last saturday



finally managed to spend some mummy-daughter time with my mum last saturday. 
took the train to marina square because both of us wanted to fix our hair at the salon, & we also ate lunch on the way! 
dined at DimDim for the first time.
i'm a big fan of dim sum so it's definitely a "MUST TRY" if i walk past a new restaurant.
we ordered quite a lot of dim sum & it was about $25 in total. i think it's really affordable but in terms of quality……………….i would recommend for other hong kong restaurants.
not that it is bad, but i think there are nicer ones in singapore. 
out of everything we've ordered, i like the glutinous rice best. or whatever you call it, "bamboo rice" or "bamboo glutinous rice". the siew mai was so-so and the pan fried carrot cake was a NO.
i'm a big fan of carrot cakes (well if you're my close friend you would know) & their carrot cake really sucked. well maybe it's only because i've high expectations :(
the custard bun was so-so too because it was a lil bit dry.
however, you can make a stop there if you want to try it! don't think i would come back for a second time but i wouldn't say it's bad either. 
food you should try: 
1. bamboo glutinous rice
2. honey lemon drink ( i think it's the bestseller there)
3. honey chicken bun (?) - no idea what is it called but it looked really nice * i didn't try it *
anyway, here are some details of that place! 
(rating: 3.5/10)

Address: #B1-16 Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard
Phone: 63369088
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday, 11:00am - 9:00pm


thereafter, we headed for kimage hair salon ( Marina Square ) to fix our hair. and this (photo above) was my end product after spending 5 hours at the salon. i've been going to this salon ever since i was 6, so i'm a regular. [actually vvips because my mum got the private room all to herself.]
needless to say, i was very satisfied with their service!
well i did soft rebonding + treatment + haircut all at once, because it was a package. don't ask me why i rebonded my hair again, i didn't want to either - my hair was really in a mess before this. 
you can see the ends aren't that straight even though its supposed to be, because my stylist permed my hair before i left. it was a temporary perm because i wasn't sure whether i would look good with curls. :(
anyway i'm satisfied with my hair now so yay.

alright till then!

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