cold weather in the morning yesterday so i finally got a chance to wear my pullover out. for those who didn't know, i really hate dread wearing pullovers out bc singapore's weather is already hot enough. anyway, back to the galaxy nails again. ((should've painted lilac purple for my nails sigh, regrets))

13 November, Wednesday 131113 // 10:49am.

#nowplaying - do you? (yiruma)
gosh i love yiruma so much bc his songs are the best and probably the pianist i idolize most. and also, listening to his songs always make me feel so much better. looking for his album since forever :(
here are the links to my favorite pieces: <Kiss The Rain> <River Flows In You> probably a familiar song to all of us, since its kinda popular.
I hope this cheers you up if you're having a bad day today.

Gonna share some reviews today cos i've nothing else to share.
Have been watching quite a few dramas lately. ((its gonna waste your time))
1. The Master's Sun

a drama that i never had any intention to watch, but really thank heavens that i did because it was so good. i never really watched dramas early in the year bc i had no time to, but whatever cos i'm going to rate this the best korean drama in 2013. the best drama in 2012, to me, was secret garden. 
i got so bored on a sunday night that i decided to watch the first episode of this drama (without any intention of continuing after that) but i watched it till the end anyway. I really find the female lead unattractive but her acting skills are good. and for the male lead, hehe god i love him so much cos he's so cute, especially when he says "get lost" in the drama. watched the entire drama in a week and i'd rate it 9.5/10! this drama is really worth your time. (‐^▽^‐)

2. I Hear Your Voice

a drama which i've finished watching yesterday ( a total of 18 episodes ) i'd rate it 8/10! okay the female lead's not really attractive also but the guy on the right is SO cute. Both guys are from Secret Garden so i was familiar with them hehe. learnt a lot of things from this drama so i love it a lot, although i find it kinda ridiculous for the female lead to be with the guy on the right, when their age gap is like almost 10 years apart. (or less than/more than idk) (─‿‿─) also a drama worth watching hehe.

i'm also currently watching The Heirs, waiting for episode 11 to be out tomorrow, Golden Rainbow (UEE and Jung Il Woo omg I'm dying), On call II (yesss) and I'm waiting for Pretty Man (IU and Jang geun suk omg) and Melody of love.
so this is what happens when you're stuck at HOME, ALONE, all day all night.
i think i need to do some reading instead.

day out with jiaying + Charlie T's reviews
went out with jiaying last week (or was it 2 weeks before) i can't even remember. :( anyway, we just met up for a late lunch at about 3pm+ at katong and left at around 6-7pm-ish. wanted to try out the cafes around katong but we settled our lunch at i12 instead bc we couldn't decide which cafe/restaurant to go to. we were walking around the mall looking for something to eat when we came across this restaurant and both of us were like "hey i want to try this" and so went in. I think the ambience there is quite good, i like the lighting and there weren't any people around (probably bc no one really eats lunch /dinner at 330pm) wanted to just leave looking at the menu cos i thought it was pretty expensive (i saw the chocolate molten lava cake selling for $10 when its only a slice wtf)

[picture credits to google] this is how the restaurant looks like from the outside, kinda easy to spot at i12 bc its kinda near the escalator.
had a hard time deciding what to eat bc there were limited choices to choose from. in the end, i ordered the original recipe (1/4 chicken) and jiaying ordered the black pepper chicken. They had no GST/Service charge as far as i can remember, because you order straight from the counter and make your payment there. (but its also not self service though) anyway, mine was $15.50 in total inclusive of 2 side dishes - i chose garlic fried rice and some potato salad (which came in later so i didn't take a picture). oh god, i don't even want to talk about the fried rice bc its like the worst fried rice I've ever eaten in my entire life. theres this strong taste of (idk-what) in it, and it tastes so gross. jiaying said it was okay but idk, i just feel that it taste like shit. (ok maybe I'm a fussy eater lol i admit that) but seriously it isn't worth the try. i don't know why i ordered the potato salad even though i don't really like "boiled" potatoes. but i guess its because french fries weren't included in the side dishes and it was like $7 for french fries if you were to order separately. the chicken was okay though, it tasted like the normal roasted chicken so i'd just rate it 50/100 since it tasted normal and nothing special. but i like the yellow sauce on the right though and i couldn't stand the sauce on the left while jiaying said the yellow sauce doesn't taste nice and she preferred the red one so we exchanged our sauces hahaha. okay, never gonna come back here again unless I'm not here for the main dishes.
sigh, i want to try brownice, veganburg and all the other cafes around singapore :( 
can i just be a food critic.
went to marble slab after that for desserts hehe. we shared the banana split and it was around $13-$14 i guess. tried red velvet ice cream for the first time and I must say, its quite nice! we ordered red velvet, chocolate and strawberry. the hot fudge on top of them were so good hehe. we continued talking after that before leaving that place. while we were waiting for our bus, we spotted another restaurant so we are gonna give it a try the next time we come here. :-)
finally collected my new watch from the post office last tuesday before heading to my grandma's. ordered this from TickInTorque btw, you can find their link in google. bombed $70 for this oh god i need to start saving up. 
The name for this watch is "Pier In Cream" i forgot (oops). their service is super fast and item was delivered within few days. 
din tai fung with mummy and bro at paragon last thursday 7Nov13 to celebrate bro's birthday. i bet his birthday was a super boring one bc he ended school at like 5pm and had to wait for both of us at paragon for 2 hours. anyway, we decided to eat at paragon since its the first din tai fung outlet and it was supposedly to be the "best" among all the other outlets. we ate kinda little cos there weren't much to order and i think it costed around $57. got my gongcha after that and we walked over to takashimaya to shop. got my mini doughnuts there and started snacking on them at like 9pm+ wtf. hahaha mum bought the penguin coffee maker there and we took a train to bugis. looked for pigu at ewf and handed her my work and left, well waited for the taxi for about 40 minutes lol we almost went crazy and the cab fare was like $20+??! anyway, happy birthday bro!
mummy's birthday is tomorrow and I'm meeting jiaying in the afternoon and i think i need to look for mummy's present before i join her for birthday dinner hehe. 
really not looking forward to 15 November, cos i can vividly remember what happened exactly a year ago and how much of a hell I've been through after that day. hell. 
painted my toe nails lilac purple hehe ive no idea why I'm beginning to like lilac purple wtf i hated purple so much?! like to the core, i didn't even have any belongings that is purple in color lol can you believe it. used to hate green too but i began to like it, whats with me. 
is this supposed to be a good thing, since I'm liking what i used to dislike.
cip last sunday at church of the holy family with a small group of 305-ers in the morning from 740 till 12pm in the noon. was so tired cos i only had 4 hours of sleep that night and the work was s u p e r boring i almost fell asleep. 
day out with akina + macs ebi burger reviews
finally went out with akina yesterday and we met at 11:10am to watch thor at tampines. i really like watching movies at around 10-11am bc that's when the cinema is "quite empty". Thor was kinda disappointing bc i expected it to be really nice and was looking forward to it so much. despite that, i really like luke cos i thought he was kinda cute hehe. and funny.
after our movie we headed to macs to try out the new ebi burger that has been launched recently. okay i must say that its one of my favorites now bc it tastes like tempura. gonna go back soon to try the banana pie and the black sesame ice cream.
went to ntuc to get some ingredients before heading back home w akina to bake again. heres our attempt at the regular red velvet cupcake with cream cheese hehe. well we also baked chocolate chip cookies again and we almost threw away the whole dough bc the first batch failed (although we've no idea what went wrong fml) but akina saved the dough with the flour so yay it got back to normal. still left with 8 mini cupcakes in the fridge hehe. 
brought back some cookies for my grandma after the last batch was cleared up at around 7pm. reached grandma's at around 730, ate dinner and left at around 820. uncle came as soon as we were about to leave so we met them at the corridor and grandma started handing them the cookies so everyone was standing around the corridor for like 10 minutes talking about the cookies…………..
gonna bake some more for all of them and pass to them on sunday hehe. wanna try pandan cake the next time but its gonna be so hard.

till then xoxo.

cheryl (✿◠‿◠)

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