Day 151 to 155: Singapore, catching up with family and friends! #346daysofgratitude



Day 151: I'm finally back in Singapore after a gruelling 10 hour flight! I literally spent my entire day travelling, and man by the time I finally left the airport I was dead beat. Had to transit in Sydney so I spent my own time there while waiting for my next flight. I checked in, got changed, had lunch, helped a woman to do a survey, got four huge bags of things for my mum and finally got on the plane! My grandparents, six grandaunt, mum and brother welcomed me back at the airport and man, I was so so HAPPY to see them again! My six grandaunt even came to fetch me even though she was on a wheelchair because she remembered her promise, so after giving them my long-awaited hugs we headed home. Strangely, I felt a tinge of unfamiliarity at home ahaha, maybe because I haven't been here for months. But I quickly showered and then had some durian for supper before getting some rest. Didn't have a good sleep that night but oh wells. Note of gratitude: So thankful for the chance to be back into the arms of my loved ones again. :)

Was also pleasantly greeted by a bouquet of baby's breath flowers when I arrived at the airport! Dis is what you get for having the best brother ever :") Baby breath's are my absolute favourite.


Day 152: What a BUSY day. I woke up at 10 in the morning, dropped off at Simei to get some food before heading to the temple! Haven't visited dad in so long, and it's also Father's day today. Can't believe four years have passed (time flies, indeed) and nothing still feels the same without you. Happy Father's Day to the first man I ever loved and my favourite man in the entire world. :*

Also went to the supermarket for a bit and managed to stock up on some fruits! Then we headed back to Sims Drive (where I used to live at when I was younger) to get lunch and man, it was nostalgic af. Everything was. Some of the stall owners in the market could even recognise me when I saw them even though it has been four years since I last appeared there. They said I've grown so well and I was so happy heeh. Afterwards I visited my grandparents at their house for a bit before heading back home again. Had lunch before heading out again with my mum and brother to run some errands - went to a TCM clinic to get my left arm checked and massaged and then I brought my mum to get her brows threaded together with me! It took almost the whole afternoon but after coming back home again I played mahjong with my grandma and six grandaunt until dinner time. Right, I had vegetarian dumplings today too because my mum remembered me saying that I wanted some so she got it for me before I came back! (For now: durian, vegetarian dumplings and ikea veggie balls conquered) (If you don't get what I mean, they are a list of to-eat food ahaha) 
It was like a typical weekend spent with the best family ever. Note of gratitude: So thankful for having the chance to visit daddy again, to visit my grandparents, to go back to my childhood place, to get most of my errands done, and to spend lots of family time today. :)

Day 153: Monday today! Got up early at 8am because I was talking to my grandma and grandaunt for a bit before they left the house and then I chilled a bit before having lunch and heading out. Grandma made (vegan) popiahs for me too and man I was so excited to eat them after my mum told me ahaha. Lia made so many rolls of them for me for lunch and man I was STUFFED. But they were so freaking good oh my. Yet another food conquered! Then I left house for dental at 2pm and got my braces fixed. Apparently one of my brackets came off too lol, so the dentist replaced a new one for me and tightened the braces again. And after I was done with dental I rushed off to my next appointment at the salon and dyed my hair! Spent five hours at the salon waiting for my hair to be done but once I came home I immediately had homecooked food for dinner again - this time round with my favourite luffa veggies and chive dumplings! No idea who bought those chive dumplings for me but I think it was Lia heheh, I used to buy them on my own. Went downstairs to talk to my neighbours for a bit before coming back home to have TANGYUANS for supper! Mum got them for me on the way home and heheh, it was pure bliss. :') Pretty productive day today and it was nice just spending alone time running errands! Note of gratitude: Just so thankful for such a lovely day. 

Day 154: Woke up at 8 today and headed to JB! Spent the entire day there with the fam bam and I finally got my red bean buns WHOOP. (Thanks mum for making all my dreams come true ahaha) When I got home I was just exhausted af, so I crashed pretty early and had 10 hours of sleep, LEEEL.

Day 155: Met up with my ex-classmates today! Man I miss KC soooooooo much. They say IJ friends are friends for life, and man it's true. It's the place where I've forged the most genuine friendships in life and the place where I've met friends I'd never trade anything else in the world for. So glad to see them again today, especially my closest bunch of friends. Spent the remaining afternoon hanging out with Rachel after everyone left and we basically just sat at the fountain talking about life ahaha. I was listening to her talk the whole time and it was so so nice to know that she has grown and learnt so much. She reminded me of the things I once reminded myself before and for that, I'm so grateful for that reminder. Sometimes it's easy to preach or to have dreams but it's easier to do so than to practice or work on them. She told me to do everything I want to do while I'm still young and to not regret, and that definitely came by as a timely reminder. All in all I'm so proud of who she is now (and even before)! It has been awhile since I last had a h2h conversation with someone and that definitely felt nice. :)

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