just a thought


the idea of making this blog private has been on my mind lately. and perhaps, even the thought of closing it down doesn't seem like a bad idea at all.

i guess i just dislike knowing that the person (whom i've grown to distrust) probably reads my posts.

and, i feel that i've been really negative lately (okay, i admit i was a pessimistic person to begin with) (still am) so i would probably avoid sending bad vibes to my readers?

been less active on this blogging platform lately because i have no time to do a lengthy post (because if i want to really share my thoughts i can be quite naggy) & more active on my dayre platform because i've lesser readers there (ok probably less than three ahaha) so i feel more at ease when i share my thoughts.
so feel free to follow me on my dayre @cheryyyyllll! i admit my posts there are boring & irrevelant so bear with them if you wanna read lol

will be back to do another (happy) post soon, i guess. in the mean time, do take some "lonely advice" from my previous post & remember to take good care of yourself!

would also appreciate some comments/thoughts on my idea about privating/closing down my blog since i might make a decision soon :)

till then!!

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