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 in need of a getaway // picture above taken enroute to switzerland //

time flies.
haven't been blogging for ten thousand years, and i miss blogging so much. :-( was so determined to blog once my exams are over, so here's a post!
i think the last time i blogged was before exams so it should be around september (?) i can't remember but it felt so long. today's post will be a summary on what i did during the pre-exam to post-exam period! oh wells, was only limited to 30 photos to post so here's some pictures to share (pictures are arranged from latest to newest, and i can't remember the dates so oh wells)

picture of me and my bro before my flight to paris on 13th June 2013! dug up this photo from my album recently and posted on Instagram, so i thought i would share. Before my flight, i also met up with jiaying and kailin for lunch @ lenas at tampines 1 and got my fisheye lens from there hehe 

exam period - was so busy mugging everyday its like a nightmare  :-( the first week was still pretty okay, but hell it got worst after emath paper 1 took over (or should i say, bio paper) and i swore exam period NEVER EVER felt so long. it was like never ending, papers after papers, but i'm so so so glad it's finally over. :') and i remembered how late i stayed up to study geog and chemistry, till 1am and i had to woke up at like 530 for school. my usual sleeping time was like 9pm-1130pm, omg it was such a horrible feeling seeing everyone else asleep when i couldn't. sigh at times like that i really felt that i should have studied earlier bc i was rushing everything into my head the night before ;( exams have never ever failed to make me feel like the world's dumbest person alive when i blank out during the paper sigh zzzzzzzz. I CAN'T EVEN EXPRESS HOW HAPPY I'M NOW!!!!!! and to those who are reading this and have other papers to take for the remaining few weeks, i wish y'all the best and nothing but the BEST! and to all the physics girls // art girls from kc, good luck and congrats, its gonna be your last day tomorrow! and you can get back all the FREEDOM you have been missing out for years.

kjeldsens butter cookies yum! definitely one of my fav butter cookies hehe

just a random shot taken while i was lying on my bed, reluctant to study for anything. 
my love for photography is never ending hehe (oh and if you look closely, you can see a tiny plane among the clouds) <<<<< photography in good use hahahaha

take-home-pack of Berrylite's yogurt - was super worth it bc it only costed me like $13.40 if i'm not wrong?!!?! & if you actually buy the smallest cup of yogurt, it costs like $2-$3 already and for the largest cup its like $5-$6! bought it on a thursday and i finished it on saturday/sunday. shared it with my family and my maid hehe and thank god for this since i was at home for the whole week, so something to snack on when i'm bored.

my berrylite yogurt [HEALTHY YOGURT] with bananas, kiwis and grapes. supa yummy :-)
oh and btw, Berrylite's yogurt is fat-free and only contains about 90 calories! but i don't think i would even care about how much calories a yogurt contain lol (bc to me every yogurt tastes nice in their own ways) sogurt, yami yogurt and berrylite are definitely my favs!

another yogurt from JCO'S! first time trying JCO's and it was not bad, although when i had my first try it tasted kinda gross. but subsequently, i guess it tasted like berrylite's so i still enjoyed eating it hehe. went to JCO last friday with jiaying and kailin on the last day of my exams :-) went to tampines 1 with them for topshop's friday night party, cos there was 20% off storewide from 7PM-9PM! but sadly, there weren't much things there but there were complimentary drinks and food, and not only that, there were several staffs walking around with their polaroid cameras and a basket full of props and accessories, so that anyone can take a polaroid picture if they want to! managed to get 2 polaroid films from the staffs and kailin didn't get any hehe. 

before going to tampines with the girls!
went to Astons after english lc papers with rachel, kailin, jiaying, tianyu and xiangyun :-) went to astons with akina and two days after with 6/9 of the clique before exams started! i'm always ordering hickory bbq chicken from astons bc i think its da best :-) the barbecue sauce is too irresistible! i like to order double fries bc it seems like i don't like anything else for side orders hahaha. i wouldn't mind coleslaw actually but the other time i ordered it when i was with akina it didn't taste nice bc it wasn't cold enough :( astons are one of my fav restaurants too, simply bc its good and there's no service charge/gst yezzzz.

forgot how long this was taken bc i haven't been going to the gym for running for maybe a month (?) ugh screwed my routine ever since exams started :-( now i feel out of shape (?idek?) and stamina probably  plunged down a lot, and of course, fats are back again :( i honestly prefer running outdoors though, running on the treadmill is really a dread sometimes bc it feels like you're getting nowhere no matter how far you run.......there's no sense of accomplishment or whatever, until you realise that you have ran 5km :[ oh and so, i went running with my mom on a sunday morning months ago at the park connector in simei, it felt like i've ran only 1km bc the road seems pretty short............but in the end, i ran about 3.65km so i guess its quite an accomplishment. :-) and yknow, people always say that running will release feel-good hormones or endorphins (?) or whatever you call it, "happy hormones", but i think the happiness you get isn't because of running, but the happiness you get when you've finally reached your goal for running a certain distance :/ i miss gyming so much, needa get back on my feet again soon!


//dinner at Marche's with Jiaying weeks ago//
my first time dining at marche's and i think it was okay, i won't mind going back there again to try out their rosti (which had a supa long queue for it). the food there was quite pricey so i didn't really know what to get bc i was feeling full that night :/ ordered 2 chicken wings eventually but the uncle was so nice he gave me 3 instead (yup he charged me the price for 2) so yay thank u :-) didn't thank him bc i couldn't hear what he was saying and jiaying told me after i left the counter :/ i was kinda suspicious of him though, bc good people doesn't seem to exist nowadays HAHAHA (see, this is what you get for being too nice sometimes im sorry)

Yami Yogurt this time round after Marche's hehe. i ordered the medium sized one with oreo crumbles hehe i think oreo crumbles are like one of the best things everrr. jiaying ordered something called banana float (?) idk but hers was pretty cheap cos it was only $4 with like 3 scoops of yogurt + a dash of fruit toppings + bananas + peanut toppings! but she took the last one so i couldn't order it :-(

my shopping loots of that day of town with jiaying hehe. got the dino set of pullover and shorts from flea @ scape, from a blogshop called @shopdaissy on instagram // shopdaissy.com if you would like to know more// got this set for $24 but idk why they are selling it at $32 on instagram? but i just checked out their instagram lol apparently they are selling the dino shorts for at $10 only! also ordered a pair of doc martens from them for $90 (low cuts)! 100% authentic and preorder. was supposed to arrive 3 weeks after we ordered but its already more than a month. i wouldn't really recommend this shop actually, bc the owner is kinda rude to not reply my questions about the delayed shipments and she have been warning her customers not to text her recently. :/ 
Got the bear top in white from Billabong (hehehe love billabong so much) at around $29.90 but it retails at $39.90! managed to get $10 off bc i got some voucher from somerset hehe. Got the black headband at the top of the pic from h&m for about $3-$4 and my iron man top for $19.90! the ironman top was from h&m KIDS and it's a boy's top! HAHA no idea why i bought it, but its kinda cute. Got the black top from h&m also for around $17.90 i guess? and last but not least, came home with my ipod nano 7 waiting for me! hahaha i went to expo with my bro, grandpa and mummy for food fair before i met this gal for shopping+dinner, so they went to the IT fair after i left and mummy got this ipod for me :') supa happy bc i've been thinking whether to get this (bc i own too many gadgets i feel kinda guilty sometimes) :/ but yay hehe afterwards that night, bro spent around 3 hours helping me download songs into the iPod :-) #blessed

wearing my dino shorts the following friday after school! super cute hehe i haven't worn the pullover yet bc the weather have never gave me the chance to :-( i wonder how badly would people judge me if i wore the whole set out...................

trying out my ipod nano the next day hehe when i was on the way to the temple :-)
oh and i guess i haven't mentioned before, i love bruno mars! well i liked him ever since i fell in love with When I Was Your Man, idk but i just love that song so much it have been one of my favs. :)

just trying to be a photographer while walking home HAHAHA kidding, i got bored cos the road seemed so long and far away :-(

received my class tee not long ago :] but they changed the tee for 2014 instead of 2013 :( sigh which means the same class tee for both years :( its in ash grey colour btw *~*

ok so i finally tried out the banana-peanutbutter-bread on a saturday morning! just wholemeal bread, peanut butter over it and bananas over it :) its yummy ok + its healthy! saw some of the fitness pages groups i followed on instagram posting this so i thought hey it looks nice so why not try it hehe. on the side note, this was probably the first time i've eaten peanut butter after 1 or 2 years, bc i used to put nutella or tuna spread instead of peanut butter on my bread :( 

nuggets i ordered from macs (delivery bc lazy) during the exam period before amath paper :-) omg it looks so super tempting rn i can't even :(

omg friday session with the girls after tampines with em last friday!!!! h2h talk + basketball session god i love them so much :') it was so fun and i felt like dying playing bball bc i haven't worked out for so long :( super fun but super tiring i swear o m g. cropped out half of jy's face bc it looks weird to show her whole face idk why since she's at the front :/ yay to happy friday `~` 

some unglam-ness to share hehe

mini gym session for less than 10 mins with em after bball hehe jiaying was playing with the ball for the whole time.........she was like rolling with it HAHAHA kailin and i kept asking her wtf she was doing but she just kept rolling at the back.......meanwhile, back to lifting since i haven't been lifting for such a long time ):

yesterday's ootd ft gay tumbler from jorine
 (look at my uneven thighs they are so ugly wtf)
ok so
went to tampines with my mum and bro while my sister was having tuition (thank god) and ikea afterwards! rushed home at around 615pm from tampines cos we made reservations at music dreamer live cafe! omg i think i'm the only person who goes to that cafe among everyone i know. bc i don't think half of the singaporeans know that such places actually exist / most of them just don't like chinese songs. i have a thing for chinese songs bc my family have been listening to it since i was damn young, so yep hehe we get to listen good music + listen to jokes + we get to eat dinner and supper there :-) i love going to that place, my mum suggested to go there cos my exams are over. reached home at around 12am, and went to sleep after washing up hehe. long day but a fruitful bonding time with da fam. :-)

me and my bro at mdlc last night hehe his not-ready-for-a-pic face

 egglets bought back from my mum after she brought my sis out today hehe
(last pic of the post)

okay i think i've spent more than a hour blogging and its time to stop since i don't have anymore pictures to share. :-( have summarised what i've done recently hehe.
and on the side note, there's a clique outing tomorrow hehe yaaaaaaaay so glad. and 7/9 of us are attending so its pretty good already so yay :-) another bball session and maybe gym sesh with them, and going ikea for dinner afterwards. so psyched for tomorrow hehe i hope 
1) it doesn't rain
2) no one steals our bball court
3) everyone will be happy
omg this is like the first few clique outings so yezzzz.
more excited for holidays, which starts 19 days later.
wish me luck for my results hahaha (damn)

ok bye everyone,
till then xx


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