"a miracle is called a miracle because it happens." - quoted from 'the suspicious housekeeper'.

291113 // 10:25pm.
finished watching the suspicious housekeeper on Tuesday after 20 episodes. this drama was quite interesting and i'd rate it 7/10. I really love hye gyeol from that drama because she's so cute. think I'm going to also stop watching Golden Rainbow cos its getting super boring but I really want to see UEE and Il Woo - they haven't appeared in that drama even though I've watched till episode 7.
Anyway, time to really start on my homework (even though I gave up on it and went to sleep just now)..... Alright, gonna blog about what I've been doing for the past week(s).
[i'm going to blog about the things I can remember]
Tuesday, 26 November 2013
met afiqah on tuesday at 12:30pm at tampines and we bought tickets for Make Your Move - starring boA and Derek Hough. I felt that it was a good movie because boa's dancing skills were like wtf so good..................and Derek's too. Because there were so many dancing scenes and the music was really high I felt so high during the movie fml. Well, I never knew how boA looked like because I didn't really bother about her existence but she's so pretty & her figure's so nice wtf.
Make Your Move
btw, this movie feels like HSM because this guy looks like Zac Efron cos their hair and body look alike (back then in HSM)
on the side note, there are so many good movies coming out and fml I wanna watch every single one of them. We ate at Swensen's for lunch and I ordered Grilled Chicken Salad cos I ate breakfast before I left the house to meet her. never gonna order this again....................................................
Left tampines mall and went to get gongcha before leaving that place for paya lebar. was due for 2 meetups there at 4:30pm so I left tampines about 4pm. Met this seller (Keely) there to collect my necklace which I ordered, and we kinda chatted for a few minutes even though we barely knew each other. Waited for like 45 minutes for this buyer omfg she turned up at 5:17pm...............waited for super long but she kept apologizing for it so I let it go. Went to grandma's right after that and left at around 8:20pm.
Oh and have I mentioned that I bought a lot of things from carousell lately omg i'm like super broke already!!!! :-( Bought a studded wallet for $10, a charm for $12.90, a holographic pouch for $14, floral sneakers, denim skater skirt for $10, grey bandage skirt for $5, marc Jacobs necklace for $32, a tassel knit fringe bag for $16...
and that doesn't even include what I spend for my weekly shopping.
mum's friend's daughter, Trisha/Tricia (?) gave me a pack of cookie snack also and oh my goodness can you even see how cute this is? The cookies were so cute and it tasted good also. Did I mention that I really love MLP hehehehe (actually only the pink one).

Monday, 25 November 2013
met akina last Monday at around 12pm-1pm ish and we took the shuttle bus to ccp for lunch. took a lot of photos when we were coming back omfg about 80 photos I think..................

we went ajisen ramen for lunch and we both ordered the spicy chashu ramen! personally, I didn't think it was nice so I'm not gonna order this again. the thing is, there weren't even any spice to it....


 finally received my handmade charm from NVCB - I ordered this from carousell but they have it on instagram also. all the charms are customized so I chose the color and designs for myself. the bestsellers were also nice but I didn't want to spend too much on things like accessories because I don't really feel the need to waste on such useless stuffs....but since the last time I bought a bracelet/charm was last year, I thought why not hehe.
I love the own design I picked but the bracelet is quite tight for me because I think I measured wrongly......its about 14cm around.
hehe with grandpa soo on sunday after dinner
bought a chanel necklace for mummy last last Thursday for her birthday on 14 nov - also spent half the day with jiaying before that in bugis and town hehe. really enjoyed myself that day because I was so busy (I enjoy myself more when im busy doing the things I like doing). we shopped at bugis for quite a long time and went to somerset & walked to taka to get the necklace and then walked to far east to get a haircut hehehe. I remembered there were many salons in far east the last time I went...so I suggested that we go there to have a look. and really, there were quite a few hair salons there so yay. we looked around for salons offering a reasonable rate for a haircut - most of them wanted to charge us $38 looking at our hair length, but thank heavens we managed to bump into a salon which offered $15/haircut for secondary school students. all the hairdressers were ladies so we went in and also washed our hair + blow dry for only $25!!!
$25 is absolutely reasonable when you get a haircut + wash & dry in town. Moreover, the promotion rates for members are crazy omfg $18 each time you come to have a hair cut and this includes wash & dry - and you get to do free rebonding/curl anytime you want and the 8th time you come for a haircut you get it free. its definitely a steal!
HIGHEST HAIR & BEAUTY SALON - I would highly recommend it if you would like to get a haircut with your friend or anyone at a reasonable price. im not sure about the online reviews about this salon but im definitely going back there before school reopens!
14 Scotts Road #03-18 Far East Plaza Singapore 228213
Tel: 6738 8958 / 6738 8959
my stylist was FEN - she's super friendly too!
super happy after my haircut because I got a lot of hair out (meaning I thinned it).

streetlights at clementi!!!
did I mention that I really love travelling down to the west area sometimes because I feel that no one would recognize me there so I feel more carefree hehehe. even though Singapore is so TINY, travelling down to the west area feels different.....or maybe its just me.
anyway, I met jiaying last Friday at city hall for lunch at bibigo Korean restaurant! its pretty good hehe I ordered kimchi fried rice and it was so good. im definitely going back there again when I'm near city hall!!! hehe. its at raffles city btw (basement).
left city hall around 4pm to meet a seller at bukit batok to collect my bag...........so I went down to jurong east, took the red line and reached bukit batok. went looking around for buses in bukit batok interchange that goes to clementi and was quite lost there so I called my uncle to ask. finally, took the bus and travelled down to west coast plaza! missed my stop cos I was too engrossed in reading my book and listening to my song oops so I got off at the next stop and had to walk back........bought some food and went to look for my six aunty. rae and ean greeted me at the door as soon as I reached hehe can they stop being so cute already :-( aunt came after that and we went to dinner together at Paradise Inn. cabbed home after that with my six aunty all the way from clementi to simei..........
on the side note, I really love travelling alone in buses sometimes and reading a book & listening to music at the same time because it makes me feel so relaxed........and it gives me time to think. hehe.

 got the left picture when I took picture of it in my six aunty's room while waiting for her to prepare everything. so the me back then (left picture) was only 5 months old and look at how fat I was (actually still am)!!!!! six aunty haven't changed this photo since 15 years ago....she left it beside her bed all this time and ean's and rae's photos aren't even there (oops I feel bad for them).
I decided to collage it with the most glam photo I could find in my gallery that was taken this year - the photo I took on the morning of my birthday!
so that was me at 5 months old and the me now at 15 years old.
time really flies and look at how old both of us have become.........
alright till then! xoxo,


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