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had a date with kina last friday during our september holidays and this was the first time we went out in a reaaaaaaaalllllyyyy long time. we decided to check off as many things in our bucket list as possible and that day, we checked off 3 things in our bucket list - chin mee chin confectionery, a visit to fort caning park, and to watch "if i stay".

met her at chin mee chin confectionery at 10:30am that morning for breakfast. For those who didn't know, this place is a traditional coffee shop, as you can see from its interior. I suggested coming here for breakfast because it has been on our bucket list since a long time. 
This place is famous for their traditional eggs and kaya toasts, and also their little pastries and such located at the front of the shop, where you can (and must) take your own food if you want because no one is going to serve you anything from there. We had to queue for about 25 minutes and yes, the wait was torturing and we eventually ended up sharing tables with a pair of middle-aged couple. 

we took egg tarts and butter cupcakes from the shelves before going to our seats. Also, point to note: you are charged on a honesty basis for your bill. The auntie would ask you what you've eaten/taken from the shelves after you're done eating and you'd pay accordingly. I was pretty sure some people would lie about the amount of food they already ate but i guess it all boils down to mutual trust and honesty? Anyway, the egg tarts were really good, and i'm still missing them like crazy.
However, the butter cupcake was pretty dry and not so fantastic, and i should've tried the custard puff instead. :(

The egg tarts were crispy on the outside and so soft on the inside (yum)

We were famished after the long wait and gobbled down our egg tarts and cupcake before we ordered our "main courses". So we ordered 4 hard boiled eggs, 4 kaya toasts and our drinks. 4 kaya toasts = 8 toasts everyone, do not be deceived. The waitress didn't hear me properly when i asked her and she ended up ignoring me hence we ended up with 8 toasts. Kina and I ended up laughing when we saw the amount of food served on our table. The couple who sat with us who ordered 2 toasts probably thought we were monsters. 

We finished the whole thing, NO JOKE. 

and the hard-boiled eggs which she claimed to be "tastier than normal eggs"

Even though the thought of forcing ourselves to finish so many kaya toasts is still very terrifying to both of us now, i feel that the trip to chin mee chin was worth it. even though we had to queue for quite long and the place was so hot (they only have ceiling fans), we left the place with a happy tummy. 
If you would like to try it someday:

Chin Mee Chin Confectionery
204 East Coast Road Singapore
Tues-Sun: 8am - 4.30pm
Closed on Mondays

It is located somewhere in katong, just right beside the church of the holy family. :)

Thank goodness we managed to hop on a bus which brought us to plaza singapura, and after watching "if i stay", we wandered outside the mall and ended up at a park located opposite park mall & then eventually at fort caning park. Our initial plan was to catch a bus to Botanic Gardens after the movie and walk to Evans Road to eat lunch at Hatched, but we saw a sign which wrote "To fort caning park" and i was thrilled & said "c'mon lets go!!" Fort Caning Park has been on our bucket list since April this year and we never really had the chance to go, so i thought, finally. I was honestly expecting quite a lot from that place because I've always thought it was filled with great scenery everywhere where you can take 100000 photos of the same place and your photos would still end up beautiful. TO MY DISMAY, fort caning park was a total bore and it was a waste of trip. We ended up climbing a hill that led us to some quiet and boring looking place, walked for a long time and finally got out of that place almost an hour after. Kina even ended up with mosquito bites (& thankfully i didn't). Lesson learnt: Get some reviews online from a place before making a trip down.

We walked for several hours, yes HOURS, before finding a place for dinner because we couldn't decide on where to go and the restaurant we wanted to eat at wouldn't be open till 5:30pm and we were famished so we just settled for something nearby. No idea how we ended up at eating at bugis junction but that's not the point.

Well, all i can say is that the impromptu trip to clarke quay that day was the last one we made and the best one ever for that day. we ended up taking lots of photos and also, we managed to do a video together and i spent that night compiling all the small videos into one and finally got it. 

So beautiful :*

Pardon for the awkward and unglamorous photo of myself lol

Ending the post with my favourite photo from that day :)
It was a great day, and here's to many more #kinaryl's adventures like this.

On the side note, i've also created an instagram "photography" account [@_cheryl.jpg ] where i post most of my photos i took from Europe and Japan last year at, so do check the photos out if you want!

Till then,

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