lessons (besides, there was chemistry lessons). HARDWORKING CHERYL IS ME ヽ(^。^)ノ ......kidding.
ok so i headed to the bus stop after my breakfast and surprisingly the bus came around 10-15mins earlier than usual. so i was like thinking, "ok good since i can reach school earlier to sleep" but NO, cos i had to wait for my second bus for like, close to 20 minutes???? wtf so i reached school at like 635am and fell asleep at 640 all the way till 710am hehe. woke up and went to eat immediately after that before the teachers came in for assembly. 4 periods of math for the first lesson (sigh) and trigo graphs killed me ;( im going to fail amath sigh. i've been thinking of dropping amath, but i decided not to in the end bc i reminded myself how badly i wanted to take amath when i was sec 2, how hard i worked for my math to improve from a C grade to an A, how desperate i was to get in 305 bc my dad wanted me to be in there. and also thought of dropping bio, but no bc i still have passion for it even though i don't think i'll do well for it. :( on the side note, i have to attend math supp till 4 and bio extra lessons after that after school reopens on thursday :-( i dread lessons so much now bc i'm already in the holiday mood sigh. just looking forward to 29 oct, last day of school xxxxxx ~`O`~
so many things i want to do before 2013 ends, if im not wrong, these are the resolutions i wrote down in my notebook monthssssss ago.
1) ear piercing
ok thats all i can remember HAHAHAHHA my memory is really limited damn :-(
on the side note, i've received all my results back already :( rly disappointing results but what to do, gonna suck it up. as what 符老师 always say, "这个是咎由自取的,怪不得人" :-( oh wells. besides that, i'm quite satisfied with my english and emath results because i expected myself to get lower for both subjects. geog results were really disappointing bc i was aiming for at least a B3 sigh.

alright, time for the pictures to take over. {7 october-15 october}

Monday, 7 October 2013

dinner at ikea with clique

CLIQUE OUTING (7/9 present)

finally a clique outing after so long, so met up with the gals on monday after their last papers (those taking physics and art) 7/9 is counted a lot already actually hahaha cos we don't usually go out as a whole unless athalie comes back to kc or we have some special events (?) or things like that. alright so we met at 3pm for basketball at my condo, well the court's really small + the weather was super hot so in the end no one really wanted to play, so we headed to the gym to chill. turned out that xiangyun brought her sport shoes for gym omg and she was the only one running on the treadmill while everyone else just chilled at the lifting corner with the weights and dumbbells. after awhile at around 4+, we decided to just chill at my house since there's nothing much to do. we ended up talking about our dreams, then started playing some weird poker card games so ya. we took a photo before soojeong left but its with kailin & tianyu so i couldn't post :/ the rest of us left my house at around 640pm, and we headed to tampines ikea for dinner (and also, to chill again.) it was my idea to dine at ikea bc i really love that place hehe its like so homely. (idk?) so we ordered meatballs, pork ribs (????), grilled chicken and some other food that i can't remember :/ anyway, it was a filling dinner and i guess the dinner was the only fun part throughout the entire day? idk but i was feeling so shag that day so i didn't really have the mood to like move around but yay to clique day. ^~^

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Breakfast made for momsie

made breakfast for mummy on tuesday since it was marking day and i had no school hehe. woke up at 7am to prepare her packed lunch and she woke up at 745 for work, while i started preparing her breakfast for her at around 730. shall talk about the breakfast first, so yup i was rushing for it bc i was scared i didn't have enough time to finish cooking everything before she leave for work. as seen from the picture, a cup of coffee (her daily dose) and a croissant with 2 ham slices hehe. well i tried to hard squeezing the ham in the croissant but in the end it started to tear so i panicked and hurry took it out :/ i heated up the croissant before putting the ham in so it was really crispy and difficult to grab :( for her packed lunch, i made fried rice for her (with eggs, prawns, crabmeat and carrots). i also went to cut the carrots into alphabets, wanted to put "LOVE U" on the top of the rice but in the end i couldn't get the U-shaped right and so i took it out. the LOVE remained there but my mom told me the carrots disappeared among the rice after she heated it up in the office. :/ major failure but thankfully, she saw the initial "art piece" of mine before bringing it to the office. 
i'm definitely not someone who can express my feelings through words bc im such an awkward turtle sometimes :( well although my mum insists that i'm mean towards her and i'm always (24/7) pms-ing and rude, but i still love her sm. she said my fried rice was yummy lol i highly doubt that bc i can't cook for nuts. 
some vintage typewriter which i came across in a shop
Swensens for dinner 
after making bfast and lunch for mum, i stayed home till around 2-3pm and went to meet rachel at plaza sing to chill. bought my gongcha and started walking around to shop, and bumped into my brother and his friend haiqal coincidentally. also, trenna afterwards at starbucks and then kaylee (?) at lowry's farm. no idea why there were so many people at plaza sing that day. :/
short meet up with rachel bc i left at around 5/6pm-ish and met up with my cousin for dinner and somewhat, her birthday celebration. her birthday was at 5 oct and we had plans on that day to celebrate together, but in the end her brother brought her and the entire fam to uss to play. sigh, so i met up with her for dinner that day empty-handed w no presents bc i only remembered an hour before i met up with her :( [ugh my stm] i think i owe like 10000000000 friends for their presents already. went to swensen's for dinner with her and ordered my 2nd usual, grilled salmon hehe. changed the side orders to fries as per normal and ordered da best chicken tenders hehe. mum ordered steak and cousin ordered baked rice. not only that, got a $10 swensen's voucher after paying the bill so yay.

walked around plaza sing after dinner, so we went shopping hehe. bought my new blue Havaianas (at $39.90) bc my mum wanted to buy black which was the exact same pair i had, so i told her she could take mine and i chose blue (heheh) 
also, managed to find some vintage shops and new fav shops around plaza sing so i'm pretty sure i will end up at there again soon.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

rock-climbing with kctennis
rock climbing with kctennis for cca hehe and it was the last training session until training resumes in 2014. whoohoo. rock climbing was rly fun hehe although i'm scared of it bc i have a phobia of heights :( i was hesitating so badly before i mustered up my courage and gave it a try for the first round. managed to climb a total of 3 times before we went for bouldering so 3 cheers for myself. :-)))))))
the coaches were our belayers for that day and i felt really lucky bc they were so nice. my favs were zyrus (? the one on the extreme right) and jiahui (the only one standing) hehe. i don't know how his name is spelt and other coaches were calling him zy-rus so i assumed it was that spelling. i shall just call him Z anyway. so Z was really nice bc he was really patient HAHA god bc no one dared to volunteer themselves for the "harder-to-climb" walls. he waited for us for like 20 mins EACH TIME he asked and lol the teachers were getting irritated and also the other coaches, but he wasn't even irritated man he just waited there with a smile on his face HAHAHA. also, he's 100% trustable for belaying bc i think he's the only coach who encourages the person climbing, while the other coaches doesn't even say anything. Jiahui was in-charge of bouldering, and my group was the last to go for it so we went to the second floor for bouldering. we learnt some basics and due to time constraints, we had to rush quickly and the others joined us about 20 mins after we went up, so we played a few games before we left that place. and if you are wondering which organisation we went to, it's ClimbAsia. =)
overall, it was a really good experience and i enjoyed myself that day.

Friday, 11 October 2013


berrylite for afternoon snack with rachel after math supp on friday which ended at 3. we were bored and since it was a friday i didn't want to go home so early. met kailin on the bus after leaving parkway and we went home together. reached home around 6pm and left house at 7 to meet kailin again for supermarket shopping hehe. it was a great night to spend a friday night so yayers. also, managed to restock my food and milo drinks in my house so i bought a dozen of milo packets and some cereal, and eggs home. stupid fag brought a recyclable bag for supermarket shopping and my arms died bc they were so heavy. 
restocked food at home hehe (for dry snacks only)
Sunday, 13 October 2013

dim sum for brunch (acutally lunch) at DongHai's hehe. it's a teochew restaurant and it was rly good, my second time going there hehe. it is located at Takashimaya, and there's another one located at town but i forgot what's the place called. rae was super cute and she insisted that i sat w her so i did hehe. she was super engrossed in the tom and jerry show on youtube using my phone omg she's so cute hehe. after that, aunt's fam left first while the rest of us shopped at taka. i finally bought my pink canon calculator so i was so happy after going home hehe. cabbed home after that and chilled at home till 4 and then took over my mum for mj hehe. also spent my saturday (the day before) at home playing mj. 

with grandpa on the cab. sigh i look like shit but whatever
Monday, 14 October 2013

meet up with gene. sigh my face

met up with gene after school on monday at i12 with rachel. dined at ramen play zzz bc rachel insisted for it bc "its good" and in the end she said its terrible. wanted to try cafe cartel so badly but she didn't want to, psh. anyway, i only ordered gyozas for lunch bc i was so full after drinking the whole cup of honey green tea with lychee jellies from ShareTea. :/ so after eating we talked for awhile and then she taught me trigo graphs bc i couldn't understand shit. 
gene came at 4+ and we left ramen play for blackball, we talked till around 5/6pm-ish and left after that.
haven't met up with gene for a talk for almost a year, so i guess this girl is still the same old person w a carefree personality. :-) and i hope she stops growing bc she's already like 169cm wtf :(

Tuesday, 15 October 2013
day out with rachel hehe
went to bugis for shopping with this girl today hehe so here's a picture of us at the highest floor of bugis+ (previously iluma) bc she claimed that this was the most ulu place in the building. so we sat on the ground and started taking pics (ya our purpose of going there) bc this girl wanted to take a pic of her ootd hahaha. went to berrylite for some snacks and we chilled till around 515pm before we left. she left for town to meet her senior while i headed to changi city point to meet my mum and bro for dinner. 

lunch at nydc

nydc's definitely one of my fav restaurants in singapore hehe. but they changed their menu recently so i couldn't get my usuals :( the sandwich which i ordered was really filling even though it looks small. there was a huge chunk of pork slices w barbecue sauce and coleslaw and some veg at the bottom. the bread was buttery so i ate 3/4 of it :( finished rachel's leftover fries and called for bill, we bombed $18.50 each all together so ya..................and we didn't even order any drinks or side orders. personally, i thought the price was okay but somewhat slightly unreasonable when i think about it.

loots from bugis street

been a supa long time since i went to bugis street, so i was kinda excited to go there to get some clothes for myself. got the flower-daisy-ish romper at $29.90 from the third level. idk, i have this thing for rompers/dresses recently and now i think I'm kinda weird lol is my taste changing??? idk. :/ got the dark blue coloured dress at $28 from the second level. they also have it in light blue but rachel said dark blue suits me more so i got it hehe. got the VANS tanktop at only $10 from the first level. wanted to buy more stuffs at Bugis+ after berrylite but then rachel was rushing for time :( if not, i would have bought like 3 more apparels seriously hahaha (spendthrift mode on)

iPhone 5S 

went to changi city point after meeting rachel today, so we (my fam) headed to singtel after dinner to get my phone line switched over from M1 bc its cheaper. also, my 2 year contract was up so i could get  a new phone, but i didn't want to change my phone (SURPRISINGLY bc i'm always changing my phone in like 6 months). Galaxy Note 3 was recently launched so mummy decided to get that and then we sold it for $860 (i posted it online when my mum was at Singtel and this person wanted so yay deal within 4 hours)! my mum asked whether i wanted the money from the deal but i said nah, i rather take that money to invest in a new camera instead.
Since we were at changi city point, which is also located beside expo mrt, we went to expo for the last day of IT fair to look for cameras. thank god for the last day of IT fair lol bc idk when's the next. :/
walked around IT fair thinking of what to get and then i was so attracted by the new camera Olympus Ep-5 damn. it's so vintage-looking and similarly, i was looking for that kind of camera. :( it was rly pretty and the camera quality was one of the best among those i tried, i wanted it so badly god but it was so pricey zzz it was retailing at $1799. :'( (ok cries a thousand rivers) sigh, the size is perf too and everything's just perf but my mum said no bc it was so ex (more expensive than a dslr) :( 
damn sad, but baby don't worry i'll be coming back for you probably in a month's or a year's time. :(
Olympus Ep-5

CANON 100D (extra large picture bc new baby hehe) lightest dslr and the newest release in canon!

in the end, we bought a new canon dslr although i preferred the olympus one. bc it was cheaper + we got a lot of free things so it was super worth it. we were intending to send our canon 500d for repair tomorrow afternoon but the canon guy told us it was gonna cost at least $400-$500 plus that's a super old model (even though it got released 2 years ago) so my mum wanted to replace my current one. nevertheless, i'm still gonna cherish this dslr really well hehe. btw, its touch-screen so definitely better than my current one.

everything for just $999.00

my dad got me the first dslr at around $1300 for JUST the camera itself so this was way cheaper than the first one. the rest (apart from the camera itself) were al free hehe and i asked for a tripod stand so they also gave me a free one. the free stuffs included:
- 8 GB memory card
- 16 GB memory card
- Extra Battery pack
- Tripod Stand
- Camera Bag
- Cleaning kit
my mum and i felt that it was supa worth it and so we got it.

alright, done with my summary! gonna blog again soon i guess.
preparing mummy's bfast tmrw since i don't have school tmrw and then staying at home till 4 and accompanying mum to people's park to book our trip to tokyo in december!

till then xoxo

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