300515: housewarming!!


housewarming party last night and i invited a small circle of my friends over!! couldn't afford to invite everyone i know because mum invited more than 85 people on her side and my house's so small so it's v crammed :( nevertheless, thanks to everyone who came down last night!!! i truly enjoyed myself seeing y'all making friends w each other HAHA and seeing my kc girls again after so long. it was such a tiring day but i hope y'all enjoyed yourself :) sorry for being such a bad host though i rly couldn't be there with y'all on both sides at the same time :(

 {sorry for the low quality photos!! wanted to take w my dslr but i lost my charger SIGH and i'm too lazy to edit every photo so.}

♡ cold cut trio!! (not) HAHA 
did make-up for both of them when they entered my room HAHA xin yi better be grateful for her wings >:) 

jas!!! thanks for coming down despite having to rush off to tjc's concert in less than an hour's time. appreciate it hehe ♥

javan came down too! but he left shortly after because he had badminton training at night haha thanks for coming :)

warning: i look like a madwoman in the upcoming photos bc candids HAHA 

xinyi's face is priceless HAHAHA

oh my god i look so horrible......but whatever LOL i always do

i forgot what we were laughing at but HAHA we look so happy :")

okay the last of the horrible candid group photos haha

 candids taken by the marcoustic sea 

finally saw this girl after so long ♥ 
actually not v long HAHA maybe two-three weeks ago? but we haven't sat down and talked for quite some time already :( v happy to see her again hehe ♥♥♥
but she left shortly after to meet her cousins :( nvm i'll get to see her again on the 7th heh can't wait!!
thanks for your housewarming gift hehe rly appreciate it!! 

but pigu can you pls sleep more omg :( you look so tired!!!! i know school's rly stressful sigh but PLS take care of your health and body pls!!! don't sleep at like 2am in the morning omg sleep early drink lots of water and stay positive! :( rly worried for you sigh

favourite people from my OG :-) rly love y'all hehe thanks for coming ♥ never once regretted meeting y'all honestly

i have the ugliest smile ever, hands down

group photo before they left :-) 
glad y'all made friends w each other hehe friends from OG + CG and one extra poly kid HAHA (keeds ily) now at least you know i've one damn retarded best guy friend HAHA 

akina: "cheryl's the only one who's changing her face!!"

looked through my photo album before i slept last night and i couldn't stop laughing when i saw this photo because of yz's face HAHAHAHA stupid judgmental shit always judging me 24/7 (and someone always says "don't judge me. you know my name not my story" whenever i do the same to him) *death stares at you back*

and then marcus saw what i was doing

and he must have went like "wtf are you doing????"
sorry i'm the queen of pouting ♛

and then we did marcus's signature pose HAHA 

(take your time to realise that only the pro ones can do it right............yes referring to yz and marcus)

laughing after realising how retarded this pose is, more retarded AFTER we tried doing it

(look at yz's face again)

me: meh don't leave me
xinyi: get away from me you bitch
marcus: i don't know both of you.........
sher: walking away from your bullshit

my irritating wormz ♥ 
still irritating but i still love you HAHA thanks for being such a good friend honestly hehe my only table partner who would constantly snap photos of me sleeping in class :") and our h2h talking sessions during math and GP tutorials omg.........love em :-)

always so cheerful HAHA 

ryan!! y u so small size omg eat more pls :-( 
thanks for coming down after soccer hehe and V SORRY bc my sister bullied you omg hope you have recovered from the trauma yesterday HAHA i'm rly v sorry omg :(

sher!! ♥ she looks the prettiest when she smiles hehe smile more babe :-) loved your outfit last night hehe hope you enjoyed yourself omg you looked damn bored i'm sorry :( thanks for coming down, really :") and thank you for your gifts!! rly v nice of you hehe :) damn sad cos i haven't seen you around in school v often lately and we don't get to talk a lot anymore......sigh :( but let's go out soon yas!!!

yz the retarded HAHA ok i honestly don't know why i've resorted to calling you yz. sounds weird to call you yizhi too because i don't usually call you by your name BUT wtv bro thanks for coming last night!!!!!! and being the spotlight at the housewarming party bc of your SUIT :-) & THANKS for causing me to answer all those who asked "who's that guy in the suit??" *death stares*

i'm sorry, even after 7 years of knowing you, you're still as retarded and lame as ever. 

hope you enjoyed yourself last night ((bet you did)) alright study hard DESIGN kid, see you soon best guy friend :-) [i'm so nice right hehe]

darren!! :-) thanks for coming down hehe rly appreciate it :) thanks for being such a good friend to me all this time hehe really thankful for everything you've done for me :) glad to see you laughing more nowadays!! thanks for the orchid and the lovely note you left ♥

thanks for coming down hosanna!!!! ♥ sadly we didn't get to jam but i hope you had fun last night :) thanks for your chocolate swissroll!! it was v nice of you hehe :-)

and to the marcoustic, rly rly damn thankful for you especially for yesterday!! thanks for coming down early to help me w prep and thanks for your gongcha and chocolates :-) and being my photographer almost the entire time at night and helping me take photos HAHA thanks so much rly :( and rushing up and down of the house trying to help me settle some stuffs, bringing & fetching my friends to and fro from the bus stop, and rushing down to the function room to check whether my speaker's still there or not because i was talking to my friends in my room :") that 6 hours must have been rly draining HAHA i'm sorry but thank you again hehe

honestly wouldn't know what i would do without you :(

♥ kc girls ♥ 
thanks for coming last night!! rly damn happy to see y'all again after so long hehe :-)

quite sad cos athalie, kailin, soojeong, qianlin, vanessa, jo bro and ann couldn't make it :-( but it's okay i hope to see y'all soon!! miss all of you :(

natural RBF HAHA #kcpride

then we tried again

hello afiquaaa ♥♥ haven't seen you in 3 months omg but happy to hear that you've been doing well hehe :-) sorry for cancelling on you the last time we were supposed to meet due to unforeseen circumstances HAHA but rly happy to see you again today :-) thanks for coming here even though you were probably drained after a day's worth of studying at the airport :') hope to see you again soon!! good luck for your upcoming MSTs!!


hello xiuting!! :) so glad to see u again after three months hehe. good luck for your upcoming exams!!!! take care of yourself and see you again hehe :) work hard!!

hello tianyu!! :) haven't seen you since seoul garden day HAHA and you probably won't see this post either but thanks for coming down :)) you still look as pretty as ever HAHA glad to know that you love your course in poly!! see you again :)

hello xiangyun!! thanks for coming down last night :) great to see you again after so long hehe ♥

hello laogao wee ♥♥ haven't seen you for damn long PLS omg let's meet one day in SP and you treat me to llaollao, set????? rly miss being in school w you and annoying you 24/7 sigh miss those days when we took bus 135 home too HAHA. miss hearing your rants (omg impossible right HAHA) but pls be happy and don't be so stressed ok!!! good luck for your MSTs i believe you'll do well okay ♥

last but not least, to my fave girl: thanks for rushing down despite having to leave your OG date and your curfew!! sorry if your mum got angry :( i've already texted everything i wanted to say to you last night so.....:-) love you a lot hehe see u soon ♥


phew finally done with this post!!! HAHA okay bye, see y'all soon :-)

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