DAY SEVEN. (7th November 2015)

Anticipated a gloomy morning because I ran out of my favourite toasts and I only wanted breads for breakfast.........but I was lucky enough to find a bagel in my fridge! This was breakfast with a blend of green smoothie at the side.

Day didn't go as well as I wanted since I wanted to suntan so badly BUT the dark clouds kept taking over and it refused to leave. As I type this (It's Sunday now, 2:30pm) I'm feeling sad because it seems like another gloomy day today. Ugh.

I....really don't have a thing for almond butter. :(

Had dinner at Loving Hut to celebrate bro's birthday! Vegan food because of me heheh. 

Happy birthday brother! May you be happy always, and don't find a girlfriend so soon because I want you. HAHAHAHA #possessivesister

DAY SIX. (6th November 2015)

No school Fridays are my favourite! Had a good 8-9 hours long sleep last night so I didn't wake up grumpy heh. Woke up feeling hungry not long after so I had my last toast (sob) and cereal! Oh man, I really miss my favourite almond mylk and hazelnut mylk. Now I only have soy milk and rice milk in my fridge.....really in need of a grocery fix.

Can't really remember what I did after breakfast till afternoon but I only remember shoving rice down my throat for lunch because I was late for my dental appointment. Cabbed down right after I finished lunch in like 3 minutes HAHA. Changed the colour of my rubberbands so now I have black braces! Whee. But tightening sure ISN'T fun at all. My teeth hurts like a BEEEECH now.

Shopped alone at parkway after dental and I cried for help on dayre (not literally) HAHA. I just asked if anyone was at parkway or in the vicinity because I had a good 2 hours to spare and to rot alone by myself. Honestly felt damn surprised when my friends actually responded to it HAHA because I certainly didn't expect that. So thankful to have such friends.

Took an 1.5 hour long bus ride to Buona Vista after, and honestly I was so LOST when I was on the bus but I didn't really bother haha. Not being able to stretch out my legs on the bus and getting squeezed by the crowd bothered me though. >:(
Have you ever felt like a lost child in a forest when you have absolutely NO idea where the fuck you are at even though you're just within a little red dot, and felt like you're some sort of a God when you reach your destination eventually? Anyway, that was how I felt when I reached Buona Vista. Like guys, this is my flip-my-hair moment. Direction pro is here.

BACK TO THE STORY, I met Afiqah, Qianlin, Rachel and Nicole not long after. Somehow it always feels like home whenever I meet kc girls. Sigh, if only we were still studying at the same school. Star Vista was literally swarming with SO MANY people and it was so stuffy. Couldn't even find any seats at anywhere so in the end we couldn't have dinner together :(

Yiruma's concert was great though. His music is incredible as always. Kinda miss playing the piano, hmm. Oh and, I think I found a new love for the cello.

The week has been quite chill so far. So thankful for that.

DAY FIVE. (5th November 2015)

Finally done with GPF submission - and I'm OFFICIALLY done with Project Work. After 10 months of hard work, I just hope our efforts would pay off! It just felt as if something was lifted off my chest after my CT signed the file and said "Okay, we're done!" It's like, PHEW. Had OVIA meeting after school and I must say that I'm pretty excited for the Cambodia trip! I can't wait to get out of my comfort zone.

Rushed off to meet Jas and Xinyi right after the meeting ended and I also finished reading my book right before I reached the interchange. I can't wait to return some books and borrow some more, heheh. We talked for about an hour plus or two before buying sushis and going home! It was a short catchup but it was rly fun :) And I certainly enjoyed my tangyuans HEHEH I swear I can live on these four things: tangyuan, peanut butter toasts, bananas and red bean paus (steamed buns loll).

Collected my mail from the post office when I was on the way home and YAY finally received the top I ordered from Soulshine! To be vvvv honest this top is quite expensive but I'm sure I'm going to put it into a good use, so :-) Can't wait for the other two orders to arrive though!

Lia also made korean "seafood" pancake that was 100% vegan, and I love it when she tries out new recipes on her own. Had the most hilarious and absurd conversation about veganism with my mum and bro too. Even though they don't support veganism themselves, I'm contented and happy enough as long as they support what I've chose for myself. :) But the conversation was really hilarious though.

Had a movie night after dinner at the cinema and I finally watched "Our Times"! Not as amazing as I thought it would be though. (But biggest takeaway from the movie: Jerry Yu's smile is really DAMN attractive, LOL.)

DAY FOUR. (4th November 2015)

Guess what, I've finally submitted my I&R! And that leaves me only left with filing and my final submission on the last day (aka tomorrow). Also, had FOUR jabs today in school for the upcoming Cambodia trip. The needles didn't hurt but my arms are SO SORE. Like, really so sore. I couldn't even lift my arms up and Lia (my helper) had to remove my shirt for me so that I could change. This was my first time having more than two jabs all at once, hmmm pretty cool.

Finally met Jiaying after so long! The last time I saw her was in fact only two weeks ago but it had been quite a long while since we had some time alone. We sat at O' coffee club for more than three hours and talked non-stop. I've always loved our conversations, and today's one especially. I just, talked about life again and we shared our views on it! I love such meaningful conversations. LOVE. And maybe for the first time ever, I actually didn't quite agree to "Life sucks". I mean, I admit that life sucks most of the time, but I think now it isn't all too bad for me. I must be feeling quite positive lately I must say.

We can do it pigu! I believe that you can, and I believe that no matter where life takes us, we're eventually going to be happy. We're going to be successful and we are going to make the best out of everything and not regret at the end of the day. Really can't wait for our usual feasts and kbox and shopping to resume, our volunteering trips and our ClubMED dreams. Thank you so much for today.

DAY THREE. (3rd November 2015)

Got up at bed at 9:30am and the weather outside was perfect for sun-tanning. So I immediately got changed and went to the pool to tan. Spent more than 30 minutes by the pool getting roasted and also got to read up a new book. Ate my peanut butter toast while on the way to the pool. (Peanut butter toast + tanning = THE LIFE.)

60 pages into "For one more day" (by Mitch Albom if you're wondering who the author is) and I'm totally loving it. These are some favourite paragraphs and sentences I read:

"But ask yourself this: Have you ever lost someone you love and wanted one more conversation, one more chance to make up for the time you thought they would be here forever? If so, then you know you can go your whole life collecting days, and none will outweigh the one you wish you had back. 
What if you got it back?

"Maybe it's like my old man said: You can be a mama's boy or a daddy's boy, but you can't be both. So you cling on to the one you think you might lose."
Back from the pool and good news -- I DID got tanner from the tanning. :)

Had KOREAN vegan food for lunch with Chari - how amazing does KOREAN VEGAN FOOD sound??? Took an almost-an-hour long bus ride from the interchange and continued reading my book during the journey. Been so long since I last felt so absorbed into a book, and I love this feeling.

(I am on the bus and I see an old man outside from the glass right before my eyes. He's limping but he's smiling. He waved at his old friend who's on the same bus as me, before turning his eyes back in front of him. I see the grass and pebbles right in front of him, and I silently pray that he reaches the cement ground safely. I watch him closely with his every move. Finally, his right feet lands the ground safely. I'm now relieved, and I turn my head back to my books.)

Had lunch at The Boneless Kitchen, which is probably one of the only few korean vegetarian places in Singapore. The dolsot bimbimbap was pretty meh, but I enjoyed the bean paste stew. After that, we had Ice Kacang for dessert because we both wanted something cold.

Certainly had a great time with Chari today and it was actually our first time meeting! But it wasn't awkward at all (for me at least) - like I was literally crossing my legs and putting them on another chair while talking to her HAHA. Yes, I have no social etiquette skills or whatsoever and that DOESN'T affect me in any way! I'm ME, and this is how I act HAHA. Always be yourself no matter who you meet!

Whipped up dinner for myself too since I was home alone. Steamed some corn, rice with raisins and tomatoes and chive dumplings. Had A LOT of food to myself since I was alone and I even had a peanut butter toast right after dinner. And a cup of chocolate rice milk. Yum.

I absolutely love being vegan. Vegan food are SO EASY to cook, but yet they can be so delicious. It feels so amazing because my tastebuds now prefer simple starches instead of oily and heavily foods, and carbs are everywhere in abundance. Every time I whip up a meal for myself, I'm reminded of how much I love being a vegan. All I would tell myself: "There's no going back."

Oh and, I'm so excited for the upcoming potluck! I can't wait to meet like-minded people, especially YY because I feel connected to her in a few ways :P Social media can be 99% detrimental but I'm so grateful for that 1% and thanks to Instagram, I've met so many inspirational individuals and learnt so much from it. All I'd ever hope and pray for, is to meet more incredible souls out there in the world and connect with them.

That's what life is all about, isn't it? Connecting with others and having genuine, heart-warming conversations.

Ahh, the thought of it makes my heart whole.

DAY TWO. (2nd November 2015)

Went to school in the morning and completed my LAST submission for Project Work! Heaved a sigh of relief because I can't believe PW is going to end so soon, like FINALLY. Had subway with Jas and Xy for lunch and of course I ordered my Veggie Delight again. I swear, people got to stop judging me when I order that in Subway >:( That's like the only vegan option there! And I love it.
The best part of the day was finally meeting Jon again after almost 6 months! We were actually supposed to meet after promos ended (which was almost two months ago haha) but I kept delaying the meet-up because of PW. We talked for almost three hours straight and yes, we always have a lot to talk about because he's one of the few talkative guys I've ever met - nope, not complaining at all because at least I don't have to talk so much on my part! HAHA kidding, I'm pretty sure I talked way more this time round.
Also talked about life towards the end of our conversation and I asked him a few simple questions on his views and perspectives on it, which was pretty interesting. It was definitely our first time talking about this topic and I LOVE discussing and talking about life! It just feels more REAL and certainly meaningful. I also kept saying that "Life is so interesting" and then on the way back home alone, it just dawned on me that it was my very first time saying that one sentence in my life. Like, 99% of the time I'd say "Life is shit/boring/tough/difficult" and so I was pretty surprised by myself.
Enjoyed my walk home alone and as I looked up to the sky, I murmured to myself,  "Life's interesting." I see the blue sky and the white clouds, and I'm so thankful for having peace.

Dinner was TWO plates of rice, stir-fry veggies and vegan dumplings Lia made. So YUM and I was so famished haha. I honestly love rice. Love carbs. --- And in less than half an hour, plop! I fell into a food coma and woke up at 9pm.

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