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{1 Jan 2014}

now's the time of the year that we should prepare ourselves for the coming new year. we should mentally prepare ourselves for the challenges that we're gonna face along the year, so let us all kickstart a brand new year with a positive mind! 

we've to embrace ourselves before we can embrace the things that are gonna come to us, the people who are gonna stay in our lives & people who are going to step in our lives for the very first time. so let us all brace this post for now.

well, as teenagers, we all go through this stupid & painful phase in life called puberty. that is probably why teenagers seem to be much more unhappy than people from all walks of life, more unhappy than adults, kids and the elderly. & of course, everyone goes through puberty and its impossible to avoid or escape from that because no one can ever go against the caprice of it.

alright, so what do teenagers feel? we feel like shit all the time, we feel pain & hurt when people does shit to us. we feel like dying because life doesn't seem to be worth it, we feel sad for no reason. we feel happy sometimes, but we know that happiness doesn't come easy & it doesn't last. we feel lost in life because we can't see the directions that we're supposed to go to, we feel insecure because we don't feel good enough. we feel depressed when we realise no one actually loves us, we feel like everyone's a bitch because people back-stabs us. we feel lonely because we don't get attention, we feel troubled when things don't fall in place for us. above everything else, we feel that we deserve so much more than this.

but let me remind you that - there will definitely be someone better than you. they will be stronger, smarter, taller, prettier and wealthier than you.
i didn't say this to bring anyone down, but no matter how much you think that i'm lying you know that that's true. what i've just said - you know, deep from the bottom of your heart, that is true.

that's how life is - CRUEL.

because no matter how pretty you look, you know how you really look like under those make-up. because no matter how much of a 'natural beauty' you are, people can still be prettier than you. because no matter how smart you are, people can still be smarter than you. because no matter how rich you are, people can still be richer than you. because no matter how sad you are, people can still be sadder than you. because no matter how well you can sing, people can still sing better than you. and no matter how well you dance, people can still dance better than you. 

but no matter how happy you are, no one is going to win you.

let me repeat this: no matter how happy you are, no one is going to win you.
anyone and everyone can be the world's happiest person alive - but remember this, there's only one person who can be that person. and that person's YOU.

the one who is reading this now. the one who is staring at these few words right now, the one on your phone or on your desktop right now. the one who can be better than anyone else, the one who looks fine even though his/her heart is scarred. the one who is able to smile even though life never gave her/him any reasons to. the one who is able to pull through after all this time & the one who is still breathing now. and you,  you're the one who is beautiful.


if you're reading this now, i want you to tell yourself that. right now. that 'I AM BEAUTIFUL FOR THE WAY I AM.' repeat that as many times as you can.
everyone is beautiful, and you are too. never forget that. if you're reading this now, pat yourself on your back, tell yourself 'well done!' cos you've managed to live up till today, you've overcome all the challenges you've faced before you stand here today. and most importantly, tell yourself you've done a good job.
and that person i've mentioned earlier on; the person who is going to be stronger, taller, smarter, richer, more capable and better than you - that person, is no one but a person that lies in you.
that person lives beneath your soul, it lives within you. it lives it you. it lives in your heart. and that person's gonna appear only when you've found the way you've wanted to live and only when you've found the way to live.

so, how much more do you have to wait before that person appears in you?
you don't have to wait, because time will eventually show. time will show you how much you've changed, time will show you how much stronger you became and time will show you how much more beautiful you think you are.
the day that you've finally found a reason to live, a meaning to live - that's the time when the 'angel' that lives in you will appear for the very first time.
this 'angel', will be you, but stronger, stronger and more beautiful than before.
this 'angel' would be a happier person, he/she would realise the true meaning of happiness & will be 100000x happier than you are right now.

above all, the greatest enemy you should compete with, is no one but yourself.
the greatest devil & angel lies within you - the greatest god & satan lies within you - it only takes you just a little bit more effort to try, and the god & the angel will remain.
do it, kick the satan and the devil out of your life.
god made us all beautiful. and yes, i'm not a christian but regardless of what your religion is, believe that god made you for a reason. god believes in all of us, and you should too.
you may think that no one believes in you, but god will, and i will too.
no matter who you are, you're capable of achieving. you're capable of achieving more than this. you're better than this.
to whoever reading this right now,
never give up. god believes in you. i believe in you too. you're beautiful and amazing like that, so don't bring yourself down. you're stronger than what you think. you're the most beautiful person i've ever known. 

for those who have lots of insecurities, throw them away and lift your chins up. its true that i've a lot of insecurities, but i've finally put them behind me. i know its hard to believe that because it wasn't long before i told you guys my biggest insecurities, but trust me i'm not lying. because i've finally decided to look beyond my own imperfections. and by doing that, i'm happy. happier than before. happier than ever. 

i've always walked past people in crowds, most of the time with my head down because i figured out that i really hated people, i hated crowds. i felt really small in big places & i really wanted to get out of all of that. i hated noises, it felt like as if people were judging me. i hated eye contact, i didn't want people to see me. all i wanted was, to disappear.

and as i stand here today (not literally), i'm proud to tell you guys that i've finally learned how to step out of my comfort zone & being more confident with myself. i've decided to look at things beyond my own imperfections, i accepted & love my flaws and i've become stronger. i'll be stronger in no time, because i believe in myself. because others believed in me, so did i. people accepted me, so did i. people wanted me to become stronger, so did i. 

one day when you're gonna be happier like me, you'll be proud of yourself. 
you'll never feel as good as this.
and of course, people are still going to continue to judge me.
but it doesn't bother me anymore.
well, the fact that people judge - its all just a human instinct.
but the thing is, why do you bother about those who bring you down?
why do their comments matter to you?
why do you bother tormenting yourself with scars, cuts and lock yourself up in the room just because of what they said?
if anyone ever said you're ugly, disgusting, gross, hideous,
close your eyes, forget everything you've just heard, say a 'thank you' and move on.
don't even bother to say things that could bring them down as well, because you're stooping down to their level. just remember they have a pea-sized brain and that they can't think. remember that you don't have any reasons to bother about why they think. remember that you don't need those shitty comments to ruin your day.

afterall, i've learnt that people aren't gonna stop bringing you down, no matter who you are and how successful you are. the more successful you are, the more people there will be to bring you down. the more capable you are, the more people there will be to compete with you.
but the stronger you are, no one can be stronger than you.
like what megan fox said, 'fuck what others say, and do your own thing'.
my sentiments exactly, don't bother what others say and do whatever you want & whichever way you like.
do anything you want, as long as you're happy.
because happiness is more important than anything else in the world.
the happiest people in the world are the ones who have decided to look beyond the pain, the imperfections and the devils that are gonna ruin their lives. they truly understand the real meaning of happiness and they have earned it.

it's actually funny how the happiest things in life, are the simplest things.

you don't need to be rich to be happy. you don't need to be smart to be happy. you don't need to be popular to be happy. you don't need friends to be happy. you don't need to be healthy to be happy - sometimes people say health is most important above everything else, but i beg to differ. because sometimes a man can still be happy even though he himself is dying from a sickness and even while he is lying on his deathbed, he can still smile.
these people who are strong enough to overcome the devil in themselves, really deserve a standing ovation from all of us.
hands down to all of them.
and someday, you're gonna be one of the happiest people you'll ever know. you're gonna be stronger than the people you've ever met & you'll stand tall and fearless.
i believe in you.
you think nobody loves you? you are wrong.
you think nobody cares about you? you are wrong.
you think you can never be as strong as you want? you are wrong.
you think you can never be prettier than the people you wish to become? you are wrong.
you think you're ugly? you are wrong.
you think you're dumb? you are wrong.
you think self harming is the only way out? you are wrong.
you think life isn't worth it? you are wrong.
you think happiness is hard to find?
you might think you have the saddest life on earth.
but think again.
you don't own all the problems in the world.
so, SMILE. you don't have any reasons not to.
this post isn't enough for me to write down all the things i really want to say, because i really wanna say so much more than this but its never going to be enough.
but above all,
trust me. people are still going to bring you down. shit happens all the time. people leaves, one by one. someday someone will just walk out of your life without saying anything. you're going to be left alone and hurt. and when that day comes, don't forget what i've just said, and i'm telling you, MOVE ON.
no matter how much you hate your life, life goes on. no matter what.
shit happens all the time, thats true, for sure. people are gonna hate you once they get jealous of you. no one's ever gonna stop ruining your life, but the only person who can stop all of that is YOU. no one can control your life better than you do, no one's gonna be better than you.
and when that time comes, when people start being envious of you because you're happy, beautiful, strong and healthy - don't forget to also stretch your arms to reach out to those in need, pull them up from hell and put them in heaven. tell them how you've got this far & people will start learning from you. and when they do, they are going to be like you. just like you.
successful, powerful, talented........and most importantly, happy.
be who you are and say what you feel,
because the people who matter won't mind,
and the people who mind doesn't matter.
& i, have learnt how to be happier, more confident with myself and when i began to learn how to let go of things that aren't meant for me, accept things that come to me and appreciate people who stood by me, i became happier.
much more happier than what you guys think.
and much happier than i've ever felt.

we should surround ourselves with people who truly care for us and love us, forget about the ones who have hurt us and care about the people we love.
there's no point in hating on the ones who treat us like shit or people who have hurt us. because after all, they were the ones who have moulded us into the people we are now.
stronger people.
stronger than before.

{just try and get up, you gotta slowly brush it off. i know that words aren't enough but you are better than this.}

lift your chins up.
yes, you look better that way.
stand tall,
you don't have a reason to be afraid.

you're amazing, remember that.

and don't forget………

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