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hello guys, i'm finally back with updates & photos!
i'm aware that i haven't been blogging much lately and i really really missed being able to but most of the time I'm too busy or i get lazy to. Blogging is almost always on my mind because i think of so many things to blog about when I'm not. I guess I've just too many thoughts running in my mind all day.
Dear anon on my ask.fm who asked me when i was gonna update my blog, here you go! and because you requested "with pictures please", I've uploaded 8 photos here. And you said "must be more happy please".....i guess i'll try. 

Alright, so here i start.

for today's post i'm blogging about what happened recently, like around the end of may up till today. Honestly, june have been really bad so far but I'm still hoping for it to be a little bit better as the days go on.........yes, still hoping. The month of june have always been my favourite so far because its my birthday month, its summer & its the holidays! i know we have summer 365 days here in singapore, but the point here is - summer shopping! oh wait, but then again, i realised it has been raining almost everyday ever since the month of june.

okay....gonna start posting my photos.
Heaving a sigh of relief as I'm glad that the bad & busy are finally over. well, at least for now.....

this was taken on the last day of may, a dinner date with my brother at pizza hut. my ultimate favourite food, PIZZA! i used to think i could just live my life eating pizza for all 3 meals and never ever getting sick of it, but I'm starting to get sick of it because I've been eating it so often recently. :( Or maybe its just because i don't have the appetite for anything now....sigh. Anyway, this was dinner for both of us. Wanted to order ben&jerry's ice cream for dessert too but then we decided to try out new stalls around tampines. There were only 2 of us for dinner because the rest of the family attended a party which was held by our relatives, and we didn't want to go for the party due to our exams. And my brother won some free pizza from some stupid Facebook contest that was held by pizza hut and it had to be redeemed by 1st june, so i voluntarily took this offer as a birthday present from pizza hut :-) We ordered a regular pan sized hawaiian pizza, seafood platter for appetiser and pesto gusto from the signature series. To be honest, i don't really like the pizzas from the signature series. I tried the hawaiian one the last time and it couldn't even par with my all-time-fav-hawaiian-pizza. The pesto gusto was a little bit disappointing because it tasted so...ordinary. I think i'd prefer eating dr oetker's frozen pizza instead. :( Anyway, the food took almost an hour to come & i was so happy eating my fav hawaiian pizza because it has been too long since i ate the original. i couldn't remember the pan being so greasy, but the taste was still there and that's all that matters :) 
oh and, I've some coupons left from pizza hut and it has to be redeemed before 10 june if i want so i think i'll be ordering pizzas again these few days......i think i should live in pizza island. :-)

[pardon me here, I'm a food critic wannabe]
Next, we went for 320 below for ice cream! if you do not already know, 320 below's ice cream is made up of NITROGEN. yes, literal shit, nitrogen. 320 below's the first nitro cream cafe in Singapore, and it's ice cream/yogurt/sorbet is made with liquid nitrogen. Their products have no flavourings, preservatives, emulsifiers or stabilisers, and are low in sugar - which makes it really healthy and clean! 
My brother ordered the salted caramel + nutella ice cream [top] while i chose the peanut butter + horlicks ice cream [bottom]. we were told that the salted caramel and nutella combination were one of the most popular combinations. My combination wasn't on the menu because i chose my combinations myself. I can't remember how much we paid because my brother paid for everything but i think it's around 11 bucks? Wouldn't consider it cheap but i don't know whether its overpriced either. 
But you could see them make the ice cream right in front of your eyes, which i thought was pretty cool because i never knew that you could make ice cream with nitrogen. 
The verdict?
I think mine was probably the best ice cream I've ever tasted so far, but i don't know how accurate it is to say that it is the best because i haven't tried so many more ice cream cafes around singapore. but the peanut butter was so rich which i instantly fell in love with because I'm a peanut butter lover (oops). oh, and i topped my ice cream with oreo crumbles too! it felt like i was eating cold peanut butter but the taste was mild and not too strong. it wasn't too sweet either! i tried my brother's salted caramel+nutella but i didn't really like it. I found it too sweet and i couldn't even taste the nutella. Maybe its because i don't fancy caramel............but my brother said his was nicer than mine though. Oh well, different taste!
But if you would like to try/check it out:

 10 Tampines Central 1 
#B1-32 Tampines 1
Singapore 529536
Tel: 6555 6341

went to marriott cafe @ marriott hotel for high tea buffet on my birthday. ate macs for lunch beforehand already and i ate so so so so much during the buffet until i was almost crying in pain when i stopped. this picture was taken while i was resting after eating. tbh, the food there weren't that good so i wouldn't even bother talking about it. I remembered i couldn't even sleep that night because i was too full and i had difficulty lying down (HAHAHA gosh) My stomach was so painful and uncomfortable for the next few days...sigh.

picture taken outside gleneagles before reaching the hotel :) 
so i'll talk about what happened after my birthday......
took the chinese o'level paper on monday and i fell sick on tuesday. Went to NUH to visit a friend and then i started vomiting on my way home. i stopped several times while travelling on the train because i had to go to the toilet, and there was this time when i started puking on the train and so i had to get out again and clean myself on the platform. i don't even want to remember that day again because i vomited for like, almost 20 times in less than 8 hours? Thank god akina was there the whole time and she helped me throughout (all the way from NUH to home) and I'm so thankful for her and her parents who drove me home. I'd probably faint somewhere in singapore alone if not for her. :(
Couldn't stop vomiting that night too even after visiting the doctor but i managed to fall asleep in the end and i woke up feeling so much better the next day. Still having stomach pains and diarrhoea even after 5 days now but it isn't a huge concern now because at least I'm not puking anymore. you know, I really really HATE puking. its the worst thing ever.

great-grandfather also passed away the night i fell sick, so i had to attend the wake the next morning i got up. attended the funeral up till today (today's the last day) and i feel so relieved because i was still not fully recovered even while i was there, so at least i can have some rest now. 

RIP, my 102-year-old great-grandfather.

 Gonna say bye for now because my stomach is starting to hurt again so I'm going to rest!
Goodnight and i hope i'll blog soon :) On the side note, I'm leaving Singapore for hong kong next week and i can't wait wheeeeeee finally a getaway after so long.

Till then!


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