Day 159: Hatyai, a day of travelling #346daysofgratitude


Day two in hatyai! Got up early at 7, showered and headed over to Lee Gardens again for their breakfast buffet. As usual I had nothing much to eat so I only had fruits and plain toasted bread, sigh if only hatyai was more vegan friendly! But anyway after breakfast we strolled around the streets since we had an hour to spare before the driver came at 10. So at 10 he finally picked us up from the hotel and we started our journey. He brought us to four different temples and so we alighted from the car four times, climbed the stairs, bought joss sticks, prayed and pretty much spent the entire morning doing that. The first one was Guanyin, then it was the four-faced buddha and finally the sleeping buddha! I skipped the second one because I just didn't feel like it, so I sat outside just tanning while waiting for the rest ahahaha. The sleeping buddha statue was especially beautiful, it was so big and majestic.

Next stop was lunch and I wanted to go to a pretty famous vegetarian place but the driver said no because it was far from where we were, so he brought us to this seafood place near the bridge. And as USUAL I obviously don't have anything to eat in a seafood restaurant, so we requested for a plate of stir-fry veggies with no oyster sauce with plain white rice. The plate had cabbage, mini corn, snow peas etc and it was pretty meh, but I still finished everything because I needed food ahahaha. After we were done we strolled around the beach area and got coconuts for refreshment! I loooove looooove looooove fresh coconut water, especially when it's cold. It's just soooo sweet and refreshing. Towards the end of the stroll it was the entrance to the beach so I dragged my brother there for some photos ahahaha. The sand was piping hot because it was hot there and I think I almost burnt the soles of my foot while dancing around, oops. Anyway I did quite a bit of vlogging today so I'm a lil excited to edit and upload it! 

Apparently there's this place or temple in Hatyai where people can donate money to, for the poor who don't have enough money to afford a coffin for themselves after their deaths. So my mum and grandpa stopped off at this temple and donated money while the rest of us waited for them in the car. Afterwards we had an hour to spare before going to the floating market, so the driver dropped us off at the Central festival for some shopping. It was pretty much the most legit shopping mall I've ever seen in Hatyai lol, with proper shops and supermarkets. There was this huge US-based supermarket so we all went in to shop, and I was pretty surprised when I saw "vegan/organic" tags ahaha. Anyway we all bought almost 30 packets of black bean soy milk because we tried it in the afternoon and it was good lol, and I'm going to lug 9 of them back to Aussie if I can. I also unintentionally found yellow sriracha so I got one to try whoop!

It was 4:30 so we went to the floating market! It wasn't anything special but we got some food before we left. Mum bought these little cute agar(s) filled with green bean paste and they are legitly sweet and yum. We spent less than an hour there and then it was time for dinner! We went to one of grandpa's favourite restaurants and as usual, it wasn't vegan friendly ahaha. I must have gotten used to this already lol, but in all honesty Singapore's probably twice as vegan friendly as compared to Hatyai. And so is Aussie. But anyway, I got some fried glass noodles with mushrooms and a dish of asparagus! Of all veggies they had to include coriander (bleaurgh) in the noodles so I only ate 80% of it and then proceeded to have rice with asparagus and some kang kong. The food was pretty average though, and it was especially oily so I definitely do. not. recommend. ahahaha, and after dinner we parted ways. Some of us went to the Asian night market while I headed back to the hotel early. Was planning to call, blog and edit my vlog so I came back earlier but guess what - I brought the wrong charger for my macbook FML. I took a macbook air charger from home and left my macbook pro charger at home, oh welllllllllllls. And the wifi wasn't even being helpful either, I was trying to transfer photos before the battery died but I could barely load anything.

The rest of them came back from the market two or three hours later so I had supper! I had pad thai, pineapple and a packet of the agar thing before they came because I was hungry again lol (pig life as usual). Also managed to talk to Fathin for awhile and I'm pretty sad that we might not get to meet in Singapore, but that's okay because I'm seeing her again back in Hobart. Feels like ages since I last saw her even though it has just been a week plus! Anyway I just ranted (or maybe whine) a bit to her about life (as usual again lol) and I'm so glad she listens. Also, I'm so thankful for my closest bunch of friends especially for the other night. So few nights ago I had a pretty emotional one and akina basically texted me and talked things out with me. She's probably one of the few people who can understand me more than anyone else in the world and if I had to pick one person who knows me, like really know me, it would probably be her. It was already 2 in the morning but she made sure I was okay before I could finally go to sleep, and man I swear she made everything so much better. Jiaying also texted me to ask if I was okay and for that I'm really sooooo grateful for them. Y'know, she's the kind of friend who would cab down immediately to your house if anything happens ahaha. The kind of friend who once, drank with me and cried together because of guys. I can never remember those vodka, whiskey and Sangria especially, ahhhh those memories ahaha. Okay sorry if I digressed, but I'm just trying to say that I'm so thankful to have them in my life. :}

Ended up sleeping pretty early at 11 because I had nothing else to do. 2 more days here in Thailand and I'm looking forward to be back in Singapore! 

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