happy mother's day


And it’s finally Mother’s Day, 

so HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to the most beautiful and amazing woman in the world!

Happy Mother’s Day sister! (Calling you ‘sister’ would make you feel younger right? Right.) (Actually no, that would make me sound so old, so no.)

Dedicating to you my mother’s day note here on my blog because i don’t wanna write it out in a card, reason wise:
1. I’ve no time because i’m studying for my exams (look at how hardworking your daughter is!)
2. You’d probably throw my card to neverland after reading it
3. I’ve never dedicated a post to you in my blog

4. I don’t know when you would be reading this, so *surprise*

Anyway, i just want to thank you for everything you've done for us, for me and for the entire family. I'd say "there's no way i can ever pay you back for all you've done" but no i'm not going to say that because i'm very sure that i'm going to make sure that you live well with me in the future. 
Gonna work my ass off and get a doctor's cert and let you live in bliss forever. Yay, sounds great right? Yup, it's a plan. PLAN = A STEP TO GOAL!

Just wait and see, your daughter will succeed. 

(well, if she stops dreaming)

Thanks for putting up with my nonsense for the past 16 years of your life ever since i was born and putting up with my bad temper everyday. Well honestly, i'm not good in expressing and i'm so tempted to be sarcastic with all my words but since it's mother's day, i shall not. :) 

I know these past few years have been tough on you, but i just want you to know that you're the strongest woman in my life. You've overcome many things in life & you're just so so so strong. I hope you'll remain that way, but don't keep everything to yourself. You can confide in your daughter y'know, she's a damn good listener (i'm serious)! Whatever it is, i know life have been taking a toll on you & you've been struggling to balance with the weight of the world (our burdens) on your shoulders all this time, but rest assured, because your "big girl" is going to grow up soon and share those burdens with you.

Alright, you just need to know that i'm FINE and i know what i'm doing 100% of the time, so you don't have to constantly worry for me (worry for your son and younger daughter instead!).

All in all, Happy Mother's Day to the most fabulous and amazing mother in this world, i'd never trade you for anything else even if you go bankrupt, old and unwanted (We want you!)

Happy mother's day.

I love you.

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