cold cut trio date


Finally had a cold cut trio date yesterday! EXAMS FINALLY ENDED. After close to two months of studying and stress and unhappiness and what not.....I'm honestly so happy promos have ended. Trying to not think about how my results are going to fare now because hey it's the time to be jovial (lol) but fingers crossed, I hope everything would be okay.

This is actually our first cold cut trio date in this entire year, can you believe it :( honestly JC takes up so much of our time that we barely have any time to go out to chill, even on weekends. The last time I went out was on my birthday...which was more than 3 months ago :(

Okay back on track:

Lunch place was at veganburg!
(Background story)  It actually didn't take us long to decide where we wanted to eat at because I remember a week before promos started, we were having consults in school and I said "omg guys can we just order veganburg delivery now........i want" and they said "after promos then we go la can" HAHA yeah so that's how it started. Even though I just tried veganburg like two weeks ago, it's so good that I don't mind eating it weekly actually hehe.

Something funny happened before this though. We were on the train and then we were happily talking and I suddenly cut in the conversation and said, "OMG guys do y'all even know where we are now?" when I realised that we haven't been keeping track of where our train has been going because we were so engrossed in our conversation. So when I said that, our train just left Bedok and was heading to Kembangan. So when the train stopped at Kembangan, we hurriedly left.....and just went we were about to go down the escalator I saw the sign "Kembangan" and I walked back and went "FML GUYS WHY ARE WE AT KEMBANGAN!!!" and then we realised we alighted a stop earlier -_- Veganburg's at Eunos, not Kembangan! So we all burst out laughing, especially Jas who couldn't contain her laughter even after like ten minutes. I think she's just so easily amused.

Finally, we arrived at our destination! We spent quite some time wandering around the bus Interchange because we were clueless on how to get there. All google told us was "8 minutes from Interchange" "Walkable distance" "Near to MRT" and we were like wow so helpful -_- And I was searching for like food reviews on blogs because I thought some of the bloggers would provide information on like how to get there etc....and all of them didn't. OK SO for those who don't know how to get there from the MRT station, here's the info: If you know where the bus stop near the market is at, Veganburg's just right OPPOSITE from that bus stop. All you have to do is just cross the road and tadah you'll reach.
If you go there by train, you'd have to take bus 60/61/62/63 (either one of these because i'm not v clear) so just check the board. It's only two stops before you alight from the interchange. Actually you don't have to be afraid as long as you recognise where the bus stop at the market is. 
FML okay my info is also not very clear but that's the best I can do already HAHA I think this is better than those meagre information I could find online.

Noob souls who tried vegan food for the first time hahaha


The interior! Wasn't crowded at all because it was a Monday.

Hmmm...felt like an ordinary fast food setting except that it was way quieter. 
On the side note, there was this promotion going on! (Yay I love sharing promotions because I wished I knew them earlier lol) Anyway, It's called "Tea time special" and you can get 3 burger sliders for only $9.90! Only available from Monday to Friday at 2:30pm-5pm if i'm not wrong. We were so tempted to get this because $3.30 instead of $6.90 for each burger so why not la!!! But then we were kinda skeptical about the word "sliders" and we wanted set meals so we just took the standard ones. 
Luckily we had student promotion so it was $10 per person!

They were fighting about how the chilli HAHA

What we ordered - Smoky BBQ, Chargrilled Satay, Hawaiian Teriyaki.
All the same as what I ordered before because they wanted to try! And I also wanted to try the Hawaiian Teriyaki which I didn't get to try the last time.

My favourite out of all 3 was Hawaiian Teriyaki! Then followed by Chargrilled Satay then smoky BBQ. Loved the grilled pineapple :-) Didn't really like the Smoky BBQ because I couldn't really taste a thing!

The fries and spinach pops tasted SO much better than the last time! Crispy fries are the best. 

FML I look so constipated here HAHA I was trying so hard to smile properly without showing my braces but :(

Vegan food makes me happy, enough said. (I look terrible here but)

Had a great time at veganburg eating, chatting and laughing. :)  
Xinyi kept insisting that we should leave because she wanted to walk to digest her food while Jas and I were like huh....we don't wanna move......#livesofcouchpotatoes
In the end I realised she didn't even finish her burger because she said she was too full HAHA

Saw two secondary school guys studying Geog after they were done eating and I was just evilly laughing at them inside because i was like "Thank God I'm done with that!!!!" even though they were studying Geog Elective.

Went to Bugis afterwards because I suggested going to SAM to take pictures but because the haze was so bad we didn't :( So we went to Bugis Junction and Plus to walk around. And also finally had our llao! 
FML to the pathetic serving but at least cookie sauce was yum.

Random snap while waiting for Jas to get two more spoons for us HAHA

Xinyi: can someone take over and hold this FML so heavy and cold
Jas: I just want to eat my cookie sauce please

Was so tired and worn out after I reached home at around 8pm and I wanted to crash immediately and then...I saw a big takashimaya bag on my bed and i saw this!! THANK YOU BRO you the best HEHE thanks for this love ya :-)

DAMN HAPPY because I LOVE gudetama. 

Random selfie shot because since I'm already using my dslr...hahahaha someone really needs to teach me how to photoshop? This is totally 101% raw :(

HAPPY! Yesterday was such a great day.

Yesterday with y'all was lovely. Realised that most of our conservations are always filled with lots of laughter and even texting y'all on whatsapp can make my day so much sometimes. Very grateful for everything both of you have done for me HEHE. So much love.

That's all for today! x

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