mundane life


Hi guys! sorry for the lack of updates (sorry not sorry hahahaha) but this will probably be my last post till....june. Exams have been taking a toll on me sigh, i'm honestly so tired of having to do revisions everyday. All the papers have been shit so far, i don't even know what else to expect for the remaining papers :( whatever, just going to sit for the exams.
sorry for the ugly photo, it's my only photo here in my new macbook oops and it's 9:02am now and i'm suffering from a massive headache while typing this :(
Nothing much to update since i just felt a need to fill up this space a little!

On the side note, good luck for your MYE and don't forget to drink lots of water and take care of yourselves! (the weather here has been horrendous) 

Till then!

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