let her go


But you only need the light when it's burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go
Only know you've been high when you're feeling low
Only hate the road when you're missing home
Only know you love her when you let her go 
Let her go - Passenger [one of my favs in my playlist]
Friday 13 December, 12:41p.m.
finally found some time to blog since i'm on my mac & i haven't been updating [much] on what i've been doing for the past week(s) so here it is!
and by the way, the poll is ending in 7 days but i might end it earlier because i'm flying off on the 21st and i'm afraid that i've no time to blog on the 20th so i will blog earlier.
& i haven't said this but i'm very very very  extremely extremely grateful & thankful for all the anons who posted suggestions/compliments on my ask.fm regarding my gratitude post! & also thankful for all those reading this now because you've no idea how insecure i am about my life (sigh) and i've always thought that no one ever reads my blog because it's boring + i've poor english (hahaha sigh i'm sorry i have always sucked in my languages). anyway, i'm very thankful!! (p.s. this is coming from the bottom of my heart) and there was this anon who requested a dedication on my ask.fm on my next blogpost so if you're reading this, i just wanna say a big thank you & "love you" here!! thanks for reading my blog because it really really means so much to me. 
on the side note, i've a video to share!
i think i've mentioned before that i LOVE yiruma's songs because i think he's a really talented guy and (needless to say) he's handsome!!!!! plus his voice is like…………heaven. so here's my fav video of him playing river flows in you live and he's playing and singing at the same time so its really good!!! & of course ALL his other songs are good too. my fav pieces also include mariage d'amour by richard clayderman (inserts heart shape), fur elise (of course) and canon in d by pachelbel. [speaking of canon in d this really reminds me of music lessons in school during lower sec with mr sim gosh] alright so do enjoy the video!!! here are the links to mariage d'amour & canon in d. i don't think i've said this before but i love classical music above anything else in the world (loved it ever since i was young so my dad always thought i was weird because he thought no one would appreciate classicals at a young age….)
♪river flows in you

well i tried posting the youtube video here but i think it doesn't work well on mobile and only mac….

okay so i'm done blogging about everything i needed to say so here's the update! (it might sound boring because its super lengthy - i have too much to blog about)

did my nails again last monday after dinner that day with my mum. aren't my christmas nails cute?? hehe. i requested for my nails to be done that way because it's the christmas season now and this idea was taken (or inspired) from someone who posted a photo of their christmas nails on tumblr but i kinda modified the design because the santa claus was supposed to be on the middle finger instead but i thought it would be cuter on my thumb so…..
if you're wondering where i did it, i did my nails at the nail salon in my condo! it costed $15 for the design (not including the base color of course) but i thought it was pretty cheap bc the normal price would be $20 for just nail design or more than that, depending on the complexity of the design you want. and this were gelish nails so it was more expensive than the normal ones so i think it costed about $40++ for total. my mum and i got the package at the salon together & that's why the price was reasonable (and i thought it was kinda cheap). and by the way, they charge $15-$20 for express nails.
i don't think you would get the nails at a cheaper price than this elsewhere though! because i asked for the price for christmas nails that day in the mall…..they told me they charge $28-$68. well, you might find cheaper ones but i'm not so sure. 
anyway if you want to check it out sometime, it's in double bay residences @ simei street 4 and the shop is located just beside the guardhouse so its easy to spot! and also do a booking @ the salon if you are doing it in the christmas-new year season. i don't have the contact number of the owner there but i can make a booking for you if you want, just ask me on ask.fm/cheryyyyllll
so i went CIP for 2 days consecutively last thursday and friday @ the library…………….. (went with jiaying on thursday and ann on friday)
 went to national library @ bugis with jiaying on thursday to do CIP for 3 hours and we almost died. so we were supposed to assist in some event going on that day but the slots were full so the staff made us do packing instead. so there were only 3 of us (there was some guy who joined us but i've no idea what his name is) but we had to pack so many things into thousands of boxes that were gonna be delivered to ALL the libraries in singapore. so we did lots of packing, taping and moving of boxes for the whole of 3 hours there………….i can't even explain how tiring it was. (i'd rather play tennis for the whole day) 
jiaying left straight after that because she had something on so i went home. was craving for yogurt so badly because i was so tired & the only thing i had in mind was yogurt. so i called my bro and asked him where he was but he was still having lessons in school so i went straight home and crashed on my bed for like twenty minutes…..before changing out of my jeans and heading out again for dinner and my yogurt. YOGURT!
no idea why but i have this slight obsession with yogurt and ice cream (well of course 90% goes to yogurt and 10% to ice cream). it's the only two thing that comes to my mind when i'm hungry or sad. 
so this was what i ordered! wanted to buy the take home pack but i thought i wouldn't be home for the next few days so i didn't :( 
alright i should stop elaborating so much on every picture cos its gonna get boring.
and tadah finally a picture of my red hair!!!! i don't think anyone would be waiting for this picture to be posted but i said that i would post a picture of my dyed hair on my previous posts. so this is the outcome! i think the red has fully developed but its not really obvious so i'm kinda disappointed :( its (totally) black indoors and slightly brownish-red outdoors! 
dinner @ poulet yesterday! was at bedok mall for the second time. 
sorry for the picture, it doesn't look appealing but in real life it's definitely better than that! gonna blame it on my camera for this. also, it was my first time trying poulet & i've read numerous reviews on it before. mum and bro both ordered the half chicken ($15.80 if i'm not wrong, and $28.50 for whole chicken) & i ordered something different to try. i ordered the sausages but the portion was too small so i didn't bother to take a picture of it. the sausages were nice and the roasted chicken too! i wouldn't say that the chicken was very very good because personally i felt that it tasted the same as those in other restaurants.
met rachel at tiong bahru for breakfast yesterday at around 10:30 because we were supposed to collect our shoes from the owner at queenstown mrt at 10 together & head to somewhere near to have breakfast. was terribly late because i left the house late & i realized i forgot to bring my wallet when i was going out so i went back home to retrieve it…… 
anyway, i wore this super cute top i bought from topman a few months ago while shopping with edwin and daryl. you can't even imagine how happy i was after seeing this tee at the rack because i was literally jumping for joy (like up and down & all the male staffs were like "wtf are u doing here"). i have this huge liking/crush for monster inc since young & i was really sad because i didn't manage to find time to catch monsters university in the theaters…. :( :( :( :( so yup you can now imagine how happy i was when i found something which was monster-inc-related. 
ANYWAY, rachel and i decided to have our breakfast @ long john silver's because most of the shops weren't open yet. worst decision ever to eat breakfast at ljs……because i ordered french toast from there and i was so HORRIFIED to find out that the french toast were deep-fried. 
who the **** actually deep-fries french toasts? 
and the worst thing is, 
the french toast all looked thick (it was actually just normal, plan white bread) and it was only thick because the oil were all inside. it really felt as if i pressed a sponge full of oil……….
okay, everyone, never ever ever ever order french toasts from there. never. 
thereafter, we left around 12 and we went town to slack for awhile. (we just sat somewhere, bought yogurt and talked all the way)
and i finally managed to save up some $$$ so i decided to buy my brother's belated birthday present (finally!). it was hard finding it because most of the shops didn't have this so i had to look for several shops before getting this. it costed $199.00 so there goes my savings again…………...
so this was the pair of shoes (floral sneakers) we collected yesterday.
forgot to blog about this earlier but i went for dinner @ food garage at chinatown point during our break after CIP with ann and i ordered fish & chips for the first time in my life (gosh can you even believe this). i'm never a fan of fish and chips because i don't really like fried fishes, so i would normally order chicken for main courses. no idea why but there were too many food to choose from so i ended up ordering this. 
and then i can't remember when was this but i went to table manners for dinner @ changi city point with my fam and i ordered grilled chicken! the ambience there was really really good because it was located in between two bars & it was happy hour so there were lots of people and music was blasting everywhere.
managed to dig up some photos from my thumb drive last week and that explains why i've been posting so many candids on instagram………
and obviously a failed attempt of doing a split there. 

all right, so i am done blogging for today and this was supposed to be a short update but i spent 3 hours on it already………gonna cut down on blogging (hopefully i will succeed though) for this month since i don't have much time till school starts.

till then! xoxo,

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