at Paris, France.
feeling nostalgic as time pass by. 
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271013, Sunday

/what am i supposed to do when the best part of me was always you/

finally made some time to blog, so here's another post. :)
finally finished watching Who Are You (kdrama) yesterday and i rate it 8/10 cos it was good overall but the ending kinda sucked so yup. gosh i love the casts so much i can't even……but it was quite sad though cos i cried a few times in episode 14 and 15. :( Also, finished watching The Heirs episode 6 just now and i can't wait for episode 7 which will be released this coming thursday (sigh so long). akina have been bugging me to watch The Master's Sun but it sounds like shit so maybe no hahaha.
Anyway, school ended on the 22nd of October but the sec3s have to attend structured lessons (which means school per usual) for another week. anyway, structured lessons are ending this coming tuesday so yay. Bio SPA on monday and then Chem SPA on tuesday. Physics SPA's on wednesday and bio girls like me don't have to attend school but ms yap wants math lesson on that day so sigh we have to come back. On the side note, i'm also gonna attend the biomedical competition trainings which is taking place on the 1st/5th/6th of November. ((there goes my break))
i hope to clear my 100hours of CIP by 7 November and then look for a job after that. :/ god please let me find a job bc i'm so broke. :( 
-structured lessons take place in sec4 classes and i've been feeling so nostalgic sigh i can't believe O's is in a year's time. Time really flies, it feels like i've just entered kc as a sec 1 yesterday……..

alright, gonna let the pictures do the talking first before i start sharing something.

something my brother got for the family (including my maid hahaha). idk, i've got very little pictures to share so i'm sharing this sigh. this is my own board in my study room btw. well so i thought it was pretty nice so i hung it up hehe.

omg Jpot for dinner yesterday yay it was da bomb. all the seafood and the meat omg the steamboat is the best there. went there with my fam, about 5 of us in total and we bombed around $174 /: quite pricey but i guess it was worth it bc its jpot hehe. the prawns there are like the best (used to be) i'm not even kidding. the first few times i went, the prawns were all super huge but they are like so tiny now so sigh, not that good anymore. :( Anyway, Jpot is located in Tampines 1 beside Daiso and there's also another branch in Vivo city hehe.

(ok some promotion on the board i saw in the restaurant yesterday)
High Tea Hotpot Special
Monday-Friday, 2pm-5pm
$9.80++ per person* (* t&c apply)
Selected Hotpot Items at only $3 each*
$1.50 free flow soft drinks for students* (u.p $3.80)

hehe time to drag some friends there for high tea…..

huge load of food given by charmaine omg look at the amount of food………….heh and the 1 page long letter. so sweet of a junior though :') 

11 packets of chocolate chip cookies for my friends hehe. and i got jiaying's and kailin's packets mixed up so lol fml.

here's the picture of the chocolate chip cookies hehe. honestly the 1st batch was so much better bc they were really chocolate chips cookies while the 2nd batch which i gave out were more like chocolate cookies. sigh, should have baked everything for the 1st batch.

some reading while waiting for my cookies to be done. omg i have to finish reading this book, i think i took like 3-4 months already :( and i still have the book pigu gave me in sec one omg I HAVEN'T FINISHED READING……………………………………..

some mini cupcakes which tasted so good i had to take a picture hehe.

ham and egg wholemeal sandwich which i made for my mum on another morning when i didn't have to attend school. :) she ate one at home and then took the other to work hehe. ( i guess my passion for cooking and baking finally came back omg )

my doctor martens!!!!!!!!!!!
hehehehe it arrived on tuesday like FINALLY omg. not gonna buy anything from shopdaissy anymore bc they are so slow. :-( the shoes were supposed to arrive so much earlier man.
anyway, hehe they are low cuts in cherry red (hard leather) sigh wanted soft leather but they didn't have soft leather for this color. :( hehe can't wait to wear this baby out. *inserts 10 hearts*

finally had lunch with akina after ages omg it had been more than a month since we last dined together………so back at pastamania again last week ( can't remember which day ) so yay hehe. oh i remembered, it was last monday cos i remembered i was so full after lunch i almost puked when i returned home. :(

on wednesday, akina came over after school to bake hehehe so here's our attempt at baking lemon cupcakes omg personally i think it tasted so good!!! except the frosting lol it was super super super sweet. we baked 12 cupcakes in total and i was left with 0 by the next day. :'(
anyway, both of us went home and we created an online shop HAHAHAHAHAHA. its @thebakingcode on instagram so do show your support ya hahahaha sigh this is such a joke :( anyway, quote "me2" upon ordering for free topping hehehe. 

on the side note, i have another blogshop on instagram @skullsnb0ne which opened on the 8th of November 2012 hehe.

so many resolutions before 2014,
hope i complete them on time.

till then xoxo, 

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