First of November.


Gratitude has always been something I hold close to in my heart - it is something that always makes me whole, even when I feel empty and hollow inside. Gratitude means being thankful for what you have, counting your blessings and finding joy in simple pleasures.

Today marks the first day of November, and so I thought that maybe, I should write down things that I'm grateful for each day. Hopefully everyday of this month, if not few times a week. Well, let's see how thing goes.

Dated: 1st November 2015, 8:50 p.m.

Today I had cereal for breakfast. Cereals for breakfast usually happen on weekends every week, if not twice a week. Today I woke up craving for a thick chocolate mylk with my favourite black bean cereal, so I had it. Finished my last serving of chocolate hazelnut mylk too, damn I really miss Silk's dark chocolate almond mylk (aka the BEST mylk I've ever tasted in my life).

I had a plum afterwards too because it just felt so weird not eating fruits for breakfast. Cereals always feel so 'heavy' in my stomach somehow. Not because it's filling or whatsoever, but it's probably the sugary content in it that makes my stomach feel so heavy.

The weather seemed pretty good in the afternoon so I made an impetuous decision to get down to the pool to sun-tan. And I'm so glad I did because I managed to get quite a bit darker in twenty minutes. Also read about 30 pages of an old book under the Sun. 

Chilled a bit after coming back up (as advised by Grandma, to chill a bit before showering) before showering and making a glass of green smoothie and toast for myself. Was craving for them so I had them, heh. Also tried almond butter for the first time - and I still stick to team peanut butter. Seriously, there's nothing that can replace peanut butter on toast. 

Dinner was a huge plate of white rice, steamed corn, red pepper, tofu and stir-fry spinach with garlic. So simple but SO good. Honestly, after being vegan, my body's cravings have changed SO MUCH. I only crave for simple and wholesome food like rice, steamed corn, veggies and fruits. The thought of tasting something denser and supposedly 'richer' in taste instantly turns me off. It's so amazing how the body works. If you feed it with simple and healthy food, you feel good mentally too. Now, I look forward to home-cooked dinner more than ever, knowing that I'd return home to a HUGE bowl of RICE, VEGGIES and my sriracha. Sounds bland and boring, don't they? But I'm sorry, they taste like heaven to me. All of that > outside food/fried food/grilled meats/BBQ food/french fries/deep fried chicken wings/oily food ANYTIME. (Hands down.)

After dinner, I chilled a bit again at the balcony with my sister, grandma and my helper. Grandparents decided to go home shortly after and I tagged along, asking them to drop me off at the library. Finally got to borrow some books I've been looking for quite some time now, ahh how lucky.

Walked home in the dark too with three new books, and I'm happy.

So thankful for today. It was incredibly relaxing and so peaceful. Tonight feels so right, and I'm honestly, honestly so thankful for such a day. Weekends are meant for relaxing days like this. 

Messy hair, pimples, no edits, no filter. Not anything glamorous but ah, fuck it. Today I'm happy so who cares about what others think right? This is me, 101% raw.

Have a fulfilling month ahead guys. Don't forget to count your blessings. 

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