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⚛ RED ⚛
 Since it was my first time dyeing my hair yesterday I thought I wanted to at least share my experience here and I MUST also thank all the bloggers who gave their reviews on this hair dye because I was contemplating about it for a really long time. I managed to spend more than 8 hours to read SOME of the reviews online before I was reassured that this brand is trustable (lol don't judge me, I have serious trust issues sometimes) So here goes my first dyeing experience with Rachel!

We bought the L'Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion hair dye - P56 Intense Violet Red  for $18.85 from NTUC fairprice - I think you can get it at any nearby supermarkets though. (shit in fact its not really easy to find because most of the shops only sell the excellence cream and not this)
P56 Intense Violet Red
 we didn't plan on getting this though, we wanted intense ruby red instead but this was the last box of Violet Red available - Ruby Red was out of stock & the others were Sapphire Black and Intense Copper Red. Violet Red sounds nicer in a sense and it was the last bottle so we bought it!
I dyed the hair for Rachel first because I wanted to see how the red looked like on black hair. it wasn't my first time dyeing hair for someone though, because I used to dye my dad's hair for him (sigh the good ol' times) BUT it was my first time dyeing my hair. I hesitated for a zuper long time before I decided to dye it because I didn't want to lose my natural hair colour, didn't want to dye it back to black because my natural hair colour isn't black and I was worried that the chemicals will damage my hair since it was damaged a year ago.
The instructions were all easy to understand. You need to mix 2 of the solutions given, shake them, change the cap, put on your gloves and your safety equipment [a towel/newspaper put around you so that the dye won't stain your top] and you're good to go!
Since Rachel was pretty scared in the beginning (because she wanted only the "dip-dye"effect on her hair so she only wanted her ends to be red), we kinda dyed it the wrong way because she let down her hair infront instead of the back, so it was pretty hard to make sure that the dye was "even".
So this was how the first attempt looked like - INDEED, only the ends were dyed and if you can see, its actually only the "V" shaped that was colored. The red came out pretty fast and she was spazzing about her red ends the entire time and appreciating it under the sunlight.....
my professional skill level: 98% *claps*
the waiting time for all these were too long, since you have to wait for 30 minutes before you wash off the dye. and once you wash it, you have to also wait for awhile until the water to run clear on your head (that was the worst part, goodness.) and after all that washing up, you have to apply protective conditioner and leave it on for 2 minutes before washing everything away again. and FINALLY, you have to wait for your hair to dry (lol my hairdryer died) before the red finally comes out.
So Rachel dyed my hair after that and since there were some leftovers, I dyed Rachel's hair again, this time up to her shoulders. I don't have any pictures of that since its in her phone but it came out pretty good so she was satisfied with it. [again, professional skill level: 99% tadah!]
THE SADDEST PART - the dye didn't work on my hair. like there weren't any strands of red hair, NOT EVEN ONE. I was utterly disappointed because NTUC's located quite far away and the dye isn't that cheap either. ಥ_ಥ
I couldn't even express how disappointed I felt at that time because it took me a long time before the water ran clear on my head and I shampooed my hair for like 2 times after that. I was like UGH...
I think its because the dye was left there for about an hour that's why the colour was different by the time she dyed for me. because I remembered that the dye was in a orange-red color when I first dyed her hair but it was maroon-red color when I dyed for her again.
this was my hair colour BEFORE I dyed it - yes my hair wasn't entirely black, it was more of a copper-red color. some people said that my hair is reddish brown under the light and yay I really love my natural hair colour but I guess its good for a change sometimes.
And so, we walked over to NTUC again to look for dyes..................but they didn't have any for sale. So I tried my luck by going to the cosmetic shop nearby. THANK HEAVENS, because I managed to find violet red and also ruby red!!!!PLUS, it was only at $12.90!!!
mixed feelings because I really wanted to punch someone when I saw the price because NTUC is selling it at $18.85 wtf the difference / but I was like "omg thank god" because I didn't want to waste another $18.85 by buying another box....
in the end I chose ruby red since violet red didn't really work well on my hair...and I wanted ruby red originally so yup.
I'm really satisfied with my hair color now because the shade of red is really nice hehehe and its only day 2 so I hope the red gets nicer overtime. no pictures for now because I wanted to post it only when I think the red has completely developed! that will probably take a week though.
finally done with my reviews hehe I'd definitely come back for red again after O's next year!!
and also, I am halfway done with my summary-of-the-week post and its in my drafts for now, gonna edit it and post it up soon.
till then!!!!! xoxo,

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