how do you define yourself


so today my english teacher showed us a video in class. a speech, from an inspirational speaker.


you guys probably know her already; she's labelled as the "world's ugliest woman".

i felt that it was something worth sharing, so here it is!

here is the link to the video of the speech she gave - "how do YOU define yourself?"

 and from the video, i've picked up some extracts & i'm going to share with you guys.
well there might be few errors here and there because i typed these extracts out myself (yes, listening to the video, pausing, typing and then listening again).

and these are my favourites.

" my life was put into my hands. just like how your lives are put into yours. you are the person in the front seat of your car. you are the one who decides whether your car goes down to a "bad path" or a "good path".

 i kind of - started realizing that my life is in my hands. i could either choose to make this really good, or i can choose to make this really bad. 
i could either be grateful and open my eyes & realize the things that i do have and make those things define me. 

I am going to let my goals, my success and accomplishments be the things that define me. 
not my outer appearance, not the fact that i am visually impaired, not the fact that i have this syndrome that nobody knows what it is.

 so i told myself i'm going to work my guts off and do whatever i could and to make myself feel better. 

the best way that i can get back to all those people who made fun of me, who teased me, who called me ugly, people who called me a monster, is to make myself better and to show them - you know what? tell me those negative things & i would turn them around & i'm going to use them as a ladder to climb up to my goals.

i used the people who were telling me that i couldn't do this; to motivate me.
 i used their negativity to light my fire to keep going.
 use that.
use that.
use that negativity that you have in your life to make yourself better, because i guarantee you, guarantee you, you will win

i want you to ask yourself, what defines you?

 but remember, brave starts here. "

you are the one who is going to define who you are.

ask yourself, what defines you?

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