Day 160: Goodbye Hatyai! #346daysofgratitude


Had no intentions to blog about this day but just thought I'd share some photos from my second last day in Hatyai! I've actually been to Hatyai twice or thrice before this few years back, so it's definitely not a new experience but that's okay! But I really do want to visit Chiang Mai though, end of this year or next summer maybe? :P

Anyway, lunch was at this vegetarian place called Nam Heng Vegetarian! It's the most popular vegetarian restaurant here in Hatyai and it was only less than five minutes away from our hotel. 

We ordered this plate of stir-fry noodles with mock meat and it was pretty tasty! It would be perfect if it was less oily and salty though.

We also ordered this sweet and sour 'fish' dish and the fish tasted so legit!

And also....TOMYUM soup because who comes to Thailand without having that right? When I was younger I wasn't a fan of Thai food at all and I only loved tomyum soups but now...I love them! Anyway mum loved the tomyum soup the most because it was so generous with ingredients. We also shared one bottle of soy milk and damn, that was probably the richest soy milk I've ever had! Not to mention that I've also bought almost 30 packets of them home :P

The entire meal for both of us only totalled up to $9.40sgd, and where can you actually find that kind of deal back in Singapore? Ahahaha. Anyway if you were wondering where the rest of my family is, they were at another place eating....roasted pork and bak kut teh LOL. I was planning to explore this place on my own but mum decided to join so whoop! Afterwards we took a tuk-tuk down to a mall and met up with the rest. Didn't do much today except shopping actually! We explored a mall and I got 10 bottles of sriracha for some friends, then went back to the hotel for an early rest. :)

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