good vibes


i'm finally back with a happy post!

i know my recent blogposts have been a dread, because they are sad & full of pessimism :( and i'm back again after a lack of updates due to constant procrastination! 

how has the holidays been for you all so far?
March has been treating me good and i'm so so so so grateful. (✿◠‿◠)

((picture spam))

{ taken at a church, on 1 March 2014 }
spent the first day of march with the girls at mr tan's wedding ceremony (or whatever you call it). This isn't the only picture taken (there were quite a few) but i'm lazy to post all, so i just randomly picked one from my gallery. So happy for Mr Tan ( and Mrs Tan ), i hope they would be happy forever ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

{ taken on 9 march, at edwin's birthday party }

{toast box last saturday with my grandparents and mom after MTPS }

{ first try at The Soup Spoon with my mum 2 days ago - ordered pumpkin soup hehe & i love the bread next to it, it's damn good }

{half wrap of some chicken wrap………..i forgot the name of it}

{a photo with the christmas tree because it matches my skirt hehe}
so i went house viewing last saturday again with my family at tampines. and this unit was super gorg i'm not even kidding, apparently the owners spent $200k on the renovation for the house because they wanted the house to be victoria-princess-themed (okay i've no idea how i made up this term but basically they wanted it to be really vintage and princess themed) 
it's kinda amazing how the living room is converted into a big dining hall with huge chairs and tables (it looked like a conference room lol)

finally wore my new balance shoes out! my first pair of new balance and probably the last because i'm not a huge fan of new balance (never was) i'm a die-hard and hardcore nike fan but i loved the colors of this pair of shoes, especially the color of the shoelaces! 

The holidays have been kinda hectic because i'm busy doing so many things everyday ( but it's fun hehe ) 
i'm enjoying the holidays so far and i'll update when i'm free. 

GOODBYE, and enjoy the rest of your holidays!!!

ᕙ( ^ₒ^ c)

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