Vegan pumpkin 'curry'


Came back home from school STARVING and all I wanted to have was something substantial AND savoury. And I had this planned since the start of the day because I knew I had only half a packet of (or slightly more than half) pumpkin soup left in the fridge. And I had so much leftover pumpkin! 

So of course the only thing that came to my mind was: Pumpkin soup. With pumpkin. 

And since I was going to have it with rice (Like duh, rice is like an Asian's staple) I had the idea of having the pumpkin gravy all for myself, kinda. So there was a 'Japanese curry' theme going through my head while I was cooking. 

And here you go - Vegan pumpkin 'curry' which looks and TASTES like curry when it's 0% curry.


So here's the recipe. And it only takes you only 15 minutes at most to make this. Do it!


What you need:

1. Lazuppa's Roasted Pumpkin Soup (99% Fat-free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free)
- I got this from Cold storage. You may also use The Soup Spoon's pumpkin soup.

2. Pumpkin (As much as you want)
- Honestly, just as much as you want! I usually get mine from Cold Storage, but NTUC has it too.

3. Mixed veggies - corn, carrots, green peas. (Optional)
- This are found in the frozen section at any supermarkets.

4. Sriracha sauce 
- Can be found in Cold Storage or Market Place. I got mine from iHerb!

5. Spices: Italian herbs and Chilli powder
- Can be found in local supermarkets. 
  • Optional - You can add chopped potatoes, onions, or whatever you like.
  • Optional - Almond flakes

This soup is honestly HIGHLY versatile and you can add in, literally everything you like. The basics you need are just any packaged pumpkin soup and most importantly the SPICES (Chilli powder) and SRIRACHA. It's what makes the entire dish tastes like curry!

Let's do this:

1. Steam the pumpkin over low/medium heat, until soft and mushy. (If you're lazy like me and hate steaming food, you can choose to boil it with about 1/2 a cup of water, then drain the water away just before the pumpkin turns mushy.)
2. Mash the pumpkin chunks. (If you want them in chunks, then leave it.)
3. Add the pumpkin soup/puree, however much you like.
4. Add in your desired veggies (corn, carrots, peas, potatoes etc.)
5. Boil over low heat.
6. Add in Chilli Powder and Italian herbs.
7. Add A LOT of Sriracha**

Finally, serve it with white rice and add your favourite side dishes. This dish is SO simple and yummy. Remember, spice's your best friend here! Despite the amount of spice I added, the dish wasn't very spicy and it was just moderate. Enjoy xx 

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