kinaryl exped #2 (vv good friday)



Breakfast yesterday before school was this ^ spinach-nana nice cream! Had to go to school for OVIA meeting at 9am and then followed by PW consult until 1pm. Rushed home to get changed and then headed out to meet kina!

As usual, we didn't know what to eat or which cafe to visit....Actually there's a long list of cafes on our bucket list but I don't know why, we hardly ever visit those because they are either too far or we're too lazy. But today we headed to Artistry!

Beautiful pot of flowers hehe

PB&J French toasts - $14
Brioche french toasts stuffed with swirls of peanut butter and raspberry jam, drizzled with maple syrup and topped with vanilla ice cream and mixed berry compote.

I loved the plates!! So heavy but so beautiful.

Probably a wrong choice to serve ice cream along with the toasts though, especially on a humid and hot day :( It melted really fast and we had to finish it as quick as possible.

The french toasts were good! Peanut butter taste was subtle but the toast was soft and dense. The berry compote went along well with the jam too!
Will come back here again to try their other foods on the menu :) Service was good too.

Went to SAM after we were done eating. Look at this thing. I don't even know what it is HAHA. All i said to kina when I saw this was, "What a waste of land space." HAHAHAHA #someoneobviouslydoesn'tknowhowtoappreciateart 
Kidding okay, I do appreciate art. Just not things like this.

SAM was pretty boring......okay should I say boring haha. The last time I came here (which was on my birthday two years ago) was a lot better than this! 

Kina: Count the number of maids in this picture.

How many do you see?

FML the lighting was so bad inside the museum :( We had to shift so many times to get the light HAHA.

Favourite model aka the most beautiful model!!

Asked the staff to take a photo for us and it turned out so bad :(

Bad lighting makes me go absjkl

Meh. I hardly look good in photos lol

HAHAHAHA I forgot what I was saying when I did this but I think it was something like "OK stop it stop it I don't wanna take anymore" or something like that HAHA

I look damn crazy HAHAHA

Glad that we (kinda) relived those moments again today :-) after two years! Time seriously flies.

They were actually making a lot of noise. Yes those pipes thingy.

SO PRETTY!! hehe

Preach ^

These were actually plastic sheets??? oh my so pretty


Actually we were just waiting for the lift to reach our floor HAHA

FML so orange. #trueasian

While trying to fix my phone lens. (FML my hair looks like grass. I was complaining about it the whole day HAHA)

UGH pimple >:( and round round face

She said I look happy here. (Are you foryl??)

I tried to exclude the fire extinguisher but it just happened to pop out every time >:( I swear I tried.

HEHE you look so happy here :')

(please crop out that >>>> for me kina HAHA)

The happiest people are the most beautiful ones. Never stop smiling.

So...when we first got onto the second floor, there was this huge machine being transported by a few guys so we just made way for it. 30 minutes later when we finally decided to cross the road to the next building, we realised that the photo booth was gone so we asked the security guard where it was and he said "At the SAM building, outside the chapel". AND WE DIDN'T EVEN REALISE IT WAS THAT MACHINE!!

How do you even manage to look good in every photo?!!!! Just how.

Meanwhile there's me....

and my hugeass annoying pimple. 

Finally visited Kith Cafe?! Wanted to try their breakfast/lunch since a long time ago HAHA still couldn't manage to try it this time round but at least I tried their dinner menu.

We actually took a long time to decide where to go for dinner haha. After we left SAM, we spent like twenty minutes at Bras Basah MRT just sitting there and checking google and instagram to get some food inspiration HAHA. We actually wanted Korean....Zi Char....Pasta...something savoury....and in the end we finally decided that we should just check the crowd at Kith's first. HAHA thank god we managed to find a table, so yay.

Mango x mint cooler - $8.50

Man I really didn't like this....expected it to be something sweet (because mango) and refreshing (mint) but it turned out to be so bland and slightly bitter? :-( But thankfully kina liked this so she had it all for herself HAHA

Fish and chips - $24
Breaded Sea Bass, Truffle Fries, Mixed Greens, Malt Vinegar, Citrus Mayo

Not sure if this is considered overpriced because I usually don't order fish & chips (never a fan of it) but we ordered because we didn't have cravings for pasta and we wanted the truffle fries HAHA.
The fish was really fresh and it had a lemony taste to it which was a little refreshing. It was actually my first time trying truffle fries HAHA. Not too bad I guess, but not a huge fan of it. YET.

Vegetarian Pizza - $18
Roasted eggplants, Capsicum, Asparagus, Scarmozza, Cheddar

I loved this!! I love all the vegetables they used as toppings. And the sauce was so good! And it was crispy and thin hehe. Just a little oily though! 
Price wise, it sounds a little reasonable i guess? :)

Good food, good dinner, good day, great company.

We're always having good food hehe

The best people are the ones who love food. Everyone does, so you're the best.

OMG we were so full after dinner!!!! But filled tummies = happy tummies haha. After this we took a bus to far east because I really wanted and needed a hair cut. 

SO GLAD I finally had a haircut omg you've no idea how fast and thick my hair grows and it annoys me so much. CAN I JUST SHAVE EVERYTHING AWAY.

Thank you for today, and every other day. Thanks for everything as always hehe. Love you fav girl, please never stop laughing and keep shining.

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