happy new year!


here's a big 'happy new year' for everyone reading this!

happy new year guys, i hope 2014 would be a great year ahead for all of you.
well i'm not really looking forward to it because of o's but i do hope that i'll still be able to have fun.

for those who have had a bad year last year, forget about them and put those behind because its in the past already! you gotta look up ahead & move on!

well the photo which i posted is a compilation of the whatsapp conversations i had with some people last night. i made an effort to thank everyone i was grateful for & wrote them a short note with a new year blessing.

but this thing got me crying so badly because some of the replies were too sweet, gosh.
and sorry if our conversations aren't here because i didn't save everyone's.

had a great nye yesterday and really thankful for it!

have a great 2014 and good luck for whatever you do!



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