Day 323: Life update, goals and annoucement #346daysofgratitude


Back to blogging again since it has been a reallllllllly long time since I last sat down to write a PROPER one. Like I mean, a proper one like a life update or writing about a topic. I was a little dumbfounded after realising that I've been updating about once a month, and that's pretty tragic given that I've started off this year with the intention of posting everyday and keeping up with #346daysofgratitude. But it's clearly evident that I haven't been doing so. On hindsight it wasn't as easy to post daily as I imagined, but the intention to practice gratitude on a day to day basis did not come to a naught, fortunately.

Now that school is over (for this year at least), I have no other excuse to not find time to write - In all honesty, I have been really free and I still am. I'm still in Tasmania as of now and I won't be returning home until the start of next year, and this is because I'm currently working and I'll be working in a fruit farm to pick cherries after Christmas during its season.

As I've mentioned, I'm currently working and I'm actually working in a vegan cafe here in Hobart and I absolutely love my job. I was fortunate enough to meet a kind lady boss who took me in when I first walked in and casually asked if they were hiring. A month later when my exams started I started working as I finally had a less rigid timetable in school.

On most days I work with the boss along with two other staffs, and my job is pretty simple: lots of dishwashing, attending and serving customers, clearing & cleaning tables, sweeping the floor, ensuring that the glass surfaces are clean, wiping the windows and dirty surfaces, making tea and occasionally a helping hand in the kitchen. Even though there is always hardly any time to rest or much less take a break, I love the adrenaline and the busier it gets, the more I enjoy working. But above all I really do enjoy this job because I get a sense of fulfilment from it. It is the joy of seeing customers enjoying vegan food and returning the next day and even the following, just because they love the food there. It is the contentment I get when a new customer comes and return a completely polished plate after eating and telling us how tasty the food was. It is the simple "thank you" I get in return for attending to them.

Working here in Heartfood has taught me a lot more than I'd have thought and it has definitely opened my eyes to many more things. That would probably come in handy when I open my own vegan cafe next time! (Whoohoo SO looking forward to it.)

Other than working, I've also been going to places around Tasmania and last week I've visited Bruny island and went to Launceston for an overnight stay. Since I'm so free now I'm thinking of accomplishing some goals like:

1. Learning a language 

This one goal has always been at the top of my to-do list but I've never really found the motivation and determination to SIT DOWN, write and learn anything. Learning a new language like Japanese, French and German or even the Khmer language have been something I've wanted to do for a long time now. However I think it's always better to focus on one thing at a time and understand one single language fully rather than to know multiple ones without any substance. Hence I've decided to focus on Korean first before moving onto other languages. I'm sure most of you should already know by now that I watch korean dramas from time to time. I started watching them since I was 13 but even up till today I still can't fully grasp the language itself - like yes I can communicate in basic Korean and understand a little but I know for sure that it's barely decent, maybe just mediocre. Korean is nowhere as easy as learning Cantonese (which is pretty easy to pick up) unfortunately. That said I'm going to watch more dramas (or whenever I feel like it) so it's like killing two birds with one stone. That makes everything easier, right? :P

2. Coming up with new recipes 

For those who have been an avid reader of my dayre you should know by now that I've been cooking a lot this year ever since I started moving into a shared house on my own. And because of that I've learnt quite a fair bit in the kitchen and brushed up my cooking skills (well hopefully!). Other than that I've also tried making some food like my own vegan meatballs, dumplings, burgers and soups. In the mean time I'd like to try making my own spring rolls, pizzas, and breads! Not sure how it'll work out but we'll see how it goes. (You can tell by now how excited I am to open my own cafe LOL)

3. More blogging*

Well yes I've decided it's time to put in more effort into writing so this time I'd TRY my best to update as much as I can - so stay tuned to more blog posts this month! I'm thinking of blogging about some topics/thoughts I have regarding certain topics so that I can share more. I know it isn't gonna be easy but I'm willing to try for now! So yeah that's the announcement you guys might have been anticipating after reading the title of this post. I've also inserted a poll at the top right hand corner of my main page, so do head there and tick those boxes!

4. Back to vlogging?

I'm thinking of vlogging (like A day in the life of/What I do in a day/Apartment tour/vacation vlogs) since I've only a month left here in Hobart and I probably won't be coming back as often in the next few years or so. Plus I'd be travelling again in January/Feb next year so I might make more videos! (For those who didn't know I have a youtube channel haha)

So that's all for now! See y'all later with more posts! :*

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