"because some people are worth melting for." - olaf (frozen)
hey guys!
so i watched frozen last saturday with my cousin like FINALLY. wanted to watch the hobbits also because it looked nice but my cousin wanted to watch frozen so badly so i booked the tickets online!
went to tampines mall to catch the one @ 9:35pm (and it ended around 11:30 because it started at like 10 after endless adverts) but we went shopping before the show started so here's what i bought from there! 

• tee from topshop - $39 (i got it at $35 because i'm a member)
• black beanie from uniqlo - $16.90 (for my tokyo trip! i also bought a red one few weeks ago from daiso so that i can wear it on christmas hehehe)
• black shades from cotton on - $15 (i don't think it was worth $15 because the condition of it was actually quite bad but i needed a pair of shades desperately since all the old ones have died.)
• maroon-red shorts from cotton on - $10 (its going for 2 for $20 now so my cousin bought the other one)
• vintage print skirt from cotton on - $10
so practically i went to the cashier @ cotton on for like 3 times to pay for 3 different items because each time i wanted to leave i see something i like.......
sigh SO,

frozen was really good, i really liked it. i was actually quite surprised at the number of people in the cinema that day - it was actually full. i managed to book the last few seats at the 3rd front row 2 hours before the movie. something that surprised me more was the fact that there were more guys than girls in the theatre! [ANYWAY] well, elsa is a really beautiful character but anna appeared in more scenes even though she's not the main lead. my fav character has got to be olaf (hehehehe) he's SO funny omg i just died laughing. olaf had a lot of funny scenes so i guess that was the best part of the movie. i laughed especially hard when he dreamt of himself enjoying summer (when he's actually a snowman). the second best part of the movie was definitely the scenes where elsa & anna sang, because their voice was like really really good.
it's rated 5 stars and i'm gonna rate it 9/10 hehe.

major huge crush on him (ten thousand heart shapes)

here's the preview if you haven't watched!

well my cousin had work the next day and she was going home right after the movie but we left tampines quite late because all the escalators stopped working already and many people were waiting for the lift and things like that. so we finally reached the mrt but there weren't anymore trains to Joo Koon, and because simei and tampines are just one stop away i forgot that simei was in the Joo Koon side so we took the train to pasir ris (FML). so we wandered around pasir ris interchange till like 12am wondering which buses go to simei, & thank goodness we found bus 17 which took us to changi general hospital, and we finally alighted & because the hospital isn't that close to my house, we had a long way home………….well we reached home at 1am lol (yup she skipped work because i found a fabulous excuse for her). anyway, we talked all the way home and after showering and all, we continued talking all the way till 2am++ before we went for bed.

so grateful for her because she did a lot of things for me during these two days (hehe secret) 
{i look like shit ok please don't judge}

Friday, 13 December 2013
so this was last friday when i went for a dip in a pool (well partially cos i was just dipping my legs). i went there alone after accompanying my mum for a walk nearby and after sending her home at the gate. well, spent some quality time alone for like 30 minutes before kailin came. 
well this week/past week have been tough because there were a lot of things on my mind and i was bothered by a lot of shit and i couldn't really sleep well because of that. nevertheless, i'm very grateful for the people who listened to all my crap [especially kailin because i called her out quite a number of times]. and also akina and jiaying ((love y'all so much))
i like going to the pool at night alone/with a friend whenever i'm troubled or feeling low, i guess it's the best way for me to de-stress and forget about all the bad things for a little while.

Monday, 16 December 2013
so yesterday i went to bedok community library for CIP again with jiaying at 11am. our shift actually starts at 10 and we were supposed to meet at 945 at the interchange but i slept through my alarm and woke up at 930, so we eventually met at 1030am. got lost in bedok cos we couldn't find the library so we ended up reaching at 11. we changed a lot of shifts and did quite a number of jobs but it was quite fun sitting at the card redemption booth because there were lots of kids there and they were really excited getting the cards. we finally had our lunch break at 1 plus and went to swensen's at bedok mall for lunch, and came back the library at 3 and left at 5pm.
so as usual i ordered grilled salmon again while jiaying ordered sambal fish! well i only like to order aglio olio or salmon there because they are healthier options! and we also ordered a side dish and our banana split sundae.
anyway we left the library at 5pm and headed to changi city point to get yogurt. and we talked all the way till 9pm (plus we talked a lot during lunch already) because there were so many things to talk about. 

and that concludes my post for today. on the side note i'm really really excited for my tokyo trip and i can't wait for christmas!!!!!!!!!! (well I've never celebrated christmas in my entire life can you believe it)

alright till then! xoxo, 

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