flickering thoughts


"why is she dressed in such a weird way?"
"why does he look so sneaky?"
"why are people staring?"
"why are all guys jerks?"
"why are some people so desperate?"
"why do some people try so hard for?"
"why am i so lazy?"
"why am i not even trying?"
"why am i still living?"
"why do i exist?"

do thoughts like these run through your mind all day?

because they do, for me.

i feel like there's just too many questions running through my mind all day. it feels as if all these questions are runners that are running to finish a marathon in my head.
the thing is, where are all these questions leading to?

honestly i can come up with so many things to blog about a day. probably about 20+ different topics/day, but that would be impossible because such a lazy bum like me wouldn't do it.

sometimes i wonder if these questions will suddenly stop & that i'll have a moment of peace. when that comes, i'd probably stop wondering why.

hahaha, i don't even know why i'm blogging about this. wait, i don't even know what i'm talking about.

sorry you had to read this.

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