Day 189: Tuesdate, yummy vegan lunch! #346daysofgratitude


No school tuesday! I have my Tuesdays off every alternate week this semester hehe. We went on a date today and as usual we only went out for a lunch (because what else can you do in boring Hobart ahahaha). So funny how even though we see each other almost everyday, the idea of going out on a date still makes me happy. Anyway, I chose Chai Vegetarian because I've been wanting to try their food for quite awhile now! So glad we managed to come here and make it in time for their....leftovers. Jokes. They were about to close after lunch because we went there late! Pretty sad that there were only a few options left available but nevertheless the food was GOOD. Everything was 100% vegetarian (mostly vegan though) and the mock meat were exceptionally tasty, especially the curry. I LOVED IT, even though I wished they had served a bigger portion. 

Already missing the food though :( Can't wait to try more vegan places in the future heheh. Thank you for always accompanying me/bringing me to try vegan food :)

Afterwards we went for a short job hunt in the city and went to Woolies afterwards! Finally got the blender my mum has been wanting (or should I say, demanding hahaha) for ages. According to him we always end up shopping whenever we go out, and I wonder if that's a good thing or not hmm......ahaha. But I really love grocery shopping though (my brother would relate to this a lot) heheheh. And after we were done we took the metro to lower sandy bay and took a long walk home. No idea why but we always end up buying things and then end up struggling on our way home ahaha. 

Got home afterwards, made dinner, skyped my favourite girls and then went to sleep!

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