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23 September 2015, Wednesday | 9:30pm.

Don't know why I'm blogging now because I'm still having promos and supposed to be mugging for Chemistry which I obviously haven't finished revising for. My priorities are obviously in the right track.

But first thing first, HELLO GUYS! Okay honestly I don't really expect anyone to read this anymore because I've left this space for so damn long HAHA I actually wanted to give up on it hmm. Okay actually I already did, but I came back. I've moved on to another blog months ago but I thought maybe I should return here to see if anyone's still reading this. Hmm if you are, thank you for reading!

Really don't remember when was the last time I blogged...Hmm June? Wow that's so long ago. 3 months to be exact.

So......I don't think I've posted any news/photos of my new house so here it is! This is my new room. I moved in here in April this year, and it's a smaller place as compared to my previous one. But I do love my room here more obviously, since I'm now (finally) having my own room to myself. I chose the lights in my room, painted the wall black myself (even though my mum strongly opposed to it)(It was a long war by the way.) and stuck my name onto the wall....printed those photos at a shop, picked out the brick tiles for my mirror....chose my own curtains..and most importantly chose the room design for myself. And for all of these, I'm really thankful for my mum for being so accommodating (um most of the time) and for granting my wishes haha. Now that I finally have my own room, i HATE sharing it with anyone else!!! Selfishness level: Increased, ceteris paribus.

Okay don't mind me please, I know that for those who took their econs paper today too are itching to slap me HAHAHA.

Oh, and I also wrote the quotes on my walls by myself. Hand-written with markers. It was totally like a check-off on my bucket list because I've always wanted my bedroom wall painted black and written with that quote.

To cut the long story short, I'm actually just here to share some photos and talk some crap like I always do. And share my reviews about Veganburg!

You've no idea how long I've been waiting to try this. Like, since the year they started? HAHA.

Veganburg is......obviously vegan. (If you don't know this, slap yourself and bang your head on the wall ten times, then repeat for another 20 times.)

You know why I took so long to order this? Because they have a minimum order for their delivery and I had to hit a minimum of $30 before they could deliver :( So last saturday was finally my lucky day!

Vegan franks made of tofu. Hmm didn't really like this. & I realised it's because I really don't like vegan/vegetarian sausages! I'm a hardcore meat-sausage lover :(

Chilling dinner at the balcony!

Spinach pops. Basically potato inside mixed with spinach bits! I like this one.

Seaweed fries is a must-have!! But please don't leave it to become soggy like I did :(

LOL quite surprised that they actually meant "iced lemon tea" as in CANNED ones. I was expecting my beverage in a styrofoam cup. In the end I don't think anyone drank this! It wasn't even chilled haha.

My chargrilled satay burger. I LOVE THIS! So good, and it doesn't taste vegan at all. The peanut sauce with the patty really tastes like satay.

In conclusion, the burgers were nice. I loved mine and my bro and mum who had the hawaiian teriyaki burger and the smoky bbq burger said theirs were good too. [FYI, my brother doesn't even eat anything vegan haha] and the burgers are filling!


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