As i looked through my camera album earlier on i realized that i've done much more things in 2013 than i thought i did. therefore, in today's post i would share to everyone the things that happened to me this year and the things i'm grateful for.
(don't blame me for blogging everyday because i'm feeling so bored being stuck at home alone with nothing to do, and no one's updating their blog so i can't read any blogs too)

2013 passed by pretty quick, but i'm glad it's almost over. 

in 2 days' time. 

i'm just going to list down every single event i can remember doing this year. Here are the things i've done this year and the things i'm happy about, the things i'm grateful for.

1. Genting trip with my cousins and family (March 2013)
2. Bangkok trip with my family (March 2013)
3. SAM adventure with akina on my birthday (1 June 2013)
4. My very first birthday party (1 June 2013)
5. Receiving many many many presents on my birthday (1 June 2013)
6. Getting my first fish-eye lens before i left for europe
7. 2 weeks getaway to Europe 
8. Visiting Paris and saw the eiffel tower for the very first time in my life
9. Visiting Switzerland and fell in love with that country (its my dream to migrate there)
10. Visiting Italy and saw the leaning tower of pisa for the first time, the colosseum in rome and visiting venice.
11. Eating the best seafood pasta i've ever eaten in my entire life - In Venice
12. Getting my first yin yang necklace which i really wanted
13. Getting my Galaxy Note 8.0 from my brother as a birthday present
14. Getting a kate spade wallet from my mum as a birthday present
15. Getting a bag from marc by marc jacobs for the first time
16. When i earned $700+ from my blogshop
17. When i started baking with akina and earned close to $100 even though we did it for "fun"
18. Going to Japan for the first time 
19. Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Japan for the first time
20. Receiving a handmade book for a birthday present
21. Getting my third dreamcatcher from my two friends
22. Dining at Lenas with akina and it became one of my fav restaurants
23. Celebrating 6th aunt's birthday
24. Celebrating grandma's birthday
25. Getting closer to grandpa
26. Cousins meetup at town
27. Bought a swimsuit after a year
28. Swimming with my cousins
29. Chinese new year steamboat dinner with family and cousins
30. Receiving many compliments from my readers for my gratitude post
31. Enrolling for piano lessons after 3 years
32. H2H talk with jiaying (all the time)
33. Going for tianyu's birthday party and spent half the day with kina
34. Getting closer to afiqah and elaine this year
35. Getting closer to qianlin even though we aren't that close anymore
36. Going to the airport with qianlin and vanessa for lunch
37. Meeting new classmates in 305
38. Getting into the same class as rachel after 2 years
39. Lunch at subway every friday with rachel 
40. Pastamania lunch with akina (sometimes)
41. Stopped my obsession with pastamania and the cute guy there
42. Going to a cross talk show at kallang theatre with the school because i managed to sit with jiaying, kailin and rachel
43. Tuition classes with jorine, kailin and jolene
44. EMDD with the clique and then going to dinner with akina at night
45. Getting my doctor martens
46. Buying a pair of boots with jiaying
47. Talking and going home with kailin (and not to mention that we've gotten closer)
48. Choreographing for NDP dance performance
49. Getting 2nd place for NDP dance performance (did we?)
50. Astons with the clique
51. Day out with jorine, qianlin and vanessa
52. Day out with rachel, jared and marcel ( x 2 )
53. Lunch with siblings and aunt/uncle 
54. Swimming and sun-tanning with my brother
55. Removing all of my moles on my face (!!!)
56. Getting my specs for the third time
57. Started wearing contact lens
58. Watching movie with edwin and daryl + dinner
59. Receiving my iPod nano 7 from my mum
60. Receiving a new dslr [ Canon 100d ] from my mum
61. Cousin's birthday celebration with my mum at swensens
62. Getting accepted for biomedical competition at ACJC which is gonna happen in 2014
63. Trying Grasso Coffee for the first time
64. Basketball night with the gals 
65. Music dreamer live! cafe outings with my family
66. Ikea outing with the clique after basketball session
67. Trying out a maxi dress for the first time in my life 
68. Getting a romper with my cousin and started to develop a slight obsession with rompers
69. Getting out of kpop addiction/fandom
70. Dimsum at town with family and aunt's family
72. Making my chocolate chip cookies again after 2 years
73. Getting back my love for peanut butter again this year
74. Doing CIP at church with sarah, szchermae (?), leeann and jolene
75. DTF dinner with family for my bro's birthday at paragon
76. Mum's birthday dinner with fam and aunt at DXE 
77. Getting mum a chanel necklace for her birthday
78. Meetup at bishan with akina and then breakfast
79. Getting a pair of new shades after losing it 6 months ago
80. Getting all the things i wanted from carousell 
81. Movie and lunch with afiqah
82. Dyeing my hair for the first time
83. Getting really happy when both of my grandpas were said to be fine after being suspected of cancer
84. Getting a new pair of sandals
85. Sushi-making day with the clique and it was my first time making sushis
86. Trying out poulet for the first time 
87. CIP with jiaying and ann - gained a lot of experience
88. Started eating greens - hated veggies so much before but i love them now
89. Stopped drinking carbonated drinks 
90. Getting my first christmas nails
91. Falling in love with someone // or eye candy for someone after a long time
92. Getting my monster inc shirt from topman hehehe
93. Getting a pair of Marshall headphones for my brother
94. Watching frozen with my cousin and late night talk with her
95. Getting my pooh bear from disneyland 
96. Eating 5 meals/day at japan - reliving all my food obsession
97. Getting taller 
98. Managed to lose 5kg over a few months even though i wasn't on any diet or intended to lose
99. Getting proposed to by this guy (he's way older and it was just a casual remark but it's something that got me really happy about bc i used to have a crush on him hahahaha)
100. Got a habit for gym-ing and getting fit - this is definitely one of the best things that happened to me, and i'm glad to say that i've started eating clean and never felt healthier than this, and getting my abs (even though they disappeared already) and a toner body………even though i've stopped doing all of this now. however, i've learnt how to live a healthier life.

and here's a list of things i really hated this year.

1. when doctors suspected that both of my grandpas had cancer (but it has become a good thing in the end because the suspicion was cleared)
2. when i started drifting away from people i was once close to
3. getting really bad grades for my mye/eoy exams
4. when i started believing that all good things come to an end - because bad things are bound to happen.
5. when i started to lose trust in people and everything else
6. when i started to self-harm again 
7. when i started to give up on life
8. when i felt like shit all over again over love issues because i started to have a crush on someone 
9. each time i pms-ed
10. when i found out what some friends did behind my back
11. when i struggled with friendship problems
12. when i started becoming lazy and stopped gym-ing for good
13. when i started to have more insecurities
14. when i started to lose people i didn't want to lose
15. when i unintentionally hurt some people who loved me
16. when i realized some things that aren't meant to be will never be
17. facing so many bad things which happened in school & this made me thought of quitting school for real
18. feeling so down, lost and depressed in some time of the year

after all, 2013 seems to be a pretty good year for me because there were more things that i'm grateful for. 

perhaps, life isn't that bad after all. 

kidding, 2012 have been the worst, so i'm pretty glad 2013 was okay.

throughout everything i've been through, i'm glad to say that i was strong enough to overcome all the bullshits i had to go through, remain where i am today and happy to be stronger than before. 

bad things are bound to happen, and so are good things.

for those who had a bad year, don't worry because 2014 will be better for you! as they say, there will always be a rainbow after every rain.

stay positive and continue fighting on!


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