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i can pretty much guess how many people were turned-off by my previous post. one anon said this on my askfm, "you have serious insecurities." hahaha thanks for the reminder (no sarcasm intended) cos i'll always remember what you said and be more determined to get rid of them.
and thank you charmaine for encouraging me to do better and thanks for being an avid reader of this blog even though i've no idea why you do........hahaha thank you anyway, for having so much trust in me.
by the way this is my second time typing out the same thing because i accidentally cleared everything i typed.
anyway i'll be sharing with you guys my blogging experience since i started blogging up till now.
well so, i started blogging at the age of..........ten.
i was introduced to blogger (or blogging to be precise) by mr azhari. mr azhari was the form teacher of my primary 4 class & he wanted to create a class blog for my class, so he taught us all the basics for blogging.
and of course, the class blog was created and he encouraged everyone to create a blog for ourselves. so.............everyone in the class had a blog. (including all the guys oops.....)
i don't know how many of you have heard about chatbox before (or cbox in short) but it was the 'in' thing during that time. it's a gadget that can be added to blogs and it allows people to 'chat' on that gadget anonymously or you can add your name to let people know who you are.
.......well in fact, it was a 'hot' thing because my classmates would chat there everyday.
and below this cbox gadget in the class blog there was a list of bloglinks. these bloglinks consisted of ALL our bloglinks for every student in the class and all you need to do is to click on your friend's name on the list and you'll be directed to her/his blog.
and i, from then onwards, created my very first blog.
my blog had a pink template - and when i say pink i REALLY mean pink. like everything is pink - the words, my cbox, the whole page.................................
oh wells, i was only ten.
but of course everyone was excited about blogging because it was the first time we found out about it.
and from then onwards i created many many blogs....................so this blog is probably the 7th...8th....or maybe the 10th.
and during that time my cousin (who was 3 years older) also had a blog so she taught me how to change blogskins by changing the html.........and i took a long time to learn it by myself because it was so confusing (all the html and everything omg)
blogskins can be taken by blogskins.com but as you can see now my blogger template is taken from blogger itself because i can't be bothered to change my blogskin.
lazy cheryl = typical cheryl
so this blog (shot-of-whiskey) was created when i was 13. i kept this blog up till now and its quite surprising because i used to create a new blog everytime i was bored with the old one.
i blogged ocassionally when i was 13-14 and updated my blog quite often - maybe a post every month. and sometimes when i get lazy............i stop blogging for months.
and when i was 14 i met ryan (which is my 'brother' now) and we talked a lot........so one day i 'forced' him to create a blog so he did hahahaha i can never forget how every single blog post of his was like. he would start off by 'hi stalker' and then he would end off by 'bye stalker!'. and of course the 'stalker' was me because i was probably the only one who read his blog.
each time i created a new blog i would also give an introduction of myself, like 'hi guys, i'm cheryl' 'i'm fifteen this year' 'i'm from (whichever school i'm in)'................introductions never fail to bore me to death.
if y'all have noticed i have no introductions in my first post of this blog because i've deleted 105 posts from this blog recently.
because i looked back at my old posts, laughed, and wondered why i was so dumb.
of course, i still am, but slightly better now (hehe)
maybe 5 years from now i would also look back at this post and laugh at how silly i was................that would be cool.
if you all need an introduction............
hi, i'm cheryl.
........thats it, you don't need to know more than that hahaha
3 days from today it would be 6 years since i started blogging. time really flies, sigh. blogging have taken part of my life ever since i started, and up till today i'm still grateful for mr azhari because if he didn't introduce blogging to me i probably wouldn't even start blogging.
if people were to ask me, "why do you even blog?"
i would answer,
well simply because blogging have become a passion & also a hobby. i blog to express & blogging allows me to express what i feel and say what i wouldn't say to others.
• makes me happier because i've my own freedom of speech
• inspires me to do better
one reason why i never used to blog about my views on life (like the gratitude post) is because i never thought anyone would read my blog, so i've always blog 'for fun' and there was never a need for me to really think when it comes to blogging.
of course not many people read my blog up till today but i'm still glad people do, not because i want to impress them (i've nothing to impress anyway) but because it makes me feel honoured whenever someone tells me they read my blog.
the fact that people actually takes the time to read my blog.................i'm really grateful for that.
some anons told me that they were my 'blog fans' on my askfm but of course i can't entirely believe that because i don't know who they are.......perhaps one person was just trying to make me happy by making it seem like i have quite a few of blog fans (because one anon can ask as many questions as they want on askfm).
if you're this anon or one of them, THANK YOU. honestly, sincerely.
you've made a difference in my life.
i don't even expect people to like me, much less read my blog or even like reading them. that is why i feel grateful even if only one person in the entire world reads this.
of course i also feel like i'm disappointing everyone most of the time because i'm so pessimistic. but i guess i have to remind myself all the time that i don't have to impress anyone.
so if you ever feel offended or disappointed with me i apologise.
as i'm here today i would want to sincerely thank everyone for being with me till the end of 2013.
3 more days till it ends, so please cherish it well.
i hope you guys have a good life ahead.

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