Day 139: Less than two weeks left?! #346daysofgratitude


It's only....TWELVE more days till I head back home! Wow time seriously flies, I can't believe I'm actually going back so soon. And as you can tell I'm flippin' excited to go home but I'm certain that I'd miss Aussie as soon as I get back home, oh wells. Such is life.
Well anyway, the only reason why I'm so excited to go back is due to the fact that I can't wait to return back to the arms of my family once again. As I've mentioned before I've been facetiming my family quite a lot now and realising how close I am to seeing them again makes me so happy. Last night I actually spent more than an hour talking to them and I was telling my mum about the food I miss eating (meepok, paus, tangyuans, ikea's vegan meatballs and Lia's cooking) and she said she would stock up some of them for me so that by the time I get home I'd have the luxury to eat them HEHE. Father's day is also coming up pretty soon so we're going for a family dinner when I get back! And most likely at a vegetarian restaurant so it's easier for me :) So happy to hear that my mum and grandparents have been cutting down their meat intake too whooop.
Mum actually wanted to go for a holiday too since it would be the last one before my brother enlists for NS but in the end we couldn't decide where to go even after two weeks of thinking so...I just told my mum to go to JB instead ahahaha. So we're heading over to JB two days after I get back and it will be a one-day trip with my grandparents as well! And then there's also a number of things I have to do when I get back: Ear piercing (since my left one closed), thread my brows, buy more jeans, dye my hair, get new screen protectors...and maybe do a blood test too! I've been thinking of doing one since it has been almost a year since I turned vegan so it's probably ideal to check for any deficiencies. And maybe go for blood donation now that I'm over 18 and wouldn't need to have a parent's consent for it (I always get lazy to fill up the form ahaha) but well, there's quite a lot of things to be done.

Okay anyhoo, it's 1:51pm now and I've barely did anything today (yet) since I woke up late - but I've showered and eaten already, so after this post I'm going to do a little bit of studying (hopefully, if I don't procrastinate lol), cook dinner in the evening and hopefully have a chill night :) Been waking a lot later than usual recently but I presume this is better than forcing myself to wake up early and then fall back asleep in the afternoon for a nap again because I believe that's less productive than the former! Had a good sleep last night too even though it was filled with weird dreams and I just felt like I slept for a loooong loooong time. Woke up this morning and snuggled in for a lil bit before heading to shower because I was reading the thought catalog article (30 things I learnt at the age of 30) again because I loooove it so much. Just wanted it to serve as a timely reminder that life isn't as bad as what we all think and everything's okay as long as we keep a positive attitude. Been trying to work on it because it's hard to remain positive all the time especially when life doesn't give you a reason to - and I hope that those who feel the same way as I do would at least try to do something about it :)

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