Day trip to Pulau Ubin



Super impromptu trip because I only asked my bro whether he wanted to go Pulau Ubin with me in the morning today @ 2:30am (yes you read that right) since he was still awake. So we decided to wake up at 8am and he woke me up because I only fell asleep at almost 4am and couldn't get out of bed oops. So here's breakfast ^ with my favourite peanut butter!! And I made milo for us.

Finally reached! The boat ride costed us $3 each for a single trip. Previously it was $2.50 (what I saw on online) :( And so, to and fro it's like $6 per person!

First time here!

There were a few bicycle rental shops there, and we decided on this one!

Ready, set and go!

First stop: Lakeside!

HEHE managed to take a shot of this red dragonfly.

Pulau Ubin is almost covered with trees everywhere, making the place really shady. I think a lot of Asians would love this place because of its shade HAHA but sadly I'm not a fan of shady places because I prefer getting tanned and sunburnt >:( Tbh I was complaining how there wasn't any sun! :(

Very very green.

Hehe love this shot

Reached the jetty viewing place!

Haven't done a split in....3 or 4 months? HAHA

Not perfect though :(

There were quite a few wild boars around!! Especially at Chek Jawa wetlands area. SO CUTE hehe I wanted to take a selfie with one of them but it ran away before I could :(

LUNCH time! We got a bit famished so we took a U-turn back.

Loving the old-school feel here.

Lunch: Omelette with onion, Tofu with button mushrooms and mixed veggies, rice and iced milk tea ($15.50)

Food was v oily, especially the omelette haha but I guess most local/chinese restaurants use a lot of oil in their cooking? Anyway it's not every day that I get to eat zi char/tze char, and it's a trip so, local food is always good. :)

After lunch we took on another trail (the other side of the island) and we realised there was nothing much there...and we got pretty tired so we U-turned back in less than an hour. Returned our bikes and then took a break! Fresh and cold coconuts are the best, especially under a sweltering weather. :')

HAPPY! I reaaaally love fresh coconut water.

To sum it up, today was a good day filled with lots of sweat, fun, screaming and laughter. Even though it was really tiring, it was a good short 'getaway' I guess, since I can't go overseas now. 

I recall that I loved cycling when I was younger, so much that I would plead/beg/negotiate with my dad to bring me to ECP to cycle with my brother. I remember cycling at ECP with four wheels, then two wheels...and I remember myself learning how to cycle. Today was probably my first time cycling in two years (or maybe three), though. I wasn't very confident at the start since the road was filled with many pebbles/rocks and there were many steep slopes. But eventually I began to let go and phew, I actually mastered how to cycle with one hand today! I was just trying it out and then phew I got it after a few tries. Feeling accomplished hehe.

Immersed myself in nature today and I fell in love with Mother Nature over and over and over again. The sound of crickets...the sight of greenery everywhere..the leaves, the water and everything else. One of the best feelings in the world is to just close your eyes and feel the wind caressing your face while going down the slope. It just feels so liberating.

Something that I thought of today: What if my present was in the past, what if I was born in the older generation instead? Life would be so much simpler I guess. When the only thing you have to probably worry about is whether you were gonna fall off the cliff or down the slope, and not worrying about your grades and studies. Ah, how nice would that be.

"Don't let the lure of a safe mediocre life lure you away from pursuing what makes your heart skip a beat and gets you out of bed everyday."

Well, if only I had the courage to give up whatever future I may achieve academically and pursue a life worth living for.

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