but you're just 16


you're 16 and you're sitting on the bus and there's a beautiful boy with dark eyes, so dark they almost looked black and you're so distracted by him that you almost miss your stop.
you're 16 and that same boy is all you can think about. he's the smell of warm happiness and when you kiss him he tastes sweet like love.
you're almost 17 and you and him are in love, so in love it's burning like stars in the sky. but what you don't know is that those stars are falling.
you're 17 and he's hardly been texting you back and every "i love you" that rolls off your tongue he pushes away from his lips. you're beginning to see why his eyes are so dark.
you're almost 18 and instead of counting down the days you're counting all the times he's apologised for leaving purple and blue marks on your skin when he's drowning himself in liquor.
you're 18 and you can't breathe because you walked in on him kissing another girl. you thought you didn't show him enough love but in reality there was nothing left of him to love.
you're 18 and when someone asks you if you're happy you nod and say you love him. but your parents never told you that "love and happiness is two completely different things" - they say that your eyes are the windows to your soul, his were black.

(via lostbbygirl)

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