Day 164: Sushi lunch, friends, letting go #346daysofgratitude


Started the afternoon meeting up with another Cheryl to pass her something and received a lovely letter from her! Then I spent the rest of the afternoon with Kerie and we actually planned to go Brownice for pizzas and ice-cream but I was feeling SUSHI so. 

Felt surreal seeing this girl in real life because I felt like I haven't seen her in AGES. The last time we met was about five months ago and man, we had so much to update and catch up. Soo thankful for this friendship!! 

We went for the sushi buffet but I lost count of how many plates of Inari sushi I took, probably more than five or six....but I was legitly in Inari heaven ahahaha I don't remember having this MUCH Inaris in my life. I had pickle maki and grilled corn sushi too! Oh and loads of GINGER because it's lyf.

After two hours in the restaurant we left and then proceeded to do a little shopping before finally heading home in the evening!! Spent 6 hours with this girl and it was a great time :) Didn't blog about day 162 (Wednesday) but I was out with YY for lunch at Loving Hut and it was great. Actually blogged most of it in dayre already but just recapping some of the things here! Also had a really great time with Rachel and Afiqah that night, just walking around and checking out make-up in Sephora and I finally had my ear re-pierced. So grateful for having this time to meet up with them again after what seemed like forever. :)

Got home at 8, showered, had dinner, then met up with Marcus at night. Talking to him felt like talking to an old long lost friend ahaha, I'm definitely thankful for a friend like him. Feels good to finally let go of that grudge I used to hold myself against, and god knows how long I've waited for this day. It felt as if it was impossible but today, I can surely say that I've let everything go. Those bad times have passed, and it just goes to show that just like everything else in the world, just like every bad time, in time - they will pass. Now that I can finally let that grudge go and finally forgive myself and the past year, I can finally heave a sigh of relief and say that I'm glad. I'm glad, and so thankful. 

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